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Too Hot to Handle is Almost Out!

I’m sitting in the sun in Orlando working at the Romantic Times Convention while ducks walk under the tables looking for scraps and the Ellora’s Cave cavemen strut by looking yummy. It’s difficult to concentrate, so forgive me if I pause every now and then to fan myself.

Too Hot to Handle is being released a bit early at the book signing on Saturday, April 25, 2009—which is also, as luck would have it, my birthday! What a fabulous birthday present. I’m thrilled with the wonderful reviews my newest book has received. Here are just a few to wet your appetite.

Book Loons gave it a 3/3

Robin Kaye strikes gold in this follow up to her Domestic Gods series. Between Annabelle's old-fashioned Italian family's well-meaning interference and Mike's own trials and tribulations once he discovers his true roots, there are complications aplenty. Neither of their family's antics, however, detracts from Mike and Annabelle's thoroughly engaging characterizations or their love story - which is not only entertaining, funny and steaming hot, but also very touching. Too Hot to Handle is destined to become one of the summer's big hits.

Priscilla at Night Owl Romance gave it a 5/5 Reviewer Top Pick

Robin Kaye has proved herself a master of romantic comedy and I look forward to adding her next book to my bookshelf as another keeper. Make a point of going out to get this book today!

Romance Junkies gave it a 4.5/5

Robin Kaye spins the tale of Mike and Annabelle in such a way that I felt their emotional ties and their lusty thoughts. From Annabelle's fun loving Italian-to-the-bone family to Mike's single but dedicated and loving mother, I didn't miss a single breathtaking word of this fine novel. Readers will be hooked on TOO HOT TO HANDLE. I know I was!

Armchair Interviews

Robin Kaye is a master at romance, and her second novel is even better than the first. The story drips with emotion and her characters are so real and likeable that you keep turning each page to see what happens next.
Wonderful from beginning to end, Too Hot to Handle will definitely please even the most discerning romance fan.

The Burton Review

If you like Janet Evanovich as I do, you will enjoy Robin Kaye. This book is an easy victory for Robin Kaye and I look forward to more of her accomplishments.


  1. Congratulations on the great reviews!

    And on the cavemen!! LOL.

  2. Robin,

    YOU ROCK!! But we already knew that:-) Congrats, and enjoy all that warmth and sun!

  3. Great job, Robin, but I don't know why anyone wouldn't love it.

  4. Great reviews, Robin. Looking forward to it!

  5. Great Reviews, Robin. Congratulations on the early release. Sounds like you will have a great birthday celebration. RT is so much fund. Enjoy.

  6. Looking good, Robin!
    Cavemen, huh? Really?

  7. It's great to see you getting the recognition you deserve!


  8. OH YEAH!! I am so happy for you Robin. Few things in life beat a terrific review. Soak it up and bask in the well-deserved accolades.

  9. The reviews are going well for this Robin, and I Know with the bulk of your blog tour next week and the first couple of weeks of May, things will skyrocket :)

    Enjoy Orlando and Happy Birthday!

  10. wonderful that so many have loved your book! Thanks for sharing with us.

    Haven't been to an RT Conference in a few years, but I always enjoyed the cover model contest! Let us know how it goes this year.


  11. Cavemen did you say cavemen?
    Robin , My copy just arrived yesterday. The book was steaming up my glasses just looking at the cover. I had to get my oven mitts on to handle it.
    It's now on my TBR pile just a smokin up my bedroom.
    So I better read it quick.

  12. What an exciting way to spend your birthday. Congratulations on the reviews.


  13. Congratulations, Robin!

    Yeah, rough gig. :}


  14. WOOO HOOO!
    Congrats on the GREAT reviews, Robin! And what a wonderful bday present to have THTH released early.

    Looking forward to seeing it on the shelves,

  15. Super reviews and well deserved, Robin!!!

  16. Ah summer! The weather's beginning to get me in the mood for summer reading. What great reviews. Congratulations!


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