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Sight Seeing in Venice

posted by Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy

For years and years, the place that occupied the Number One spot on my "Bucket List" was Venice. Every picture I saw, every guidebook, every travel program that had even a mention of the city nicknamed La Serenissima (the Serene One) made me salivate.

Lucky me! My DH took me there! (maybe he was truly sick and tired of hearing me carry on about wanting to go) And La Serenissima did not disappoint, it truly is one of the most unique places on earth! The city left quite a lasting impression on me. No wonder I chose it for the setting of one of my romantic suspense novels. And because I wanted readers to feel as if they were really in Venice, I decided to include some of the most famous landmarks in the story.

The Bridge of Sighs --This lovely Venetian landmark gets a lot of attention in guide books and virtually every person who travels there or every program that features Venice as a destination mentions this bridge. No surprise then that it plays a pivotal role in The Treasures of Venice, so here it is again. The bridge connects the Doge's Palace with the prison on the other side of the canal.

The Doge's Palace -- Another must-see landmark with a role in The Treasures of Venice! The Doge's Palace was the residence of the elected ruler of the Venetian City-State as well as the seat of government. This huge and ornate building is full of fantastic paintings, most attached to the walls and ceilings.

St. Mark's Cathedral and the Piazza surrounding it are the quintessential image of Venice and are the location of the opening scene of The Treasures of Venice. The Doge's Palace is right next door to St. Mark's and there really are about a million pigeons occupying the piazza at any given time.

The Rialto Bridge -- the largest and definitely the most
unique of the five bridges that cross Venice's Grand Canal. It is lined with very exclusive shops and has been since it was finished in its present incarnation in 1591! Yup, it makes more than one appearance in The Treasures of Venice.

What about you? What kind of sight seeing to you like to do? What are some of your favorite places and things to see?


  1. Aunty Cindy I would love to visit Venice and I know I will in a way in about 112 days time when I get to read The Treasures Of Venice can't wait to read it.

    As for sight seeing I haven't traveled that much but when we went of a cruise about 7 years ago we went on a sight seeing tour at every stop we could and some of the sights around New Calidonia are really lovely.

    I know when I read TTOV I will feel like I am in Venice.

    Have Fun

  2. I'd love to visit the gardens at the English castles, the Scottish castles, the Duke of Argyle's castle (our distant relative), see some of the architecture (castles and manors) that the famous Playfairs designed (also ancestors), see Prince Edward Island where some of my mother's family was born, Selencourt, France near the Swiss border where her grandfather was from (they were all watch and clock makers also). Ireland too. That's the genealogist in me. :)

  3. I'm a God-awful tourist. There. I said it. Not sure if it's because I grew up in a tourist town (and had to live and work amidst the craziness) or if it's because I lived in Europe for three years and traipsed around quite a bit. Maybe it is because I so desperately hate to fly, but I have no wanderlust whatsoever. Since I'm really putting it out there, I also hate museums. Are you cringing yet? I was bored at the Louvre, the Prada and all the others. I liked the d'Orsay in Paris, which featured the impressionists. But then the "magic" of Paris was lost on me, too. Maybe it was when we were there (yes, it was spring--LOL) but it didn't do anything special for me. My mother felt the same way.

    I'd like to go to Ireland and England some day and maybe to Austria to see where they filmed the Sound of Music. Other than that, I'm perfectly content to stay state-side forever. We are, however, planning an extended trip to Spain four years from now to show Emily where she was born. That I can't wait to do, except that trip will mean she has graduated from high school and will soon be moving out, so I don't want to rush it.

    Head hung in travel shame.

  4. Aunty Cindy, I loved Venice when we visited three years ago. We traveled there from London by the Orient Express, a story all by itself, but I loved wandering the twisty streets and crossing the bridges at every corner. And the buildings were fascinating. All that water in your basement.
    We only had two days, so I would love to go back and spend more time.
    Your photos are great.
    Isn't it fabulous to go a see the places where your stories are set? No wonder you are thrill.

