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Why I Love Sourcebooks....

Well, it is Saturday (yea!) and around the nation, colleges are holding pre-football pep rallies and tailgate parties. So how about a pep rally for Sourcebooks?
I have lots of reasons to love Sourcebooks— with 'They bought HEALING LUKE' right at the top! (LOL) But I was recently reminded again of what a great publisher I write for when the Rita Contest, sponsored by Romance Writers of America, opened for submissions.

I've been fortunate enough to have five books out in print this year, all of them eligible for the prestigious Rita. (Think Academy Awards of romance books.) But to enter the contest, the author must plunk down a $40 (for RWA members) registration fee and send five copies of the entered book. (Fee + cost of books + postage on books = mega moola) Sure, it is pricey, but for me it is worth it. Finaling in the Rita would be a tremendous honor. In past years, I've had one, maybe two, books to enter. This year ... five! Now I'm not going to tell one of my books they can't go to the dance. I'm entering them all. Gulp. That's a big investment.

But wait... what's this? (Picture Sourcebooks swooping in wearing a superhero cape) One wonderful, supportive, and marketing savvy publisher has come to the rescue. Sourcebooks is entering all of its authors' eligible books in the Rita for us. How cool is that? Entry fees, books and shipping. Done. This may not seem like a big deal to some people, but to THIS author, it is huge. It's not about the money they're saving me either. It's about the gesture. The support. The proof that they want their authors, their books, to succeed. It's just one of the many little things (that aren't so little to authors) that set Sourcebooks apart.

Any publisher can say they support their authors. And some publishers will cherry-pick a star author and throw money and advertising and marketing behind a book, hoping for a bestseller. Sourcebooks supports EVERY author. From setting up blog tours, a plethora of release reviews and advertising to the royal treatment at dinner during RWA National conference. From their helpful, responsive, enthusiastic editors and staff to the talented pool of authors who share the highs and lows of the writer's life on email loops... Sourcebooks ROCKS!
Okay, authors and readers, get out your pompoms...
Who do we appreciate?
Why do YOU love Sourcebooks?

Beth Cornelison


  1. Absolutely! I have been with two very big publishers before this and neither of them went so far for their authors. IN fact I've never had a book entered!

    So I am... up here in Canada waving my pom-poms madly, Beth!

  2. I'd met Deb at the Shreveport Conference in March, told her how my mother was having surgery the Monday following the conference, and we were hoping it wasn't cancer. It was, and two weeks after she had the surgery, she died. I was devastated. Sourcebooks and the CasaBabes both sent me flowers and Sourcebooks extended my deadline for Legend of the White Wolf and bought two more books that same week. I will never forget how wonderful everyone was in my time of crisis. To me, Sourcebooks is not just a publisher, but family. And the CasaBabes are just as much family to me also. :)

  3. Count me in on the SB bandwagon! two series, six books, incredible support, and 2 in the Ritas this year. Not to mention an editor who helps make my books (double) final in the NJ Golden Leaf and get a TOP PICK review for Wild Blue Under. Thanks to Deb, Dominique, Danielle and the rest of the team for all their wonderful support and encouragement!

  4. Okay, I'm not a Casababe, but I'm a wanna be Casababe! And why wouldn't I be? I've seen how much Sourcebooks' authors love the team that works for them, and that says a lot about a publishing house. And, from what I've read, they're willing to take chances on stories, like Judi's Mers (yeah, I know mers have been done, but Judi's are awesome). And Casa has some of the hottest covers on the market.

    AND, like you said, they care about all their authors, they seem to treat them all the same.

    Congratulations to all of you Casababes eligible for the RITA. I hope to be at TN to cheer y'all on.

  5. I am SO happy to be with Sourcebooks! I now can look back on the looonnngggg list of rejections and know it was divinely manipulated because this was the match for me. No one knows Austen-related novels like Sourcebooks and Deb, for one, but as you said Beth, they support their authors. And, I just have to add, the 3 Ds know how to throw a kickin' party!

  6. Thanks for the shoutout for this great publisher. I appreciate them for several reasons as a reader, blogger, and bookseller. Not only are they a superlative supporter of Jane Austen sequels, they have the most talented book cover designers in the biz. They excell at sending me just the right amount of publicity information, always mail advance readers copies well in advance, cheerfully coordinate author interviews, and generously offer book giveaways. Excellence will always prevail, so authors are in good hands, and readers are rewarded all around for their foresight and integrity. Thanks to all at the Sourcebooks team.


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