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3 -- 2 -- 1 -- PARTAY!

posted by Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy


The big day is here at last! Time to celebrate the "OFFICIAL" Launch of The Treasures of Venice! So break out the cyber-bubbly, bring on the hunky cover models and turn the music up REALLY LOUD!

Here's the back cover copy to whet your appetite:
He's a charming Irish rogue who never met a lock he couldn't pick...

Keirnan Fitzgerald is desperate to locate the missing Jewels of the Madonna. With danger at every corner and time running out, he must use whatever means possible to to uncover the stolen jewels in time to save his sister's life...

She's simply in Venice to relax and heal her broken heart...

Samantha Lewis is shocked when a dashing stranger approaches her in a Venetian cafe, pretending to know her. She's ready for something new and exciting in her life, so she throws caution to the wind and accompanies the Irish charmer into his dangerous world of intrigue, theft, and betrayal...

As the centuries-old story behind the Jewel's disappearance is revealed, Samantha must decide whether the man she's so compellingly drawn to is her soul mate from a previous life, or if they are merely pawns in a relentless quest for a priceless treasure.

And here are what reviewers are saying about The Treasures of Venice:

"With references to reincarnation and eternal love, THE TREASURES OF VENICE is an atmospheric novel that really brings the sights and sounds of Italy to the reader..." The Romance Reader's Connection.

"McGary’s satisfying, fast-paced romance is filled with passion and deception that resonate through the centuries." BookList

"The Treasures of Venice is a captivating story of romance, suspense, and historical legend. Painted against a beautiful backdrop of romantic Venice , Loucinda McGary quickly draws you in with the legend of the Jewels of the Madonna. The suspense mounts as the legend is unfolded, and the characters are drawn vividly and honest, full of courage and integrity. I was entranced from page one and loved it!" Wendy's Minding Spot.

"The reader will stay emotionally involved in every aspect of THE TREASURES OF VENICE, as the characters are memorable and the premise is chillingly believable. With a trace of the paranormal being an added bonus, the story is even more mesmerizing throughout its entirety. This subtle indication of something supernatural occurring makes me want to believe, as it suggests the existence of true love being everlasting... Ms. McGary understands human nature, and she skillfully lets their lives play out for the reader with exceedingly genuine realism...THE TREASURES OF VENICE is daringly adventurous plus overflowing with heartfelt emotions and
passionate desires." Single Titles

"Samantha and Keirnan's romance is the stuff dreams are made of, and their adventures while trying to track down the jewels and rescue his sister will keep you on the edge of your seat. " Romantic Times magazine.


Are you excited yet? I certainly am!!! To help me celebrate, please tell Aunty what song you think we should play first at this party! And what kind of goody are you bringing to share? Share?!?! I guess that leaves out the cover models!

One lucky commenter will receive an autographed copy of The Treasures of Venice!


  1. Congrats Aunty Cindy

    The day has finally arrived I am sooo looking forward to reading this book and getting to know Keirnan and Samantha.

    Lets Party!!! the song would have to be Twisting The Night Away Rod Stewart (you know how much I love him LOL) or Celebrate Good Times Come on and what would I bring? it would have to be some awesome Italian Vino home made and strong and of course coctails Margaritas what ever the party is going to be fantastic.

    Have Fun

  2. Woohoo, Cindy, congrats!!! And Party Hardy!!!! I'm brain dead when it comes to a song..."Litte Red Riding Hood" --"owwwoooh," keeps popping in my head. Must be the deadline mania I've been on! LOL :)

  3. Congrats, Cindy!

    I'm thinking We're Havin' A Party - Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. Now I'm going to be singing that song all day!

    As for food, I'll bring my artichoke heart pesto bruschetta and a really nice Chianti I had the other night at Mangia e Bevi, my favorite Italian Restaurant. Yum!

    I'm so looking forward to reading it!

  4. Cindy, congrats on your launch! Looking forward to reading TTOV!!

    Great reveiws BTW...
    Happy Monday all.
    Tomorrow the party continues with HEALING LUKE!
    Beth Cornelison

  5. Ooops! I almost forgot to say the magic words!


  6. Hurrah for Cindy! Um, where is the hot cover dudes? Sheesh. Didn't see one.

    Sounds intriguing. I've always been a sucker for a Celtic charmer, :-)

    Come visit me and I'll be glad to feature you Over Coffee, Cindy. Follow ,y name link or ask Danielle, she has my email and it's also on my blog.

  7. Party on down, Aunty Cindy!

    Song? Kool and the Gang - Celebrate

    Food... what else? Spaghetti, with lots of vino to wash it down!

  8. Yay AC!!!!

    I'm thinking the song Wild Thing.


  9. Whooohoooooooooo! I've been waiting for this one for months, maybe even longer.

    Song-Let's Hear it for the Boy from Footloose

    How about chips and salsa, and for you I'll make Baklava.

  10. Oh man! I am SO in the mood to par-tay!!!! This is an incredible month for all us CasaBabes and Aunty Cindy is starting it off with a bang! HaHa!!

    I am bringing my hubby's famous 7+ layer dip. It is indeed famous and the BEST tortilla dip in THE WORLD! He'll even serve up hot or cold espresso drinks with his fresh roasted beans - yum!

    Awesome reviews, Cindy! Of course, we expect no less for you. :) Can't wait to get my hands on a copy. Still not unloaded at Borders yet... grumble grumble....

    Song? Hmmm... How's about Celebration by Cool and the Gang! You can't help but dance at that one no matter how much you hate disco. :)

    Party on dudettes!

  11. What song? When Irish Eyes are smiling maybe? Though to be honest, I'll always go for Oh Danny Boy.

    Congratulations! And wonderful party!

  12. It seems a lot of songs have already been suggested, but I'll bring some deelish homemade guacamole :)

  13. Congrats and best wishes, Cindy!

  14. Hi Aunty Cindy,
    Congrats on the new release. I'm always up for a fun launch party. I think we should play Pink's "Get the Party Started" to get us into the partying mood. I will be bringing a life size cutout of Eric Bana and some mini pastries.

  15. Congrats!!! It's your Party!!! Let the Good times Roll!!! Roll out the Barrel.
    And The song I'm listening to Now is "Raggle Taggle Gypsy" It's a Good Lively song. Cut the rope set Launch that book.

  16. Squeee Congrats Cindy on your new release! I would love to read this, I WANT, I WANT! I WANT! LOL!

    I will be bringing chocolate cake and other goodies I can bake!

    I think we should play "Excitable" by Def Leppard.

  17. How about "Having a Good Time" by Queen?

  18. I wish I could think of a good song for the party, but since I can't, I'll provide the chocolate cheesecake! Congratulations, Aunty Cindy, can't wait to read this book!


  19. WOW! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Everyone for coming out to my party!!!

    I'm sorry to say that a family emergency pulled me away today, so I was not able to respond in a timely manner. :-(

    I LOVE all the songs chosen, and now have "Celebrate good time, c'mon!" running through my head. :-)

    Thank you all again for such a wonderful display of support and for all the compliments on TToV! You've brought a much needed smile to my face tonight. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate all of you!!!


  20. Woot, AC! Sorry to have missed your actual Partay!, but bringing some virtual hunks to help clean up and give everyone a foot massage after all that dancing :) Hope everything's well with you and your family!

  21. little late, but what about The Beastie Boys with "Fight for your right to Parrrrrrrrtay" lol

    I've got some leftover hunch punch if anyone wants some. lol



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