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Where Are You Today?

Ever feel like you’re everywhere and no where? I’m at the hospital, but not really. I’m at work, but not really. I’m at home and submersed in revisions, so not really home at all. And today, I’m everywhere! Literally! I’m at Star Crossed Romance, Lori Devoti’s party, Rhi’s Reads, and yep, here! "Sexy Shapeshifters!"

Free book giveaway on Lori Devoti's Blog, winner's choice of Heart of the Wolf or Destiny of the Wolf, so be sure to comment on each blog and have even more of a chance to win. :)


It’s amazing how many places we can be at once and not be at any of them at all. Ever feel that way when you’re driving home and you don’t even realize you’ve bypassed all the places you usually notice on the trip? So where were you when you took that trip? Not really there, were you?

Remember in school when the teacher would ramble on and on and on and your mind would drift? It’s amazing how many places we can truly be at one time. I try to be at that one single physical place when I’m there. But minds are an amazing thing. Sometimes they truly have a mind of their own. Scary isn’t it?

Not when I’m weaving my tales. Then the world is upside down, and it can be. It’s fiction after all. No matter how bad things will get, the reader knows there’s a rainbow at the end of the world.

So let your mind wander. Let it drift into other worlds. It’s okay. It’ll be back. We hope. :)

Terry Spear
Heart of the Wolf
Destiny of the Wolf
To Tempt the Wolf
(Sep 1)
Legend of the White Wolf


  1. You gotta love those Happily Ever Afters in our "world." I've loved reading romance ever since I discovered it at 13 and I'll keep reading it until I'm 113 (which is the age I've chosen to live to, btw. Yep. 113. LOL)

    wishing you some HEAs, Terry!

    (and why is my verification word, Chemist?)

  2. I'm the queen of the behind-the-wheel space out, Terry. That's when I do some of my best plotting.

  3. Thanks, Judi, and Marie. Hey, my word verification was humun. Do you think someone is trying to tell me something? :)

    I try to think of story ideas when I'm at work or mowing the yard, but it doesn't work for me. :)

  4. So true Terry... sometimes the only place I really 'am' where I am is when I'm writing. Then I truly am in the story! It's a wonderful escape, better than a five star hotel!!

  5. Do you think maybe that's because we're in charge, Donna? :) We can make it whatever we want it to be! :)

  6. Great post, Terry. It reminds me of every report card I received from kindergarten through high school. There was always at least one comment that said: "Robin is constantly daydreaming."

    Now I have my dream job, I get paid to daydream and write my daydreams down. It doesn't get much better than that.

    As I said before, when you're pre-published, it's called daydreaming; after you're published, it's called plotting.

  7. I dunno about that... My mind has left the building...

  8. Where am I right now? In that semi-comatose state after working a long 12-hour night shift with screaming babies! Very much time for bed. I think I need sleep and then a bucket of caffeine to fully assimilate your post Terry! See you later - my morning :)

  9. LOL, Robin, I like that! :)

    Cheryl, I hope it comes back!

    Sharon, you poor thing. I don't know how you do it. :)

  10. My kids swear they can get by with anything when I'm writing. I'm also a zoner while I'm driving, which is probably a little too dangerous.


  11. LOL, Renee, my daughter will tell me she told me something already and I'll say, "You said it when I was writing?" I do manage to do several things at a time, but thinking is not one of them. :)

  12. I feel your pain, Terry. Today I blogged on another group - on someone else's day! Clearly I have no idea where I am, except I know I have to get these edits done and I'm having fun torturing my H and H.

  13. Too funny, Michele Ann! :) I"m back to torturing mine also. :)

  14. I'm here, but soon I'll be at the dentist. Groan.

  15. Omigosh, Sheila, that's one time when I say, definitely, send your mind somewhere else!!! :) Good luck with your appt.

  16. I always feel I'm in another world and just exist on auto pilot.

    I must have a guardian angel who's suffering from total insanity.


  17. Lol, Linda. Good thing you have one!

  18. Great post Terry! it's nice when you can just let your mind wander :)


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