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Too Hot To Handle

My first book, Romeo, Romeo ended with a wedding but as you might remember, Nick and Rosalie, the happy couple, weren't the ones who planned to be married on that day. So when I wrote the second book in my Domestic Gods Series, naturally, I thought the poor, recently disengaged, Annabelle Ronalid.

In Too Hot To Handle we find out that Annabelle Ronaldi doesn't have luck with men or marriage. Her first fiancĂ© died and the second was almost murdered. Okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, though if Annabelle had attempted to kill him, no jury of her peers would have convicted her. After all, she did catch her fiancĂ©, Johnny the mortician, with the make-up lady’s skirt up doing the nasty next to the dead body of Mrs. Nunzio, God rest her soul. As you can imagine, Annabelle realized Johnny wasn’t much of a loss and probably would have thanked him if she hadn’t so busy putting a curse on a particularly small and soon-to-be useless body part.

Everything worked out for the best, after all. Rosalie, Annabelle’s sister had met her real-life Romeo and wanted a short engagement and was more than happy to order-up new invitations and take over the wedding that Annabelle had spent a year planning.

For Rosalie, this was the perfect situation. She’d never planned to marry and had no interest in menus, listening to wedding bands or choosing bridesmaids dresses. Hell, she didn’t want bridesmaids. Rosalie cared more about her business deal than her wedding so being handed a turnkey wedding day was a God send.

But what about Annabelle? It wasn’t as if Annabelle wasn’t happy for Nick and Rosalie, she was, but she couldn’t help but be a little resentful too. Every aspect of the day was planned according to Annabelle’s Happily Ever After Wedding Day Dream Book she’d bought with her allowance on the very same day she purchased her first Wedding Day Barbie.

Could you imagine how you’d feel if your sister, no matter how much you loved her, found her Prince Charming and even though she never wasted a minute of her life thinking about her own wedding, took every one of the plans you had for yours?

I think you most would understand why it might cause a girl to drink too much champagne at the wedding. After all, it would give her courage necessary to face everyone who knew that she was supposed to have been the one walking down the aisle. Little did Annabelle know there were more consequences to too much champagne than just a nasty hangover. One of those consequences, she found out the next morning, was just Too Hot To Handle. It took her a while for her to discover that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

So, were you like Annabelle? Did you dream of your wedding since you were a little girl? Or, were you more like Rosalie and avoid marriage at all cost until the man of your dreams sweapt you off your feet? All I have to say on the subject is that my husband is a true Domestic God, he knows how to handle a broom.


  1. Hey, darlin',

    As you know, my sweetheart is no DG. He won't use a broom if there's a vacuum cleaner to be found and, if pushed, will resort to driving the lawn tractor in with the bagger attached. The man is KING of overkill. (Remind me to tell you about the Chainsaw Incident!) But he's that way about everything he does, so I'm NOT complaining.

    I can't wait to read the new book.


  2. Robin,

    I'm still reading your first book and I can tell what I haven't gotten to yet is going to be hilarious. Will have to get our next one, too.

  3. Hi Pat~

    I'm so looking forward to our next get-together so I can hear the chainsaw story! Nationals?

    Hugs...Robin :)

  4. Walt~

    I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying Romeo, Romeo. I hope you like Too Hot To Handle as much.

    Robin :)

  5. I had no desire for a huge wedding but I have a large Italian family, so it kinda comes with the territory. I did manage to stave off the huge white dress, the church wedding and the priest. Of course, the judge who married us lived with my grandparents as a child so I don't think he said one word about my husband during the entire ceremony.

  6. I dreamed of my wedding since I was about 4 and learned that if I draped a bath towel on my head, it "felt" like a wedding veil. I used to stare at my parents' wedding picture and wonder when it would be me, and what would it be like. The pretty dress, the cake, the family and friends, the center of attention, the man with that look in his eyes that says you're all he ever wanted.

    Then reality set in. My first marriage proposal came in the kitchen of my apartment on *his* birthday, and the second came in bed the morning after we both got miserably sick on a cruise. I am determined, no matter what happens, there will be no third marriage for me. Even if George Clooney himself begged for my hand in marriage, I'd say no. I'd forgo the marriage license for a learner's permit, though. :)

    Great blog, Robin! Can't wait to read Annabelle's story! I think she and I have a lot to talk about...

  7. You know, when I read Romeo, Romeo, I thought assuming the bride-position was great for Rosalie, but if I was Annabelle, I would rather spend the winter in Siberia than attend said wedding.

    I see a disaster looming, and with your comedic voice, it's going to be hilarious!

  8. Sounds like big fun, Robin. Can't wait to read it.

  9. Robin, I always look forward to your posts ;) I only have one sister and I got married before her so t'was not a problem, but your story reminded me of the movie I just saw that broached a nearness of your topic... He's Just Not That Into You. Based on how you nail relationship stories, I wouldn't be surprised to see your books made into screenplays. Remember it was me who commented on *when*. Hugs.

  10. Never planned on a big wedding and didn't have one. I paid $18 for my dress and I made all the food except for the cake and Bud bought a case of beer. That was almost thirty years ago. Never regretted it for a moment.
    The book sounds great. Loved the first one and I'm sure I'll love this one, too!

  11. Steph-

    Wow, you're Italian and you got out of the church wedding and lived to tell about it? I'm impressed.


    I'm with you. No more weddings for me. I've only had one and, thank God, it's a wonderful marriage. But if God forbid, anything did happen to my DH, I don't think I'd marry again.

    Mary Margaret~

    I'm so glad you enjoyed Romeo, Romeo and really hope you like THTH as well.


    From your mouth to God's ears! Thanks so much for the compliment and I always look forward to your comments. You're the best.

