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5 Reasons Why I Love Shapeshifters

Why do I love the furry critters? Considering the zoo in my house, a shapeshifter, or more, wouldn’t bother me one bit. If nothing else, I wouldn’t suffer cold feet during the winter, would I? Plus, look at this picture. Wouldn't you adore a Jake in your house?

There’s so many of us who adore shapeshifters for one reason or another. For me, I tend to look on the quirky side. When I first mentioned Jake in 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover I had no idea he was a shapeshifter. At the time he was a hunky carpenter the witches liked to watch through high-powered binoculars. When he showed up in Wicked by Any Other Name I realized he was a perfect fit as the Border collie that hung around the witches. It would have been way too typical to have a wolf roaming in the forest but no one in town would think a Border collie just might be more than he appears.

So here’s five reasons why I love the furry guys.

Is there anything more faithful than the furred kind? Once they find their mate, their relationship is forged for life. You don’t have to worry about them sniffing after that sexy blonde that lives around the corner. Their eyes, body, and soul are only for you. And if they come home after a long night with long hair on their jacket you just know it’s theirs. What more can a woman want? While they might not bring your slippers when you get home from work, they just might lay a sizzling kiss on you that’s way better than shoes.

Stamina. Just to be totally strange here, I watch my three year old mini white Schnauzer with his large stuffed octopus every evening after dinner. What can I say? It’s dinner and a show at our house. Then there’s when he eyes a large plush German shepherd with that ‘hey baby’ eye. I fear the day will come when he’ll do more than eye the toy. Put Barney in human form and any woman would be singing the Hallelujah chorus.

Many shapeshifters have a darker side and how many women do you know that loves that total bad boy that makes you tingle inside? Don’t we like walking on the wild side? We wouldn’t think of taming them. That would just ruin the fun.

Who else could keep you as safe as a shapeshifter could? We are talking incredible strength, fangs, and claws here.

And admit it. We have our dangerous side once a month, so while they turn furry we’re also known to do our share of growling and snapping.

But what about Blair? What would she say? And remember that Blair does have that witchy snark in her.

“Jake is a twofer. If he’s furry I can take him to a dog park, although I always make sure to conjure up a license for him. I can watch him chase his tail … or cars. He makes a great foot warmer. He also gets along great with Stasi’s dog, Bogie. Plus no way the neighbor’s cat comes around. I may be a witch, but that doesn’t mean I’m a cat person.”

There’s quite a few shapeshifters in my books and not just werewolves. There’s Willie the Wereweasel in Hex Appeal, the cop with a drop of WereChihuahua blood, the usual panthers, wolves, etc. I like to create a varied community and I think I’ve done that. And you can expect more in future books.

The fun part of writing paranormal is that anything goes even with the creatures. After all, how many witches wear magick bunny slippers or have a gargoyle hanging around them? Just as the shapeshifters in my books vary from dark and nasty to sexy and downright cute in Jake’s case.

We all love something different when it comes to shapeshifters and for me, it’s the variety. It’s knowing that in my world you’ll see the dark and the light, both sides of the coin, and every clichĂ© in between.

I hope you enjoy Jake’s part in Hex in High Heels. There’s nothing sexier than a shirtless guy wearing a tool belt. And another of Jake’s secrets is revealed in this book. Talk about a guy no woman could resist!

I know I didn’t.



  1. Cute post, Linda, esp. that adorable border collie. And Jake sounds quite adorable too!


  2. I love all of your quirky side characters, Linda!

  3. I actually prefer him shirtless with the tool belt, but dogs are fun too!

  4. Oh, now I really want to read about Jake. He's adorable.


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