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This is where I am; that space between what was and what will be, but not quite in the now. I'm told that living in the now is a good thing, but don't we find solace in the knowledge that the next moment will come whether we plan for it or not? Don't we find some excitement in the not knowing whether we will live another twenty years or whether this next breath will be our last?

I believe inspiration lies somewhere between the the now and the future. It's that moment when, fingers poised above the keyboard, the writer hesitates before the words begin to flow. Do I consciously think about what I will write next? More often than not, I don't, because when I do, it never feels as real or as pertinent as it will if I just start writing--letting the creative juices flow, as it were. I open my mind and visualize where I am, who is there, and then what they will say and do comes naturally.

Is it magic, what happens as we write, or is it something anyone can do? I believe that everyone has at least one story to tell, but it takes practice to be able to do it well. Some have the talent, while others focus on the craft. The truly great writers have all three--talent, craft, and tale--while the rest of us limp along with one or two.

Is this just so much bullshit? Probably. I had absolutely no idea what I would write about today. My mind was in limbo, just waiting for that spark of inspiration. Right now, I'm hot, tired, and probably ate too much tapioca pudding, which is something I've been craving ever since I saw "New in Town." If you've seen that movie, you're probably experiencing the same phenomenon. I've discovered that it's quite good mixed with bananas or strawberries, topped with whipped cream, or right out of the tub. Either way, those Kozy Shack pudding people are getting an awful lot of my money these days.

If all of this sounds insane, I'm not surprised. I always get a little crazy in February and March--lack of sunlight or something--but spring is hovering out there right now, somewhere between the now and the next breath. I'll be better by April. I hope.

What about you? Do you go bonkers this time of year? Have you been craving anything lately? Or do you even know what you're craving? Inquiring minds want to know. . .


  1. LOL, Cheryl, I like to keep my bonkers a year round thing, but I do know what you mean about this last gasp of winter being just one bit TOO MUCH. Enough already!

  2. I'm actually better already. Yesterday was beautiful and I even picked some flowers!

  3. Hi Cheryl! I'm with Marie...I spread my crazy throughout the year:-) I know what you mean, though...the end of winter is a funny time, and I often find myself a little lost. Just waiting for the world to wake up again! And I always wind up wanting to grow things, hence my rescue of a half-dead mint plant from the commissary yesterday. You already wouldn't know it was the same plant. Poor thing needed a drink desperately. It smells WONDERFUL:-)

    Glad you got to pick some flowers...nicer weather is supposed to arrive here today, and I certainly hope it does! I need to get OUT!

  4. Since we have very short winters here, spring, the daffodils and hyacinths and irises are out, the trees are all are becoming enveloped in green, so spring sprung a few weeks ago. :) As to what I'm craving? That my mother is well enough to leave the hospital! That's what's making me blue.

  5. Hi Kendra,
    This is not to say that I'm not crazy the rest of the time, I'm just worse this time of year. My mint plants are peeking through the dead leaves, and they already smell nice, too!

  6. Having a family member in the hospital will certainly have that effect, Terry. We're all pulling for her to get home soon!

  7. Last summer at the beach I turned my brother-in-law onto Kozy Shack. We agreed, we'd forgotten how good those simple puddings could be.

    February is the month when I lose it, although I'm not known for my sanity at any time.

    As for writing, I truly believe anyone who wants to learn to write, can. Whether they will find the creative spark--that thing we call inspiration--is another question entirely.

  8. Sunshine... I'm craving sunshine, and we've been having a lot of it the last few days. Hot, blazing sunshine that is melting away the last little islands of dirty snow.

    Bring on spring!!

  9. I think I agree with almost everyone--I'm craving Spring! We got a lovely taste the past few days in Chicagoland, but the mid 40s and dreary clouds are back... There's something about the end of winter, and hovering onset of Springtime that puts almost everyone in a rut. Great post Cheryl!

  10. I love Kozy Shack's stuff XD I eat their rice pudding like crazy. And I agree with you on the writing thing which I hope applies to me because someday I'd like to be a writer too. West Texas here has crazy weather. For example last week from Wednesday until Friday it was really rainy and cold, like in the 30's. And then Saturday it warmed back up and now we have bright sunny days and 90 plus weather. And I never know what the weather is going to be like next! I love it.

  11. Don't we find some excitement in the not knowing whether we will live another twenty years or whether this next breath will be our last?

    Umm, no. Never ever would I think about that, because it would paralyze me. As would bungy jumping or mountain climbing. lol I can't even think about being on a plane when I'm on one. All that space between me and the ground. Shudder.

    Going bonkers, however, is something I do routinely. I went bonkers shopping on Sunday. Nuts. And yes I think it was the time of year and lack of sunlight. I brought everything in really bright colors. It is a new beginning, fabric-wise anyway.

    Ah well, I should be good now until next year. lol

  12. Yes, MM, inspiration is probably what makes the difference. And right now, tapioca inspires me. Wonder if I could find a way to make it romantic....

  13. I had sunshine yesterday AND today, Donna, and I must say, I'm feeling much better than I did three days ago when I wrote this post! I went out today, spent an insane amount of money at the local health food stores and just got finished planting some pansies in a pot on my deck. Things could be much worse...

