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Linda's Launch Party -- The Hexster Is In The House!

Launch parties are so much fun and now it’s my turn to celebrate the release of Hex in High Heels.

It was a given I’d write Blair’s story after writing Stasi’s story in Wicked by Any Other Name. All I can say is it was a total blast to write.

So what did I have? A sassy witch gifted in revenge spells. How I’d love having someone like that in my friendship circle! A sexy carpenter (I’d have such a to-do list for him around the house!) that could repair things around the house one day and I could take him to the dog park the next. A small town filled with friends and elves from Hades. Hm, wait a minute? Elves from Hades? Not literally from Hades, but considering they weren’t the cute Santa type, you’d have to wonder just where they did come from. And Jake’s mother pads into town. Let’s just say there’s no warm and fuzzies with that Were mom. No wonder Blair asked Jake if he couldn’t have been adopted. So we have a variety of characters, Fluff and Puff finding a unique way to stay in Moonstone Lake, and some wild times.

I love my witches because they’re like good friends to me. Women I’d enjoy hanging out with and I’ve learned my readers feel the same way.

One of my fans told me the best story of her visit to her local Books-A-Million store that informed her they didn’t carry my books because there weren’t enough requests for them there. Needless to say, she wasn’t going to let him get away with that. :}

"I mentioned you were listed on their web site, he said yes, however they don’t to limited space, yeah right the place is huge, and due to lack of requests they did not carry them. So I sort of told him to "bite me", I smiled and said it Hexie like."

Thanks Meredith!

As for advance word about Hex in High Heels?
Hex in High Heels is another wonderful witchy tale from Linda Wisdom. Full of entertainment it is hard to tell if this is a romance, a mystery or an adventure story because the author manages to blend all of the genres up nicely. One thing is sure and that is the book is full of humour and is extremely enjoyable.

This time the story centers around Blair and her were Jake. I hoped that after Stasi's and Jazz's stories that Blair would be next and I wasn't disappointed. Of course all the usual characters that I have come to know and love all made an appearance and even a few that I didn't know so well. Now I wonder which witch will be next? Although I doubt it will make much difference because every story so far has been amazing and I am sure the future ones will be too.

I think that the small unique areas like Puff and Fluff are just little things that make this set of stories unforgetable. This series keeps impressing me more and more each time and I can't wait for more. Full of magic, love and some other paranormal elements, this series is hard to put down once you get started.

It's time for more romantic high jinks and sinister magic in the newest treat from hot talent Wisdom. This time the romantic spotlight shines on two former secondary players, witch Blair Fitzpatrick and were-collie Jake Harrison. Wisdom does a truly wonderful job mixing passion, danger and outrageous antics into a tasty blend that's sure to satisfy. 4 ½ stars from Romantic Times
And today I'm also interviewed!

And if you’d like to know where all I’ll be promoting the book, stop by my website I’ll also be signing Hex in High Heels at Barnes and Noble in Oceanside, CA on Friday Oct. 2 at 7:30.


  1. Have fun! My aunt used to live in Oceanside! We climbed the olive trees in her front yard--perfect climbing trees for kids! :)

  2. Congrats on your launch, Linda! Whoo hoo!
    Beth C

  3. Happy launch day and congrats on that RT review! They don't get much better than that!

  4. Don't you just love launch days and great reviews? They make you feel like all that toil was worth the effort!
    Have a great launch day!

  5. Hi Linda,

    Sounds like your book will be tons of fun to read.

    And what a monster that bookstore clerk was! I thought they were all supposed to say, "I'm sorry we don't have it but I would be happy to get it for you." I guess you just can't get good help these days. I'm glad she Hexed him!:-)


  6. Congrats Linda--another great launch! Just in time for Halloween :)

  7. Oceanside's gorgeous, Terry. We only live about a half hour from there.


  8. Thanks Beth, Marie, Cheryl and Judi.

    Yep, a totally fun day!


  9. Gloria,

    I laughed so hard when my fan told me that so I had to use the story.


  10. Very true, Danielle,

    Halloween's my day


  11. Whoo Hoo!!! Launch time fun! I love this time of the month!

    Congratulations Linda. Don't care what that lamo store clerk said, your books are too-cool and will be a massive hit! Enjoy those fab reviews. I know you will get tons of them.

    Party on!!!

  12. Congrats on the launch, Linda! I'm off to buy my copy!


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