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Loving Mr. Darcy tour comes to an end...

Just twelve days ago I was here celebrating the release of my second book – Loving Mr. Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley. At the time I was up to my eyeballs in blogging appointments all over the web, loving the fun interaction and chance to chat with old and new readers, and feeling the rush of adrenaline coursing through my veins. I am a multi-published author!! Sorry, just had to shout it out one more time.

Now, a mere 12 days later, the blog appointments are nearly over. Today I am double-timing it between my normally scheduled day with the CasaBabes and our faithful readers, and A Bibliophile’s Bookshelf – where I am chatting about my secondary characters, so come on over to comment and maybe win copies of my books! On Friday my final blog tour engagement will be at A Lovestruck Novice with an interview.

Whew! I am definitely happy to see the light at the end of the very successful touring tunnel. And also happy to report that the adrenaline is steadily at therapeutic levels!

My first virtual book tour in March, when Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy was released, was quite overwhelming for me. Primarily because I had no clue what to expect and this Type-A gal does NOT like to be out of control and surprised! This time around I promised myself that I would let go and have fun. Naturally I would seriously approach each blog date, but I was determined to not let it overwhelm me and to relish the excitement of my second launch. I am happy to report that although touring about kept me hopping, I had a marvelous time.

I wrote about sexy Darcy and his horses, Lizzy as the perfect heroine, Derbyshire history, Regency vocabulary, stargazing, my inspiration, clowns and the circus, and why I loved the 2005 movie of P&P to name a few topics. Then there were the interviews. Interviews are great because they give you a lead in rather than having to creatively come up with a new subject for each blog. Of course there is the challenge of finding different, fascinating ways to answer similar questions! That is way the bizarre or unique interview questions are so fun. Here are four of my favorites:
Q - What advice would you give to your younger self?

A – Aside from not wasting time dating certain men? LOL! It will probably sound ridiculous, but believe we learn from our missteps in life so I am not sure messing with my younger self would be a good idea. I suppose I would tell my skinny 20-year old self to stick with an exercise plan and watch what she ate!

Q - If you were a book, what would your blurb be?

A – Small town mountain girl fulfills her dream of becoming a nurse. But can she find love? Numerous heartbreaks dampen her hope until one day, freezing on the seaside Boardwalk, she meets her destined mate, a man with a tragic past. Can their hearts be healed and their souls become one? Will they live the fairytale happily-ever-after?

Q - What would be your “voice’s” tagline?

A – Happily ever after picturesquely comes alive with sensuality, romance, and history interwoven in epic form.

Q - If you could be any one dessert- what would it be?

Oh my! I have never gotten this question before! Kudos. Let me see... I am not very good at analogies, but I suppose I would be a thick cake with one layer angel cake smeared with sweet vanilla custard and the other a rich, dark chocolate slathered with gooey fudge, topped with tart berries. I'll let you figure out the symbolism.

Cool, huh? Each of us has been on the web circuit for a launch. It is a crazy experience with highs and lows, pros and cons. To my Casa Sisters: What were some of your best blogging experiences? To our visitors today: Share your reader thoughts of memorable author blogs.

And don’t forget – Loving Mr. Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley, volume 2 in my fabulous Darcy Saga series, is available NOW! Details, reviews, and links to ongoing giveaways are at my website: Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga


  1. Hearing from fans who are loving the wolf series and can't wait to read more, and from potential fans who have never read one book but are now totally intrigued! Great on the blog tour, Sharon! I have one more at Novel Thought on Thursday, but the SciFiGuy is hosting me tomorrow, and I've scheduled more for some days in the let the tour continue!!!

  2. I read a fabulous blog yesterday at It was about positive thinking and how to get past all the negativity in the world.

    As for when I blog, I love hearing from the readers. Blogging is just a tool to connect with them. That's a good thing.

    Robin :)

  3. One of the most memorable things about a blog tour for me was someone asking me why they couldn't get all of my books....IN FINLAND!!!! Freaked me out!
    Glad you've enjoyed the tour. I get to do my next one over Christmas and New Year's. Oh, joy....

  4. Good morning Terry, Cheryl, and Robin. You three are up and about way earlier that me. Of course you are further east, so maybe it isn't just that I am super lazy today. :)

    I am going to miss the blogging fun this time, which is very different than the exhaustion I felt with the first book. But I suppose the rest will be nice, especially since I get to do it all again in December!

    Hearing from both new potential readers and established fans is always a great treat. It is amazing how far reaching books go, you're right Cheryl. I have heard from ladies all over the globe. Most recently a reader in Sri Lanka! Surreal.

  5. Hi Sharon!

    Let's see... I'm just wrapping up my blog tour too. I'm at Yankee Romance Reviewers today and will be at Pop Syndicate on Thursday. WHEW! (Aunty wipes sweat from her brow) It IS exhausting to do some many blogs in a row but it's lots of fun too. I LOVE those 4 interview questions. I've definitely never been asked those before.

    I do like interviews or having suggestions for topics of interest. But most of all I LOVE interacting with the blog readers. I'm also amazed at how some of my readers will faithfully follow me from blog to blog. I take that as quite a compliment!


  6. What fun questions, and I like your answers to them. All these blog tours. All these great books...


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