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Flying High

I'm gearing up for the blog tour for Wild Blue Under which releases November 1, but I'm already working months ahead. That's how it works in this business; something you wrote months ago hits the shelves while you're writing to your next deadline.

I'm thrilled to say that I have a next deadline! :) My big news of the week was that I accepted an offer to write another series, this one about genies. Still the same tongue-in-cheek, light-hearted paranormal tone, but think I Dream of Jeannie meets Indiana Jones. I have half of the first story done and I have to say I'm having as much fun with this story as I did with the Mer ones, though it was hard to leave Mariana (Reel, Rod, and Angel's sister) treading water in the South Pacific. She's got her story to tell and I'm working on that one around the contracted stories, so here's hoping there are more underwater tales to come.

People ask me where I get my ideas and what happens if I run out. Hopefully that won't happen, and thanks to some early morning, semi-awake brain function today I've already got an idea for another series based on what happens with this first genie. Nope, not another genie series, but that's all I'll say at the moment until I start fleshing it out.

This is one of my favorite reasons for writing paranormal; that I can take an idea or a mythology and put my own spin on it. Is anyone really going to be able to tell me that mermaids don't talk to lizards or that the three-wish stipulation wasn't just propoganda to make mortals think before they recited a list of "gimme this," "I want that," "Ferrarri," "sailboat," etc.

And, of course, I have a few stories I wrote before selling the Mer series that I'd like to work with to give them their chance to see the light of day. So, hopefully, the Idea Well won't dry up in the near future.

So where do your ideas come from?

And if you'd lik to see the working titles and blurbs for the genie series, check out my blog:


  1. My ideas come from everywhere, actually. Might be something I read or something I see or it just pops into my head.
    Good luck on the new series!

  2. Congrats on the contract, Judi!

    Where do I get my ideas? I really hate that question probably because I don't know the answer. The next time I have an idea, I'll write it down and tell you.

    As far as I can remember, ideas usually just pop into my head when I least expect them and where I have no place and/or to write them down. Which means I spend the rest of the night, drive, shower, or whatever thinking "I can't forget this, I can't forget this, I can't forget this."

    My brain is like a thoughts, images, and information dump and if I let one thing go, it'll be covered up in no time and possibly lost forever. Lord only knows all the garbage that gets stuffed in there. Eventually everything that goes into my brain-dump is recycled. It takes in all the assorted information and thoughts and eventually spits out something remotely interesting and funny. At least I hope it does. If it goes on strike, I'd be in a world of hurt since I'm in the middle of writing the 4th book of my Domestic God's series.

  3. As long as we can think and can understand the power of words, writers will have ideas. Knowing which of those ideas will make an entertaining read and then actually writing the story? That's the tough part.
    Judi, congratulations again on the new series. I know it'll bring you new readers and satisfy the fans you already have.

  4. Again, congrats on the new series, Judi!

    Sometimes I brainstorm, sometimes I see a snippet in the news or a book and think, now that would make a neat "WEREWOLF" story...same old theme with a very different twist. :)

  5. I'm not one of these people who constantly has ideas to write about. I tend to get the ideas I do get from particular places and current events - which can make for some odd stories, indeed!

    Many congratulations on the new series, Judi!!!


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