  14. Thanks, Danielle,
    I think this winter's rut is worse than most, because of our economic woes, but I just read that sales of romance and sci-fi/fantasy novels is UP!! I think I've got it covered on all points...

  15. Hi Ana!
    I tried the rice pudding, but find that I prefer the tapioca. Something about those little pearls is appealing to me for some reason.
    90's??? Not sure I'm ready for that, but seventies are perfect for me! Enjoy the spring and write something!

  16. I'm glad you're feeling better after your shopping spree, Michele. I went out this past Saturday and couldn't find anything I wanted--or needed. Today, however, was different. Just needed those few days of sunshine, I guess.
    I should be out on the deck right now...

  17. Yeah it gets really hot here. The high we have in the summer are 104 or 105. I went to Virginia and it was so cold there. Such a drastic change. But I think that's the great thing about traveling. You get to experience so much. Tapioca is pretty good too though

  18. I think I'm in the not-quite-ready-to-write phase. Is that limbo? Can't set the story in stone, or ink, because it keeps moving. I'd walk the dog if she was still here.

  19. Bonkers is always there, Cheryl. Right now we're having gorgeous sunny days and it makes me want to celebrate.


  20. Bonkers is a permanent state for me! LOL!

    But season wise, it is the dead of winter (right around the end of Dec. and beginning of Jan.) that really gets me down. The days are short, cold and generally miserable. Of course, it doesn't help that can't stand the holidays and my birthday is then too... URG!!! :-P

    My son LOVES tapioca pudding. I like it from this one West Coast restaurant chain called Fresh Choice. Oh, and my BFF hates it and calls it "fish eyes!" (too bad Judi is not around to comment on THAT!)

    LOVE the picture in your post, Cheryl!


  21. How to make tapioca romantic?

    Treat it like chocolate or whipped cream. Smear it on. Lick it off. :-)

    No, that doesn't work does it?

    How about this:
    It's the last bit of food left on the spaceship. They have denied and denied their feelings for one another, but neither will take it and deprive the other, so they lovingly feed one another spoonsful.

    You can take it from there.

  22. I hear you Ana! I was in Las Vegas last fall. Beautiful weather, then...I came home.

  23. Maybe your version of limbo is when you're trying to catch that moving story, Sheila. Good luck!

  24. You've got an advantage being in California, Linda. The rest of us must suck it up and wait, but you can celebrate for us!

  25. On you, bonkers is a good thing, AC! My birthday is right after Christmas, and I'm usually okay then, but after Jan 1, I'm ready for spring.

    Fish eyes, huh? Thanks, I really needed to hear that...might save me a few pounds...

    I liked the pic, too. I went to Google images and there, along with all the contortionists doing the Limbo, was that one, which is a fair representation of how I've been feeling.

  26. Sounds good, MM! Or maybe they both crave it, but, in a sweet, romantic gesture, the guy lets her have the tiny little bit they have left. Realizing the sacrifice he's making, she then insists that he eat it, but in the ensuing argument, their eyes meet and they fall into each other's arms and forget all about the pudding.;-)

  27. Well, Ladies,
    Sounds like Danielle and I have pretty much the same weather.
    Yes, I'm getting stir crazy. I've purchased more books this winter. I have over 50 in my TBR read drawer. All you ladies write so many awesome books.
    I feel spring and smell spring and see spring coming. I feel the milder breezes blowing. I smelled dead Skunk this morning. A sure sign of spring. I seen the first bluebirds yesterday.
    I love Kozy Snacks too. Old fashioned rice pudding. I'd like to see your herione put a Dollop of Pudding and with the candle light melt a chocolate covered cherry on top of her Hero's chest. And lick it off slowly.
    Turn about is always fair play too.

  28. Ah, yes! The spring-like scent of skunk! That's how I can always tell it's February around here.
    Hmm, melted chocolate and pudding on a sexy Zetithian chest.... Must go write something now...

  29. I do understand what you are saying... so GLAD I moved from NY to sunny TX, my mom used to swear I had Seasonal Affected Disorder something.. I just hate the doom and gloom of winter!

  30. Sorry I'm chiming in late, Judi~ Yesterday was insane...okay, all my days are insane.

    I crave NY salt bagels. You will find me this weekend eating my weights worth of salt bagels with lox, tomato and capers. YUM!

    Spring has sprung here. Even though winter hasn't released its grasp on the earth entirely, it has enough for my allergies to already be killing me. The Forsythia is greening up which is always a bad sign, once those yellow flowers hit, I'm a mess. I figure if you put me on the North Pole I'd still find something to sneeze at. It's my lot in life.

  31. Hi Marie!
    Yes, the SAD stuff gets me every year. It might come early or it might come late, but it never fails. Texas sounds good. Maybe I should relocate... Nah, too much trouble. I really hate moving...

  32. Hi Robin!
    Unfortunately, I doubt you would find any salt bagels at the North Pole, but they do sound wonderful. I may have to pay NY a visit sometime. Does anyone know if they ever have RWA nationals there?


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