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New Year's Eve is Coming!

Are you partying or staying in? And if you’re staying in with your honey and a bottle of champagne, what about cuddling up for some movies that have New Year’s Eve in them?

Some make you laugh. Some make you cry. And all are perfect for that New Year's moment.

Think An Affair to Remember when Deborah Kerr meets Cary Grant on shipboard and they plan to meet at the top of the Empire State Building on New Year’s Eve. Except something happens and their meeting is delayed. Definitely one when you want to clear your tear ducts.

Or Cary Grant in Holiday when he’s engaged to one woman on New Year’s Eve and realizes she’s the wrong one.

The fun When Harry Met Sally with a terrific New Year's Eve scene, and a fun plot. Who can forget Meg Ryan showing just how to fake an orgasm?

Another cute movie is Holiday Affair with Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh that begins just before Christmas and ends New Year’s Eve when the young widow realizes Mitchum is the man for her.

Bridget Jones Diary when Bridget decides on New Year’s Eve to keep a diary.

And a fun classic, After the Thin Man, when Nick and Nora end up in the middle of a murder mystery on New Year’s Eve.

Of course, you could just stay cuddled up and see what happens from there.

Either way, have a wonderful New Year.



  1. Happy New Year everyone! Not my favorite day to go out. Amateur hour so we stay in as a rule. Meeting some friends for a couple of nights during the holiday, which will be fun but no special plans for the big moment!

  2. Staying home, have the pink bottle of champaigne...the cheap stuff that's really the best! :) But we're going to Outback tonight, for a pre New Year's eve dinner to celebrate since I have to work shorter hours today. :)

  3. If I work, we have sparkling grape juice and goodies. I've even been known to share a toast with the occasional patient who was alert enough to know it WAS New Year's Eve. The rest of the time, me and the guys stay home and watch old movies. An Affair to Remember is definitely a good one, but usually we watch whatever's on the classic movie channel.
    Happy New Year to all!
    And Terry, we have some of that cheap pink champaigne!

  4. Happy New Year! Yeah, with three small-ish kids, it's been a while since we went out raging. On New Year's Day we head to my in-laws' to do a late Christmas with them, so that'll be nice. The night of, though, we'll probably just hang out, maybe play a little Rock Band 2 (my awesome Christmas present) on the PS3. In my secret inner life, I am one hell of a drummer:-) At midnight, I'll probably be asleep. Again. But I do think we have some champagne somewhere.

  5. Hahaha, Linda, I might change my plans to stay in and watch all of those wonderful movies :)

    Happy New Year!!

  6. I have a confession. New Year's Eve is pretty much a non-event for me.

    I remember being a child and seeing all the parties and celebrations on TV and in movies. I didn't understand what it was about but it looked wonderful-- and so adult.

    I couldn't wait to grow up. I would go to New Year's Eve parties and we'd have noise-makers and confetti and all those exciting, celebratory feelings would come over me.

    Oh, the disappointment. For years I thought I wasn't doing it right, or I was with people who weren't doing it right. Gradually, I lowered my expectations.

    Finally, when people would ask me, "What are you doing New Year's Eve?" I started confessing that I had no plans and didn't expect to make any.

    What surprised me was the looks of relief that would come over their faces and the number of people who would say, "I'm so glad you said that! Because I don't have any plans either. New Year's Eve isn't a big deal to me, but I thought I was the only one."

  7. Happy New Year! I love new beginnings and am so excited about January 1st each year, but I never quite know how to spend New Year's Eve. Since i have 3 kids and one so young, I usually stay in and make or buy a great dinner, let the kids drink sparkling grape juice while my DH and I drink the real stuff!

  8. I am with Mary Margret. New Year's Eve never seemed such a big deal. There were a few years when I was single that I went to parties or watched the fireworks off the pier (that was cool). But I have had to work the vast bulk of my NYEs for the past 25 years that I hardly know what to do with myself when off! This year I do have it off, and I can guarantee I'll be sitting here on my computer with a movie on in the background and the rest of the family asleep! The folks working in the unit will be having way more fun with a potluck and sparkling cider!

  9. The last New Year's Eve party we attended was one where the host and hostess almost got into a knock down dragout. Since at the time they lived across the street from us, we sort of took the party over to our house. Neighborhood kids loved parties at our place because I always let them have free rein of the upstairs as long as they left my office alone and video games galore were on the bedroom TV. And one year, when one of our dogs had had hip surgery, they all took turns sitting next to him in his carrier and feeding him treats.


  10. When we lived in Boise, we always had a big party. Everyone stayed over so there was no worrying about driving home. We'd kick the kids out of their bedrooms so the adults had a place to spend the night and the kids would sleep on the floor in the family room. My friend Mike's birthday is on the first, so we'd have a New Year's Eve party until midnight and then turn it into a birthday party. It was great.

    Since moving east, we haven't done much for New Years. As a matter of fact, the last few years we slept through it.

    I do love New Year's Day though - I'd rather celebrate new beginnings than endings any day.

    Happy New Year, may you all stay safe, happy, healthy and productive 2009.

    Robin :)

  11. We're doing our (quasi) annual Game Night with the neighbors. Bowling in the late afternoon, then Taboo, Pictionary, Apples to Apples, some Chess thrown in for good measure, and this year some Wii. Everyone brings noshes and their own bottles and no one has to worry about driving. The kids will be in the basement playing Xbox, pool, ping pong or Fusbol, with their own noshes and soda. It's a great time.

    Happy New Year everyone!


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