  5. If it isn't in Myrtle Beach, I doubt if I'll see it anytime soon because that's the only place my gang ever wants to go!
    My pals from the hospital go different places, but never overseas. I'd like to see the Mediterranean from Italy at least once before I die, and England and Ireland, too.

  6. Marie, I'm with you in a sense, I'm not into tourist destination. I have no desire to see Italy, France, the Orient. I looove travelogues on tv, (Lonely Planet is my all-time favorite, with Ian Wright as host) but on vacation I like the beach and swimming and sun.

    That said, I would love to roam the English countryside, not for museums, just to walk the Dales, stroll the high street of every town, etc.

  7. Lucinda how wonderfully exciting. I haven't had the privilege to travel much. I dream that one day I'll visit Scotland and Ireland and stand on the shores where my ancestors stood. I dream of visiting the majestic Middle East and parts of China. And I'd love to visit Greece.

    I can't wait to get my hands on your second book.


  8. I love going to cathedrals much more than museums. I guess that sometimes when artifacts are in museums they lose a little bit of their contest.

  9. Beautiful pictures, AC!

    I loved going to France-yes, Paris was great, but I really loved going to Nice, the French Riviera and the countryside near the Italian border. Not as touristy, so I felt like I was experiencing the "real" France!

  10. Morning Everyone!

    First, a disclaimer, I am a terrible photographer (don't even own a digital) so those piccies are some I found online. ;-) When I visited Venice, I had dropped my camera on the cobblestones in Florence several days before and had to buy and use disposable cameras for the rest of the trip.

    Helen, as you know I LURVE cruises! I'd dearly love to take one that goes between Australia and New Zealand! The DH just scheduled a cruise to Acapulco (again!) for my bday in Dec. and I'm really looking forward to it.


  11. Terry,
    I ADORED PEI! It was just so pinch-your-cheeks cute, and a must see for anyone who has ever read Anne of Green Gables.

    I've only ever been in the lowlands of Scotland (Edinburgh area) so would love to go back and see the Highlands. Makes me think of Bobby Burns... "my heart is in the Highlands, it is not here..."

  12. Beautiful AC!

    I'd love to visit Ireland and see where my grandmother was born. Galapagos Islands for the tortoises who are much larger than our own tortoise.


  13. OMGAWD, Marie! You got BORED in the Prada and the Louvre?!?! (Aunty holds her hands over her ears and sings, "LALALALALALALA!") Actually, the d'Orsay is more of my favorite museums ever. I love how they converted that wonderful old train station.

    Salzburg, where they filmed Sound of Music, is another of those pinch-your-cheeks cute locations. EVERYTHING in the old town is either Sound of Music or Mozart. But they have a great outdoor market, and the mountains are really beautiful.


  14. OOOO Michele! I'm sooo jealous, I'd love to go on the Orient Express!

    Cheryl, the time I visited Myrtle Beach there was some kind of motorcycle rally going on and I hardly got any sleep for them roaring up and down the main thoroughfare all night. :-(

    I HIGHLY recommend Italy! I've been three times and would go back tomorrow if ye olde pocket book would permit. The Cinque Terra on the Mediterranean coast are fabulous little towns. I think you'd love them!


  15. Mari,
    I agree with you about artifacts in a museum not having the same affect as seeing how people actually LIVE! That's why I like visiting the smaller cities and towns in Europe.

    Sorry everyone, but I must run out to a doctor appointment, but will return soon. Thanks for all your comments!


  16. I'll be honest in that Venice has never been on the top of my must-see list, although now I am beginning to rethink that!

    Oddly, I have always wanted to visit England. I suppose the Holy Land tops my list, but then I am too chicken to travel there. After that it is the castles and history of the British Isles that have intrigued me for most of my life. So, even though I did not set out to write a story because of my interest in the UK, it fits!

