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Is It Spring Yet?

By Robin Kaye

The kids are on Spring Break, the daffodils are blooming, and it’s snowing. Okay, it’s not snowing today, but it was yesterday. Here in Maryland (and Central Pennsylvania) it flurried on and off all day. There is just something so wrong about snow-covered daffodils in April. Just when I was contemplating storing all my sweaters away in my antique cedar trunk, the temperature dropped and I was frozen again. And to add insult to injury, I had to drive through what looked like a blizzard. Of course, as soon as the snow hit the windshield or the ground it melted. Still, the snow was coming down in those big, honkin’ flurries—the kind that make you want to run around with your tongue hanging out to try to catch them. If it hadn’t been almost Mid-April, I would have enjoyed it. I suppose the changing of the seasons has me on edge, and for a few weeks, I’ll be wondering if I’m experiencing spring or if winter has returned.

There are seasons to everything and they all change at pretty much the same time. In sports, Baseball season begins just as College Basketball wanes. In publishing I’m gearing up for my Blog Tour and the launch of Too Hot To Handle which comes out May 1, and at the same time, I’m making the finishing touches on the third book in my Domestic Gods Series, Breakfast In Bed. I’ve got one foot planted firmly in each season and I'm keeping an eye on the weather.

It’s a wonderful and exciting time of the year. Things are coming to life, the trees and flowers are blooming, kids are playing outside and people are beginning to stock up on summer reads. I guess the trick is to be flexible and enjoy the last days of winter while cheering on the spring. It might also help to wear layers and carry a sweater and a coat because you never know when it might snow--you don't want to miss out on your last chance of the season to run around with your tongue hanging out catching snowflakes.

Have a Happy Easter and Passover everyone, and think Spring!


  1. In 1983 it snowed on April 29. I know this b/c I went to Penn State that day and absolutely fell in love with the campus BECAUSE it was snowing on April 29.

    We didn't get any snow yesterday and I'm not that far north of you. I'm so BUMMED!!!

    Enjoy the blog tour, Robin! I'm working on mine, and, yep... work. But the fun kind.

  2. We had a little snow here two nights ago, but thankfully, it was gone by about 10 AM. I know by the end of June I'll be complaining, but I'm ready for some HEAT!!!!
    Good luck on the blog tour. I've just gotten through with mine for Rogue and I know I'll be writing blogs for Outcast pretty soon. It never seems to end, but that's a good thing, right?

  3. One Mother's Day (early May) quite a few years ago we were having a BBQ (I know... a little optimistic) when it started snowing!!!

    I'm still waiting for the good weather to stop teasing us and stay!

  4. Hey Robin,
    Glad to hear Breakfast in Bed is just about done! It's FREEZING in Rhode Island too. We had my aunt's funeral yesterday and it felt like January at the cemetery. Brrrrrrr! Bitter, bitter cold. Today it's 50. That's probably why everyone we know is sick.

    Now here's the thing about spring for me.... I love the nice weather but with that comes endless obligations. Baseball season kicks into gear for Jake (and now he's at the point where he practices 4x a week), Emily is in the school play, field trips and field day and cookouts and boating season... Do you see my dilemma? Less time to write! I've learned to appreciate snow in a way I never did before. :-)

    We're going to Florida on Sunday for the kids' vacation. Looking forward to that, but part of me wishes it was a writing vacation. Ahhh, that would be nice, huh?

  5. Robin,
    A little Snow Showers bring on the spring flowers.
    That's my song here in Minnesota.
    Our last snowfall was last Sat. It was 50 yesterday and clear and sunny. My tulips are popping up.
    Love the titles of your books. I'll have to check them out. Gods you say? Like Greek Gods?Hopefully Peter Cottontail doesn't have to wear snowboots.

  6. Good morning everyone!

    Judi~ I'm sorry you missed it too.

    Cheryl~ I'm so with you! I figure if I have to put up with all the pollen and allergies that come with spring, I should at least get to do it without freezing!

    Donna (Simpson)- I love picnics, I've been known to have Christmas Day picnics. Of course, I was was living in Florida at the time.

    Marie~I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt.

    Enjoy the vacation with the kids, I'm sure you can use some down-time and from the sound of your schedule, this is the last time you'll see it until after baseball season. I'm so jealous that you'll be warm.

    Hi Donna~Thanks! I'm almost as thrilled with the titles as I am with the covers. Romeo, Romeo was mine, but Too Hot To Handle and Breakfast In Bed were my editors or maybe the Sourcebooks marketing team. I'm not sure.

    I write about Domestic Gods, they're men who cook and clean and take care of their women. Every woman wants a man who is as good in the Kitchen as he is in the bedroom.

  7. No more snow. Period. I'm ready for sunny days, tank tops, shorts and flip flops. And my husband in a tank top and long running shorts. Sigh.

  8. I'm ready to leave the snow behind and start thinking BASEBALL! But my family is originally from upstate NY and I've often heard tales of snow on Mother's Day--when my mom was born--and it didn't sound like fun. That's part of the reason I moved south to Philly. (Well, okay, it's south, comparatively speaking. I couldn't get by without a change of seasons. Writing Christmas cards in shorts is just WRONG.)

    Before we know it, we'll be trying to navigate our writing schedules around summer camp and assorted school's-out activities! And then, voila! Back to Christmas Shopping! :) But in the mean time, enjoy the spring!

  9. Hi Robin,
    Here in SoCal we're complaining because it's only in the 60s and we might get a few raindrops. We hardly had a winter this year. When I finally pruned my rosebushes in February, they were still blooming. Don't you just hate that?

    Looking forward to THTH.

    Diane (waving from GIAMx3)

  10. Hey Robin-

    Spring is my favorite season, and here in the midwest we're dealing with the cooler temps and snow flurries! Not cool.

    Glad to hear you're getting ready for your blog tour :)


  11. No snow here in Southern CA, Robin, but rain is definitely coming.

    Think of all the great people you'll meet on your blog tour!


  12. Hi Robin,
    Snow on daffodils IS WRONG!

    I dunno how the rest of you handle the COLD! It is raining in NorCal today too, and snowing in the mountains, but we've had a very mild winter. I think we had frost two times, which is FINE with me.

    No, I don't write my Xmas cards in shorts, Carla. But I don't mind not having a white Christmas. What I did find strange was seeing Santa Claus on a surf board when I was in Australia, and yes, he had on shorts and sun glasses. :-)

    Hey Diana from GIAMx3! Nice to see you here!


  13. We had snow on the daffodils about a month ago.

    Fortunately, the threatened freeze didn't happen and the dogwood blossoms that are out full now weren't harmed. If I can get them downloaded, I'll send some pictures. NC is magical this time of year.

    But foot in both worlds--tell me about it. I've been blogging like mad the last couple of weeks, when all I want to do is work on SEALed III Her Fate Was SEALed, because I can feel the hot breath of the deadline on my neck, and I've lost so much time.


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