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What Would Your Heroine Do?

In my latest romantic conquest (of which there are so many, ::rolls eyes::), I found myself out to dinner with a lovely gent at a dee-lish restaurant talking about may different topics, when our food arrived and I exclaimed over my pasta, “There’s so much CHEESE. I LOVE cheese.” He looked back at me kind of like I was insane, but then proceeded to begin what became a lengthy discussion of our favorite types of cheeses, when different cheeses are appropriate for different foods, cheeses we dislike—we talked a lot about cheese. And guess what? I’m going out with him again.

Why am I talking about cheese and dates? Because believe it or not, Casa ladies, this very cheese discussion was influenced by YOUR books. I know, none of you have written a scene about two people learning about a common affection for dairy, but you all have written about women, who, at some point or another, speak their mind, don’t hold back, and are not shy about who they are as a person. They’re confident (or become confident) in their own skin, which includes their insecurities and idiosyncrasies that eventually, the heroes realize make them each special and incredibly sexy. Let’s hope cheese works to my favor. ;-)

As authors, I wonder this—how much do you think about the influence the characters you create have on your readers? Sometimes, these characters are direct reflections on you the author (intentional or not—looks like my Psych 101 class did come in handy) or possibly reflection on how you would like to have acted in a situation, or your subconscious peaking it’s head out to remind everyone that it’s there. Whatever the reason, I hope you know that even on your busy publicist (who is taking the time to read everyone’s books, tee hee) finds herself wondering what Susannah Sanderson would do on her first date with Ryan, or how Tisana would react to the proposition of inviting Leo inside after an awkward pause, or what spell Jazz would cast if Nick decided he needed a night with the boys…or what would Rosalie Ronaldi would say if her “Romeo” thinks Provolone cheese is the most boring of all (seriously though, I love provolone cheese).

I think, even though it’s just me and my over-analytical brain, that the one thing Deb always talks about in her blogs, having a heroine women can relate to, is perhaps most important—I know it’s had an influence on me!

**Please be forewarned that I will only answer questions pertaining to mentioned date in the most vague of terms, because I know I’m going to get grilled. But you are all friends, so I hope you won’t make me blush too much all day…Bring it on!**


  1. A friend recently asked to borrow one of my unpublished books for her daughter to read. I said, "Are you SURE you want your daughter (a college freshman) to read this stuff?"
    To which she replied: "I want her to know what sex is supposed to be like before she wastes thirty years of her life." I'd say that was an influence.
    My heroines all have a generous dose of me in them. Jacinth is who I'd like to be, Tisana is pretty much who I am, and the others have been saddled with assorted bits and pieces of my personality. I think any writer who tells you they don't do that is probably lying--to you or to herself.
    Speaking of cheese, I used to be a big fan of Havarti, but I'm more into muenster these days.
    What was your date's favorite?

  2. You're not alone, Danielle! I, too, am a big fan of provolone. It's what I always get on my sandwiches. If I'm just carving off hunks of cheese, though, I like Havarti with dill. Yeah, what was his fave? You know several of us are now going to wind up writing scenes where the hero and heroine discover a shared love of dairy products.

    I'm glad you've been influenced by our heroines. I think we're all influenced by our own heroines too! Mine definitely have a healthy dose of me in them, but they've also got traits and abilities I wish I had. I would love to be able to shoot flame from my fingertips and turn into a dragon, for instance:-) Carly is more like me overall, but Rowan is who I wanna be when I grow up.

    So, your theoretical question about whether or not to invite someone up after an awkward pause...that wouldn't have any basis in reality, would it? *evil grin*

  3. I just had the best muenster the other day from Whole Foods! My date's favorite is a tie between exceptional quality brie and Monterrey Jack--entirely different occasions. :)

    And I am sure your books will teach your friend's daughter all she needs to know about sex, in all types of situations, tee hee hee.

  4. Kendra--

    For sandwiches, I am all about Provolone! Or on crackers. Or by itself. I don't know why I Love it so so much!

    Rowan is defintiely someone I want to be when I grow up. One day I'll have fangs and fire powers.

    And as for your last comment--not on that particular date. (Wink.)

  5. Do I consciously think about what effect my characters will have on my readers?

    YIKES!!! Other than hoping they will be entertaining, no. I don't purposefully think about what lessons or influences readers might take from them, though I'm sure some will. Am I making any sense? Sorry, but it is still early for me. :-P

    People have asked if I base any of my characters on me, and I honestly answer that there's a bit of me in ALL of them -- hero, heroine, even villain. And of course, a lot that's not me! I'm really quite glad that I haven't had to go through some of the things my characters do. LOL!

    As for cheese, I agree with your date. Brie is the ULTIMATE! Monterey Jack is my fave for sandwiches (but Provolone or Swiss is good too) and I LURVE a little feta sprinkled over my salad.


  6. I'm with Aunty Cindy on the feta on salad. Yum! Danielle, I had to laugh at your disclaimer. You know us too well and are right to fear us when we are unleashed.

    Your question about Susannah on a first date with Ryan made me giggle. Can you IMAGINE? He was probably like a wrecking ball as he forced his way--ungracefully--into her life whether she wanted him there or not. He no doubt wore her down until it was easier to go out with him than it was to fend him off any longer. Maybe I should write a blog about their first date...

    Sounds like your date went a little smoother and good for you for being who you are. Pretense is so exhausting and counterproductive.


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