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The Importance of Writers Meetings

I'll be attending my RWA chapter meeting today because 1, I wanted to be there to support friends who were speaking and 2, because it’s one of my few purely social days.

Writers tend to be introverts. After all, we’re chained to our computers weaving spells and creating characters our readers love and it’s not a group effort. Just our ten fingers doing the job.

The best thing about being there is that I’m with people who understand me. Who understand what I go through when I’m stuck in a scene or when that line just sings when I write it or even when I’m afraid I could be out there muttering “you want fries with that?” because we all have the same fears.

That’s a writer’s lot in life. We’re supposed to worry, but maybe that’s a good thing because it keeps us sharp. Keeps us focused on what we’re doing and making sure it all falls into place.

That’s why I enjoy going to the monthly meetings. Because the people there get me and I get them and while I’m there I don’t feel as much an introvert as I really am.

So while we writers are holed up in our comfy caves that offer us whatever we need to create our books, we also need to get out from time to time.What about you? Do you feel that need for like minded citizens at times or are you happier in your personal caves?



  1. Just call me Wilma... I'm a cavegirl for sure.

  2. Yeah, me cave girl too. Not get out much to talk with people. Not very good at talking. Can you tell?

  3. I'm a social butterfly. I love the meetings and the conferences to hang with other writers but I also have other friends, both writers and not, I communicate with all the time.

    I love being around people and do a lot, if not most, of my writing at a Starbucks during the school year when my daughter dances full-time. I've made great friends of all the employees. They call me and tell me they miss me and ask if I can come up and write. I miss them too and I can't believe it, but I'm really looking forward to getting back there--just not to the three hour/day drive.

  4. Wilma!!! OMG, LMAO!!! That's hysterial.

    I'm like Robin - my local Borders folks are great friends. Too great at some times (like last night) because I'd rather chat with them than write. :)

    But I love going to my chapter meetings - hanging with people who get it. I need my monthly VFRW fix.

    It doesn't hurt that we have a very social neighborhood - "family hours" every Friday night in the summer, bunko once a month in the winter, my Survivor girls every Thursday night - I need my socialization to be able to go in my Cave.

  5. The first time I attended an RWA chapter meeting was the first time I understood I wasn't nuts, I was a writer.

    Of course, some would argue that being a writer qualifies anyone for the funny farm...

    Be that as it may. You're right Linda. The first advice I give when I'm asked how to go about getting published is: join a writing group.

  6. I'm in Robin and Judi's Sociable Camp! Last night I went to an "Open Mic" night for writers at a local B&N and had a BLAST! But when I am really in the writing groove (as in under deadline) then it is CAVE TIME. This last time, I thought I would grow stalactites and/or stalagmites before I emerged. :-P


  7. Our local group is so small, it's barely a group. And what with work and trying to meet a deadline, I'm afraid when I'm off, I'm definitely Wilma. :) Thankfully no Fred to holler for me to fix him dinner either. :)

  8. I think we all have our cave time.

    I love to socialize. Today was my chapter meeting and those who attended Nationals talked about that. More relaxed than our usual meetings, but we even talked there about being around those who "get us".

    Aren't we a great group for that?!


  9. Well, I'm heading off to our little local writers' group tomorrow. Working on not being invisible.

  10. I went to my RWA group meeting yesterday and know EXACTLY what you mean! It was terrific fun and the five hours we were there flew right by. Definitely a highlight of my month.

    Now I can't wait until the meeting next year when you will be there, Linda!


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