    Thanks for sharing the sights, Auntie.

  17. LOL Cindy--I knew there would be shrieking! But yes, I was bored. Too many people, too much of everything. Overwhelming so my little brain shuts right down!

  18. Venice is high on my list. My parents made it there, but not with me. Rome too.

    I think I was really lucky, growing up in England. I've seen, played in, photographed and loved lots of castles.

    But top of the list is Hawaii, just 'cause I'd really like to see a volcano. My Dad slept through one going off during WWII.

  19. Urg! I had this great comment all done and Blogger wouldn't let me post. Irritating blogger!

    Anyway! Hello AC! Swinging over from the Lair to say Hi!

    To everyone reading, you MUST, I mean MUST get Treasures of Venice. OMGosh. What a GREAT read! I loved Wild Sight, but OH! TTOV!!!

    As to travel, I'd love to travel like you do, AC. :> So many places I want to see...But, like Terry, tops on my list are some spots related to family Genealogy.

  20. Donna,
    I LURVE Ian Wright! He is also on Globe Trekker which is one of my fave TV shows.

    The English countryside is sooo beautiful, as is the Irish countryside. Both as so very green (unlike California which dries up in the summer) and lush. I love to imagine people walking through the little villages hundreds of years ago same as they do now. Okay, maybe NOT with their cell phones...

  21. Renee,
    There truly is something magical about being on the 'auld sod' of your ancestors! But then again, China was also fantastic as was what I've seen of the Middle East. Would love to see more of both.

    Thanx for being so supportive of my books,

  22. I have always wanted to see Venice, though I have to admit it doesn't sound like somewhere I'd want to stay long!

    I would like to see the Piazza San Marco, though.

  23. I adored all of Italy, maybe it's the Italian thing. I loved Rome and Venice but Florence was my all-time favorite place.

    I spent a long weekend in Menton, France with my cousins who live there. It's just a stone-throw from Monaco and very close to Nice. It was so beautiful, it took my breath away.

    I loved the Basque area of Spain, St. Sebastian is lovely. Paris was great both times I went and I would love to see England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

    I adore traveling and love just walking around the cities and checking out the architecture. I do love museums, the d'Orsay is my favorite. The Louvre and the Prada were wonderful but overwhelming.

    If I could live anywhere, it would probably be on a really nice 100' sailboat on the Mediterranean. Then we could sail where ever we wanted and take day trips inland.

  24. Back again! SHEESH! No idea how I managed to double book myself today...

    Danielle, I liked Nice, but I really loved the small towns in the Burgundy area of France. Oh so PRETTY!

    And Linda, I would LURVE to visit the Galapagos Islands! One of those eco-cruises would be so much FUN!


  25. Sharon, no need to apologize about wanting to see England over Venice. My first trip abroad was to England too!

    Venice really is all set up for tourists and is very expensive. So Mary Margret, you really do NOT wanna spend more than a few days there. :-P

    Sheila I am LOL about your dad sleeping through a volcanic eruption! I'll bet my DH could too. I've see the volcano on the Big Island but for sheer awesome beauty, I prefer the Haleakala crater on Maui. You really MUST see it!


  26. Hey Le Duchesse!!!
    (Aunty waves madly at her Bandita pal) Thanx for popping by and making me blush with your praise of TToV. This is the story that originally finalled in the 2006 Golden Heart and I'm sooo excited to see it in pring! And a HUGE thanx to you, Duchesse for an awesome cover quote, I really appreciate it.


  27. DUH! Okay, I must be tired out from all my running around today! That would be PRINT not pring, but you all knew that, I'm sure. ;-)

    Robin, your 100' sailboat sounds PERFECT! I hope there's room for yer olde Aunty on board.

    Rome is my favorite foreign city! I dunno why, but I truly love that city. I think my second favorite city in Italy is Sorrento, and the Amalfi coast is simply spectacular.

    Thanx everyone for dropping by today!



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