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Rambles with Sharon

It is nearly 11am on Thursday, some 12 hours before my blog day and I am staring at the blank page with….. nothing. I didn’t forget my blog day was approaching. I had it marked on the calendar and have been thinking about it on some level since I posted the last one some two weeks ago. I think I have reached blog-idea-vacancy. Please tell me I am not alone! I am fairly certain it isn’t because I am tired of talking about my novel – no, I know that isn’t true because just yesterday I got all giddy while chatting with a friend. So it must be something else. Hmm…. Brain overload? Exhaustion? A dearth of profound methods of communicating essentially the same thing, i.e.- my novel is fantastic so BUY IT! LOL! Ah well, whatever the case, buckle your seatbelts because I feel a rambling discourse coming on. Here goes!

I love writing a Saga with a thematic tone. I see from what most of my Casa Sisters write that we tend to agree on that. Judi has her mermaids and mermen. Terry keeps us wildly entertained with her unique werewolf packs. Robin has cornered the market on Italian domestic Gods. Cheryl is clearly enamored with her lusty alien cats. Now, I think this is cool. Nothing wrong with branching out and tackling new horizons, going to varied places, creating characters that have no relationship whatsoever to anyone in the previous novel. We have Loucinda and Marie doing a fine job at that! But I have to say that it pleases me to see more serial-type novelists in the romance genre. I have said many times that I think one of the reasons I love reading fantasy is that continuations are common. Rarely does a writer who creates an entirely new world end it with one book. They revisit the scene over and over again. As a reader it breeds familiarity. As a writer I just know that I love the world and characters I have created and I selfishly want to stay with them.

So when people ask me if I plan to leave the Darcys and the Regency behind for other romance or historical fiction, I can honestly shrug my shoulders with unconcern. Maybe my muse will suddenly morph into a contemporary hottie and I won’t be able to resist telling that story. Or perhaps I will one day envision a hunk clad in Elizabethan tights. Well, probably not since even Joseph Fiennes had a hard time pulling off the puffy trouser look. But I guess a writer never REALLY knows what shape her inspiration will take.

For the present I am grinningly happy to remain in early 1800 England, traveling between Derbyshire and London with stops in between, while the enormous Darcy clan moves through life.

The last several blog posts have struck me anew at how wonderfully diverse we Sourcebooks novelists are. Or rather, how wisely Deb and Co. chose authors who have something unique to offer. Even amongst those of us who write during the Regency or specifically about Austen characters, we are so different. Isn’t that fantastic? I also know I have said it many times, but part of the reason I haven’t read romance since my long ago high school years was because I thought it was all the same! Yeah, lash me again with the wet noodles, but I have confessed the sin of my misconceptions so be gentle with me. J Is it really my fault? I mean, no offense, but I don’t recall a single man-eating bunny slipper or shape-shifting dragon in any of Danielle Steele’s books. Ho hum….just wasn’t for me. But now? Wow! You gals have got my daughter avidly sucking down books faster than I can provide them, so Kudos, seriously.

What else? Well, I am in the “lull” period between books. Very nice. How did ya’all enjoy your down time? Not that we authors are ever 100% without something to do. Of course I am writing new material for what we are calling “Darcy 4” since I have no title for it. And any day I expect the proofread copy of Loving Mr. Darcy AND the first edits of The Darcys at Year’s End to arrive. But the major marketing push for Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy is over, the novel creating its own wind while I sit back and let it fly.

OK, minor brag moment: Deb says the novel is selling very well, enough to have contracted me for 2 more novels after the first 3! Yeah, I am walking on air!! “Darcy 4” will hit shelves September of 2010 with “Darcy 5” in the Spring of 2011. My head is indeed spinning.

Anyway, for this moment in time while I wait for the craziness surrounding the launch of Loving Mr. Darcy this September, I am taking a well deserved breather. I did some serious housecleaning, finally vacuuming the spiders living happily in the corner. And I reloaded my Roller Coaster Tycoon game! Once upon a time I was an RCT3 addict. I gave that up for my new addiction – writing – but am now trying to manage some fun time of a different sort of creativity. I have to say, the balance feels good. Anyone else play pointless games on the computer? Or what about those Facebook games? I admit I have a thriving farm and a fairyland garden. I like growing things. Especially when I don’t have to suffer 100+ degree weather and brave ugly spiders trying to kill me while cultivating. Much better way to go about it. Of course, the family thinks I am doing something worthwhile and momentous since the play is done on the trusty laptop. Shhh…don’t tell them or they will make me start cooking dinner again!

Ok, have I rambled enough? Put your hands down! I get it. At least I mentioned my books in there somewhere. That counts, doesn’t it? No? Well then, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy ~ Two Shall Become One is part of a Mother’s Day promotion at Barnes & Noble, so look for me on an Austen-related display near the front to the store. I am very excited about that and think I need to travel to the Big City so I can get some more geeky photos! September and the debut of Loving Mr. Darcy ~ Journeys Beyond Pemberley will be here before you can spit. But first, the RWA Nationals are happening! I look forward to seeing ALL of you there, yes?


  1. Ah, yes, the moment when no blog ideas arrive in your brain!

    I counted and I've done 21 in the last three weeks. I'm there.

    Congrats on the series extension, though, Sharon; that is WONDERFUL news!

