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CasaBabes Gone Wild

The room was your typical beige interior complete with table, chairs, eight women and eight handcuffs.

Wait a minute? Handcuffs?

“I can’t believe this happened,” Judi fumed, pacing the length of the room. “I have meetings! I need to get out of here right now!”

“And I have a luncheon appointment,” Kendra muttered, slinking down in her chair as she looked at her watch..

“I’m sure they’ll realize this was all a mistake and let us go,” Michele said, the voice of reason among chaos.

“What will Deb say?” Danielle wailed, trying to cover her face with her hands, but her handcuffs kept her suitably restrained.

“Ladies, ladies, ladies.” Horace ambled into the room, carrying a gargoyle sized Dunhill briefcase.

“Horace, what are you doing here?” Marie asked. “I called Linda for help. Did she send you?”

The gargoyle inspected his claws. “Um, well, it seems Linda was out and I just happened to hear your message on her voice mail. And um, it somehow got erased after I heard it. Hey!" He ducked as a hand went flying past his horns.

“Meaning you somehow learned her password.”

“She really needs to get more inventive with passwords and PINs.” He slung his briefcase onto the table. “Gotta say you babes are in serious trouble.”

“I didn’t do it!” Robin protested. “That cop didn’t even listen to me.”

“Right, Robin, you were the innocent one.” Cindy cocked an eyebrow at her. “You grabbed the man’s crotch.”

Robin puffed up. “I was pushed against him!” She aimed her accusation in Cheryl’s direction. “SHE was the one who grabbed him.”

“How did I know he was a fed,” Cheryl defended herself. “He was cute.”

Horace shook his head. “So you all ended up arrested.”

“I didn’t do anything,” Danielle chimed in. “I was nothing more than an innocent bystander.”

‘Try again, babe. I read the arrest reports,” Horace told her. “You all are so guilty and have so many charges against you that I don’t know if even I can get you off.” He snorted. “Get you off.”

“Shut up!” Marie swiped at his horns, but he ducked just in time. “You are so gross, Horace.”

“But I’m not in jail,” he reminded her.

That gave them all a moment to reflect on sins committed or just thought of. After all, the fed was cute.

“So you brought bail money?” Kendra asked him, eying the briefcase.

Horace smiled and spread his arms open. “No, I’m your lawyer. Group hug?”

When Horace was admitted to the creature ER an hour later, he was treated for cuts and abrasions.

The CasaBabes are still waiting for their trial.


  1. Linda, I knew it. In trouble already.
    You girls haven't been at Nationals one day. Well, It doesn't surprise me one bit. That, Cheryl did the deed. She was just doing research. I'm sure, that's her defense. Kendra,Judi, Michele, Danielle, Robin, I'm shocked. Marie!!! Call Michael.
    LMAO. Have fun all of you lusty Casababes.

  2. LOL! Ah, would that it were! However, I've seen nothing grab-worthy as yet.
    Great story!

  3. Thanks all, and Cheryl, if there isn't anything grabworthy yet, then you haven't looked hard enougn. :}


  4. Now, Linda. You KNOW I'm always looking....

  5. I "hear" scenes of dialogue and have to write them quickly before they "disappear." :) But whole scenes will come to mind like that. :) Great post, MM. Sounds like you're not alone!

  6. I know you are, Cheryl, and that you do it in the name of research.

    That's your story and you're sticking to it. :}

    Linda, who must find a password that Horace can't crack!

  7. Thanks for letting me be the one to say SHUT UP, Linda! Me likey! LOL

    Very cute!

  8. I knew you could handle Horace, Marie!


  9. OMG this is SO funny. You have captured what I would be doing to a T :)

  10. Easy to do Danielle. :}

    I'll see you in Nashville!



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