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What I Got For Christmas, Too

I was trying to come up with something writing related, or story related, but honestly, I'm doing revisions, so I'm kind of writing-ed out. Then I saw Beth's post and thought, "What a good idea," and went with it because the Hubs came through this year in a major way.
Oh, don't get me wrong, he always goes for thoughtful gifts, but this year, he chose thoughtful + practical (and, yes, way more expensive than the budget called for, but sometimes you just have to go with it). Words can't do it justice and I'm worded out any way, so here's the picture:
It has 36 airbags, 12 different massages, and even massages the bottom of your feet--and with synchronized musical massage if you so choose. The only bad part is, it hasn't arrived yet, so I'm suffering through revisions without a proper massage. I know, poor me. LOL.
The thing about this chair is, yes, it's nice. Yes, it's indulgent. But what many of you might not know is that I was in three car accidents in three years, back to back, 19, 20 and 21 years ago. After the first accident, I was partially paralyzed and had to learn to walk again. (All three accidents were not my fault, btw...)
Hubs was part of my therapy. When I was crying in pain after all the physical therapist offices and massage centers were closed for the day, he learned how to do trigger point therapy. He was the one who would poke those darn knotted muscles until they released the fire of lactic acid build up. He was the one who climbed into the tub one night in his work clothes when I couldn't raise my arms above my head to wash my hair and sat there crying silently at how useless I was. (You have to know how positive a person I am to truly understand how utterly devastating this must have been to have reduced me to this point.) He did this for me.
Luckily, those accidents happened when I was young and healed quicker and better than this 20 year older body does, but we were newlyweds. We weren't living around any family, knew next to nothing about health insurance and medical procedures, and muddled through this nightmare together. He learned how to cook so I wouldn't have to stand for long periods of time. He did the laundry and made do with gray socks. He also made do when he wanted to make "something" else... (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). He's put up with a lot.
Luckily, I had no long lasting complications from the accidents, but the body's older, I've been sitting more recently (and, yes, have joined the gym to counteract this inactivity), but the back still has the pains. So he did his research and ordered it all for me.
And if you don't think that's romantic, well, just wait until you've been married 21 years. Trust me, it is.


  1. Very romantic to give you something that will bring you such relief and relaxation. It shows how much he cares.

  2. A chair that even massages your feet--wow.

    But I keep thinking about three automobile accidents in three years. How did repeated trauma like that affect your world-view?

  3. Wow Judi, that is some chair. it looks amazing.

    When times were really hard I can remember me getting a pair of jeans and my husband getting a frying pan. And we were thrilled. Because we really needed them.

    Now we are a little more comfortable, we try to aim for things we can do together. This year we decided on a once in a lifetime trip to Australia in February, where I hope to be signing copies of my book.

  4. Cher-Lynn, he really does. I hit the jackpot when I found him.

    MM - the accidents and residual effects made me appreciate everything I have and can do. When you can't walk, can't do for yourself, trust me, you learn to appreciate what you can do. The little things in life, like being able to wash your own hair. I'll tell you what, though, that memory has stopped many an argument through the years. I try not to give nit-picky things too much precedent, especially when I remember how soggy his dress pants and shirt were.

    Michele - enjoy that trip!

  5. You poor thing, Judi! But that's wonderful that he got you such a wonderful gift. A couple of years ago, my son bought me a garden hose. We sure laughed. The reason? He had run over mine with the riding lawn mower and knew I needed another. :) I may forget other gifts, but I sure remember that hose. :)

  6. Okay, I'm jealous! No wonder why DG didn't get me the TreadDesk. He knew when I saw something like this he would be in the doghouse...not that the calendar made him fair any better.

    See, I told you all he wasn't perfect.

    Robin :)

  7. Oh, no! DG is going to hate me! Robin, give him big hugs and blame it on my Hubs LOL!

    Terry - I love the garden hose story! Humor works. It's better than a vacuum cleaner in any respect!

  8. I see Fabio is getting his praises! (I mean the chair) No offense hubs.

  9. Wow, Judi, what an awesome, thoughtful gift. Do we have a new contender for DG status? Especially since our resident DG is in the DH (that'd be dog house)?

    You MUST work the bathtub story into a romance novel (or raffle it off to one of us). That is a case of real life being way better than anything we could ever make up.

    Congrats on landing your own personal hero and keeping him for 21 years!

  10. Terrific post, Judi. I think the chair is wonderfully romantic. Hubs rates an A+ for his thoughtful gift. (And since I don't live far from your house, when can I come try the chair out?)

    Best--Adele Dubois

  11. How romantic! Makes me remember all the times my DH has taken me to the ER after my horses were finished playing "Let's see how far I can make her fly" with me. All of my various injuries still haunt me, and, trust me, yours will probably worsen with age. You're getting that chair at a good time!

    Nowadays it's mostly my feet that are killing me and though I have all sorts of contraptions to help them feel better, the best therapy is still a foot massage from my son, Sam.

    One of the best presents I ever received from my DH was a big, shiny Kitchen Aid mixer. He's given me lots of other useful things, but that one still stands out. I didn't ask for it and, not knowing what else to get for me, he bought it out of desperation. Sometimes that's what it takes.

  12. That is the killer of all chairs! What an amazing gift. I did not know they even made such contraptions! I will have to keep it in mind for future reference. Both my hubby and I have had our past body slammers that have left us not quite as perfectly put together as we would have been. He takes the prize with a double compound fracture, gangrene, and osteomyelitis complicating 4 surgeries on his right leg! I just had bad whiplash. So a chair like that would be fought over....must get 2 I suppose!

    I agree that the bathtub story has to go into one of your novels. Way cool. I see we are in for a possible DG rumble around here! Could get ugly!

  13. Ah, the Fabio mention. My Writing Wombat friends on decided the chair needed a name and chose Fabio. For obvious reasons.

    So now, Hubs is going to have to hear, "Hon, I'm just going to go upstairs and have Fabio give me a massage." Yes, I do think he should be nominated for DG status. LOL.

    Adele, yes, you may use the chair, but you must get in line. The neighbors have already called dibs.

    re: bathtub story. I hadn't thought about putting it in, simply because it's such a poignant memory of me at my lowest and with the romantic comedies I'm working on, I don't know if I can go down that road, but we'll see. I'll keep it in mind.

  14. Judi, you just tell everybody that *Fabio* loves you best and believes in a monogamous relationship, lolol!

    I'm thinking you'll spend a lot of time with Fabio....

    The chair is a wonderfully thoughtful gift.

    ~Sia McKye~

  15. The perfect gift, Judi! I've seen that chair and drooled over it. You definitely deserve it.


  16. Awww, I love the bathtub story! You got a good one, Judi:-) And I'm in awe of that chair. Fabio is the perfect name for it. I've been married for ten years...I do believe I'll deserve a Fabio of my own in another ten! Enjoy when it arrives:-)


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