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Spring Unawares

Though I long for Spring, it always catches me off guard--as if I didn't know it would come or that it would be like this.

As always, I exclaim, "The dogwoods are the loveliest they've been in years."

They are hard to photograph since the tiniest breeze flutters their petals. Here is a "pink" called Comanche Red.

But the prettiest ones, the ones that make older neighborhoods look like the yards have been decorated with lace, are the whites.

It is the nature of things that they will be gone soon.

This fragile moment makes me think of fairies, and elves and mysterious worlds where creatures dance on air and dine on enchantment.

Instead of writing, I gaze out the window enraptured, bemused by beauty.

This fragile moment I offer you.

Are you sensitive to a season? Is there a time of year that feeds your soul?


  1. I am all about the autumn myself. Beautiful photos, MM!

  2. I'm a summer girl, myself...I can think of few things I enjoy more than sitting on the porch on a warm evening with a cool drink, listening to the cicadas, when the world is full and lush and green. But the fragile beauty of the trees in the spring is always a treat, MM...I like every season in its own way, though I don't have a lot of patience for winter anymore. Thanks for sharing those beautiful trees!

  3. Spring is my favorite! I love that time--which in these parts is coming soon!--when the redbuds and the dogwoods are blooming at the same time. Fabulous!

  4. GORGEOUS pictures, MM!

    We don't have dogwoods around here darn it! They are so beautiful.

    I can't decide which I like best, Spring or Autumn. They're both so colorful and not too hot or cold like summer and winter.

  5. The photos are so gorgeous Mary Margret. I love spring. I do think it is my favorite season, although I love the summer time as well. All my flowers are blooming and it looks beautiful. Of course, a few weeds are gaining traction, so I suppose some spring-cleaning yard work is in order before it gets too hot to deal with! Thanks so much for sharing the photos.

  6. I love Spring and Autumn--those funny in betweens the two extreme seasons! Great post MM

  7. Beautiful pictures! We had spring already, a month or so ago! :) Next will be the summer heat. Soon. :( Like Danielle, I love spring and autumn, a break from the summer heat, which lasts way too long here.

  8. As much as I hate that Autumn represents the coming winter, it is so full of moodiness, blustery winds, falling leaves, and change is in the air. It stirs my soul, for some reason.

  9. Spring cheers me up. Autumn makes me imagine dark thoughts and places. Maybe I should write different things at different times of year.


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