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Cruising for Love -- Part 8

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” Cool hands smooth as glass encircled her upper arms.

While Tricia was happy for the help to keep her upright. The last thing she wanted to do was fall at anyone’s feet; she quickly realized the idea of this man’s hands on her wasn’t welcome.

“I apologize,” she murmured, pasting a smile on her lips as she lifted her head to gaze at her combination victim and savior from an embarrassing fall. “I should have watched where I was going.”

Eyes the color of midnight gazed at her with the same intensity that Marcus Black had given her, but this look was more disturbing than Black’s had been. She stared at a man with the unusual combination of snowy white hair that tumbled to his shoulders and black eyes and the face of a man who couldn’t have been any older than thirty-five, although she’d swear he was even older. There was something about him that was a lot more dangerous than she wanted to contemplate.

“It’s rare for such a lovely morsel to literally fall into my arms,” he said. “Who are you and please tell me you are available.” His dark eyes lingered on the diamond necklace before sweeping his gaze across her chest. She felt an impulse to return to her stateroom and change into a turtleneck sweater. Too bad she hadn’t brought one on the cruise.

“Actually I’m meeting someone.” She was positive this lie wouldn’t mess with her karma. Not when she wanted to be away from this man as in NOW.

“A pity.” He trailed his finger across the curve of her cheek. “I am Jean Pierre and I know I have all you would require. Perhaps you would share some champagne with me.”

All she’d require? The last thing she wanted to do was even look at a bottle of champagne with him much less drink any. Right now, she only wanted to be gone, but he was blocking the hallway in such a way she couldn’t move past him without touching him and that was the last thing she wanted to do.

“That’s very kind, but as I said I’m meeting someone and I don’t want to be late.” She froze as his fingered lingered over her throat.

“Lies are unbecoming to one so lovely,” he murmured, stepping even closer.

Okay, that did it! Tricia was past being polite. If need be she’d be pushing this guy back on his ass, because no one treated her like merchandise!

“There you are, love. I was looking for you.”

Tricia exhaled a sigh of relief and turned around to face her rescuer. Right about now, she wouldn’t have cared if he was the devil himself. Of course, with all the insanity going on this night, he very well could be.



  1. Ooo, he sounds a little like Lucius Malfoy! Scary, but yummy. Poor Tricia, I don't blame her for wanting to put on a turtleneck. And her lack of directional awareness is turning into a real problem for her! Well, maybe, depending on who she's run into now:-) Great job, Linda, can't wait to see what's next!

  2. Ha! I was thinking Lucius Malfoy, too! Love that guy....
    Great job, Linda!

  3. Absolutely, Lucius Malfoy! This was great. Another disturbing encounter. Poor Tricia - I am beginning to feel really sorry for her! Hope she has a strong heart!

    So who might her rescuer be? Hmm.... I am hoping to see Mr. Black again soon, but at this rate she is going to bump into every man on the ship first! LOL!

    Great job Linda! Who's next?

  4. Thanks all. I was thinking a combination of Lucius Malfoy and Smokey, Yasmine Galenorn's totally hot and sexy dragon.


  5. I am loving this story!! Only one problem I feel like I am dying of thirst and you are all giving me one drop at a time. LOL. Can't wait till tomorrow.

  6. Oh, yes, that's the necklace! Isn't it gorgeous! How did you ever find it?? :)

    You'll never guess who she runs into next. :) Great job, Linda. I had fun with the next installment. :)

  7. Why Terry, you know very well this necklace is around my neck during special occasions!

    I knew I'd give you a great opening for further adventures.


  8. Yet another sinister devious man... Awesome!

  9. Wonderful turn of events!! I'm enjoying this!


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