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The Next Steps in the Journey

Happy Thursday everyone!
Well, the anticipation mounts! (For me at least!) In the past couple of weeks I've taken the next steps in my journey to the publication of HEALING LUKE (coming in September!) I received and read through my page proofs, that last chance to catch little problems before the book goes to print. I have to say, seeing the pages of my story looking so much like...well, a book
was no less a thrill this time than the first time I saw a book go into print. The process never gets old for me. Each part of the journey, though I grumble at times when I get busy, is still apart of a dream come true. My book is going to be published! (Pinching myself!)
Soon after I got the page proofs, I had an email from our wonderful Danielle filling me in on the behind the scenes work she was doing to prepare for the release of HEALING LUKE and getting me up to speed on what was being planned for later in the summer. Already, the most nerve-wracking part of the promotion, the submission to reviewers and waiting for reviews to come back, has begun. I knew a bit of what to expect thanks to the emails and blog posts of the other Casablanca Babes. But somehow knowing that MY book was headed to Publishers Weekly and Booklist made my palms sweat and my heart race.
Then today I received the almost-final cover for the book and my heart went pitty-pat. It's so pretty! I posted it earlier, but it is worth another look.

All together now...Ahhhh, oooohhh!
Next comes, what to me is the hardest part of thejourney. Promotion. I'll be doing a blogging tour in August and early September to introduce HEALING LUKE and stir up excitement before the release. But I must be the world's worst blogger. I'm absolutely sure no one wants to hear anything I have to say (other than in my books!). I really dig every time I post a blog, looking for something worthwhile to write about.
So I need your help! Readers, no lurking allowed today. I need your ideas! Tell me what things you like to read about in author blogs. Be specific. Do you want character interviews? The story of where the idea came from? More info on the setting? Deleted scenes? You tell me. I'll build a list to work from later this summer. Thanks in advance for your blog ideas and happy reading!


  1. Congratulations on the release of your book! I'm glad you asked about blogs--what readers like to see--because I'm curious about this, too. LOL! I did an "interview" with my protagonist on a book blog recently and really enjoyed writing it....and those who commented seemed to like it, too. Hope that helps!

  2. Beth,
    Good luck with the blog tour. I wish I had some helpful suggestions, but I've got the same problem facing me next month. I'm hoping divine inspiration will arrive soon...

    Love that cover!

  3. I love your cover, Beth!!! Ooh, Divine inspiration, that's what I need! :)

  4. Oh, God, Beth, I hear you!

    I actually don't mind blogging, but coming up with the ideas is tough. I mean, how many times can I say I wanted to write a twist on the Little Mermaid and still make it sound funny/interesting?

    Danielle sent me a blog interview yesterday WITH QUESTIONS!! I've decided I love that blogger. Questions made it soooooooo easy! I didn't have to wonder if what I was writing was what people wanted to hear b/c SHE asked ME. So freeing! So easy! So quick to do!

    And, yes, I did say I wanted to write a twist on The Little Mermaid, but I could answer the question differently than I did with others because of the way the question was phrased.

    As for helping you - sorry. I ended up putting questions out to my Gather buddies for more ideas.

    But it won't matter. People are going to see your excitement and it'll be catching! And then they'll all go out and pick up a copy of Healing Luke and all will be well!

  5. I've done all sorts of things with my blogs--some appeal more to the readers, some strike a chord with other writers, and some I do just for fun. Character interviews are the easiest to write, but finding just the right excerpt from a book can be tough. Inspiration for blogs often comes to me at odd times; the trick is remembering that great idea I had when I was right in the middle of changing lanes on the interstate!

  6. Oh, Cheryl! Be careful on the interstate! Driving must come first... :-)
    Thanks for the ideas all! I think I'm going to keep some sort of journal or list this summer as ideas come to me. Maybe even write a few so if I get into a time pinch they'll be ready to go. (Ha, the best laid plans of mice and men...)
    BTW- Can you all see the cover? It's not showing up on my 'puter and I had to get Linda to even help me post it. I do love it!
    Have a great day!
    Beth Cornelison

  7. Congratulations! And good luck on the blog tour.

    Things I like to read - character interviews, deleted scenes, how you got to be a published author, what you're doing next, how your family and friends cope with your being a published author, what do you dream of, how do your dreams and your characters interact...

  8. I know you're excited about Healing Luke--I'm excited for you. I'm the last person to ask about blog ideas--my brain goes to Florida the instant I try to come up with one.

    I always like to read about how other authors chose their setting--especially it it was personal to them in some way. I also find character names interesting.

    As a blogger, I adore Q&A! Oh, how knowing what someone else wants to know helps!

  9. Hi Beth,
    I had never even written a blog until two months ago so I don't think I can be of much help. I was brain dead by the time I managed to write all the blogs Danielle had set up for me. But with most of them I tried to in some way connect the content of the blog to my book. I put blogs in the same category with a synopsis. I hate to write them, but will when I have to!

  10. Blogs are tough! But what SBCasa has are books that have a lot going for them--interesting aspects that make them different from everything else that's out there... trust me, our dear editor would not have acquired you if you didn’t have a special something going on.

    One thing I've started doing that has been going well (and gaining more momentum with each blog tour) is asking the bloggers of there's a specific topic they'd like to see an author touch on. A lot of time they just say "the inspiration" or "where you get your ideas," but some of them can be VERY creative!

    Additionally, when people start losing steam towards the end, I try to help think of some out of the box ideas (hence why I do my best to at least skim over your books prior to publication).

    And, there's always these general ideas to get you started:

    -your inspiration
    -a funny anecdote about writing the novel (or writing in general)
    -an aspect of the novel that really stuck out to you while creating
    -your creative process
    -your creative space
    -tension between your characters
    -“the call”
    -balancing writing and your “day” job

    It's fun to go off on a tangent, but remember to always bring everything back to your novel in some way. Even if it’s a tiny way!!

    And finally, HAVE FUN! I know it seems like so much work goes into blogging and talking about your book, but it makes a difference! Not only can they greatly boost sales, but this is a direct way to connect with readers.

    Per usual, any specific questions, you know where to find me :-)

    But good luck with everything Beth--we're in review waiting room at the moment, but things will start going quickly soon!!

  11. Danielle- All great ideas! (Madly scribbling them down.)
    You know I'll call on you if I get in a bind!
    THanks everyone for your creative inspiration. It's good to know I'm not alone in this boat!
    Have a good afternoon!
    Beth C

  12. I would love to read character interviews and deleted scenes.

  13. Congrats on the release Beth

    I do love blogs and finding out more about the characters and of course the author

    Have Fun


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