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Glad your publicity blitz is winding down and you can reclaim your life. I'm already worried about what I'll say for 30+ days about L@FF when my time comes later this year. But we always seem to come up with something, right? Congrats on the additional books! That will keep you busy.

  3. Sharon,

    I just started my blog tour and yes, I'm already thinking--What else can I say about Too Hot To Handle and still sound original?

    Enjoy RT3, my son and daughters love that game!

  4. Sharon, I just finished seven more guest blogs (prep work for the tour that starts next week), bringing my total thus far to fourteen, and I SO feel your pain! I'm not an inspired blogger at the best of times, so we're rapidly approaching the point of painful, LOL! Saw your book yesterday at's so pretty in person!

    My older son LOVES, I go through phases. Sometimes I'll mess with Sims 2, which is more like playing with dolls than anything (except a little more twisted, and thus more fun). Lately my veg game has been Chuzzle. It's totally addictive, lining up koosh balls with eyes and getting them to pop when you get three of a color in a row.

    Enjoy some mental rest in the lull, and congrats on the series continuing!

  5. I don't even want to talk about what the last several weeks have been like for me. But apparently, I don't need to--you have all experienced it, or will shortly.

    Rest assured, Sharon, I absolutely understand the dread blog blank.

    Congrats on the continuing contracts, and enjoy the lull.

  6. Good morning everyone! I am just getting home from a long night at work and more than ready to hit the sheets. Glad to see you all up and about.

    I figured everyone would relate to the brain-freeze! LOL! Perhaps it will be easier the next time around, but I rather doubt it. Ha!!

    Donna, I gave up counting how many blogs/interviews I answered. I was always amazed at the different questions asked, though. I think I liked the interviews best as it gave me a launching point.

    Marie, you are so right - We always do come up with something! At least it is for a limited period of time.

  7. Hi Robin!! Good luck with your blogs. I am sure you will think of fabulous things to say. I always hoped that different people were reading my stuff because I know I was repeating myself at times. RCT is so fun! I will have to be careful to keep the addiction under control. I may need a 12 Step program!

    Hi Kendra! Yes, my book is SO pretty!! I still love just looking at it - how sad is that? :) I have played all the Sims games, but had the most fun designing the houses. The game itself would bore me within minutes. Getting them to "make whoopie" was always a kick though! I remember my son playing it to make them slap each other! Ha! Boys.

  8. Yes, it is insane isn't it Mary Margret. For about a week after it was all done I felt a bit lost! Now I am back to the old routines and it feels good.

    Thanks for the congrats on the books. I am pretty thrilled! I am very happy, but also glad it is spaced out a bit so I can chillax now and again.

    OK, off to bed! See ya all later this afternoon! Have a great day. Ta-ta, Sharon

  9. I too have suffered from the dreaded Blogger's Block, so I know where you're coming from. How many times and in how many different ways can you tell everyone that your book is wonderful and they should buy it? Impossible to say, but we keep trying, don't we?
    I'm about a third of the way through your book (had to stop reading a while back so I could write more of my own) and I can honestly say that it's a good one!
    Congrats on the upcoming books!

  10. Congratulations! I always love seeing books that I've read go on special displays - makes the reader feel special too! And congratulations on the extended contract. Great news.

  11. Are my authors COMPLAINING about their blog tours?

    JK, I know it's a lot of work, but I know you all are aware of how much blog tours have aided in boosting sales. :)

    have a great weekend everyone!

  12. LOL, I always seem to wait until the night before my blog is due. Right now, I have a three page fiction response essay due, like now, and I haven't even started. I'd much rather be writing something else.

    Congratulations on the extended contract. That is awesome.

  13. Danielle, perish the thought that any of us would EVER Complain!!! LOL! We LURVE our blog tours! Had to steal your word, Cindy. :)

    Seriously, I really did have fun with all of it, trying to be creative. But it does fry the noodle, no doubt. By September I am sure I will be ready to go!

    Yippee Cheryl! So glad you are enjoying it! Take your time. We all appreciate how hard it is to get through reading a book these days. :)

  14. Hi Sheila! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy "Loving Mr. Darcy."

    Howdy Renee, It is rather like cramming for exams in college - always wait until the night before! It aids productivity! LOL. Except I was one of those nerds who did stuff way in advance so I could do fun stuff without feeling guilty. Thanks for commenting. :)

  15. Hey, it is hard to keep coming up with fresh ideas for blogs and not feel like you're saying the same things over and over. I think its as hard as taking ideas and creating a new book. both require creativity. It's good to see you trying something else to restore your sense of normalacy, Sharon.

    I try to keep my blog easy on the authors that visit because I know they have already made the rounds being 'chipper, bright and wonderful.' I know from experience, it's hard to be "on" all the time, projecting that professional persona, and inside you feel like mush.

    Any time you want to ramble Sharon, come on over and ramble because promotion can be exhausting in another way that writing isn't. In fact, capture up some of that feeling as you go through this and save it for when you come vist me this fall. Its a lesson writers also need to know about.

    Meanwhile, enjoy your down time. It refreshes the creative soul. :-)

  16. I'm so with you on this, Sharon! :) And great on the new contracts! The books will be winners!!! Can't wait to read them!!!


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