    Hugs right back atcha!

  12. I had a small wedding. The Big Wedding thing made me too nervous.

    And my darling does handle a vacuum cleaner! (But maybe that's because I don't, so somebody had to step up to the plate! LOL!)

    Enjoyed your post -- I'll look for the book!

  13. Actually, I dreamed of having many husbands, like the movie stars had--all handsome, rich, and loving in turn. The staff would take care of the household tasks. :)

    Looking forward to your new book. Enjoyed your summary and love the new cover.

    Best--Adele Dubois

  14. and this would be why I can't wait to get my hands on that book, Robin! Brava!!

  15. btw, I did the whole "princess" thing (big surprise I know) and am trying to talk sense to my kids. All that money.... especially when my dad had offered me the money instead. Youth IS wasted on the young! (but the marriage is still going strong, so I guess it was a good investment.)

  16. Annabelle had issues all through Romeo, Romeo, so I want to see how you turn her into someone I will care about. She didn't deserve that idiot she was engaged to, and trying for the perfect wedding and having a bit of jealousy of her sister. Should be a GREAT read because we'll then understand what makes Annabelle uniquely Annabelle, and she'll get the guy she truly deserves. I hope we'll be seeing a bit of Tony and Rosalie!! I have a feeling you're going to be like la Nora - you're not going to be able to write fast enough for your fans lol

    Love - Debra (Newhouse)

  17. Well, I'm still dreaming of a small wedding (don't get any ideas, lovely ladies), but my mother has 7 brothers and sisters, and my dad has a large extended family, so there's not a chance in hell that my wedding will be small!

    I'm excited to get to know Annabelle, Robin! Her backstory should make things very interesting :)

  18. Robin, what a fun premise for a book.

    I can't say my husband is a domestic god, but he was well trained by his mom (god rest her soul) and can handle the household when necessary. He cooks a much better breakfast than I do--early training in his family's Restaurant--and does a great steak. He's great at household chores but tends to think because I'm home most of the time, it should be my job, lolol!

    I think I had an idea of how I wanted my wedding to go but didn't spend a lot of time on the planning of it as a girl. That was more to do with a couple of girlfriends that wouldn't let me off until I planned something. Theirs was straight out of a fairtale and I told my mom no way would I have one like that unless I could hire someone out of Hollywood. Made my mom laugh.

    I do recall having a more elaborate one planned out (again, girlfriends and self preservation) but preferred a more simple one. Getting married wasn't my main focus when I got out on my own. Establishing myself as an independent woman was.

    Met my husband on a blind date. I should add, I went to it kicking and screaming--he didn't know that until much later, lolol! I wasn't inclined to wait a year and plan a perfect wedding. I knew he was what I wanted, and married him 5 months later in a simple formal ceremony with a few friends and our combined families (which as over 35 guests excluding friends). Even with the simple ceremony there were times I wanted to throw up my hands and say forget it and elope...

  19. I can't wait for your new book, Robin. I know it will be fantastic! What a hoot that you are centering it on Annabelle. I never saw that coming!

    I was in between when it came to my wedding plans. I never sat around dreaming of it all my life. Not until my best friend married did I give it much thought. The cool part is that my husband and I met at the same time I was helping plan her wedding, so when my turn came around a year later, I knew exactly what I wanted and where to go to get it! Made putting together the modest wedding we had a piece of cake! LOL! *pun intended* :)

  20. I hadn't dreamed of a large wedding we didn't have one. Ours was Christmas theme and my matron of honor wore a gorgeous red dress.

    I wore a short dress instead of a gown and well, the seamstress shortened it too much! Mini wedding dress for me.


  21. Great post and I can't wait to get my hands on this book. :)

    My wedding was big for the time, but by today's standards...not so much. And he and I are no longer together, which is a good thing.

    When Science Guy and I get married (we've lived together for five years), I'd like a small on the beach wedding. Just a few friends and even fewer family. Love my family bunches, but doing the whole extended long list of family again, nah.

    Or maybe Vegas, oh, I like that one. :)

  22. I didn't dream of weddings. Just wanted to be a kid forever, and failing that, to write so I could be anything and everything in imagination whenever I wanted.

  23. Cheryl~

    Sounds like a fun wedding.


    OMG! You crack me up. I can sooo see you as the blonde (younger) Elizabeth Taylor!

    Princess Judi-

    You were right about it not a surprise. We still can't get the tiara off you!


    I'm so glad you wondered about Annabelle too. And yes, you'll see the whole cast of characters from Romeo, Romeo. That's why I Iove writing a series. My favorite characters get to come back and visit.


    Yeah, it does sound as if a small wedding would indeed be a dream. And as for the Casababes getting ideas... Who us? Ha! We're romance writers not yentas...or are we?


    My DH and I tied the knot less than 8 months after we met. Once I figured I wanted to get married, I refused to wait a year.


    I love the thought of a beach wedding. That must have been so lovely.


    I missed a bunch of my childhood and have decided to revisit it and make up for all I missed. I think we're both in the right line of work.

  24. Hey Robin! The book sounds awesome, of course!:-) I was definitely a Rosalie. I mean, I wanted to get married, but I was far too busy enjoying the Dating Buffet. My sister was much more of course, I was the one to get knocked on her butt by love! I fought it, but it was no use. I was hooked. And I had a beautiful, BIG wedding (to include an equally beautiful and big white dress). Irish Catholics on one side, Polish Catholics on the other...mass, then drunken escapades. You know the drill! Awesome post!

  25. Hi, Robin,

    Great blog - and fun book! I laughed all the way through it.

    I'm looking forward to your next - though I admit I thought it would be a different couple from R,R ...

    All the best,


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