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My Christmas Card



Topsail Island

A favorite painting of a favorite time of day.

Rafts and sand chairs are stacked for the night. Up and down the beach hamburgers are grilling and tomatoes are being sliced.

The noon's heat is past. The snapping breeze dies to soft puffs that send aromas of hamburger grilling and tomatoes being sliced, while the last of the daylight slips off behind the cottages.

Wishing you pleasant hours, peace, and the smell of good food cooking.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

Thanks for a wonderful year,

Mary Margret


  1. How nice, MM, to have a little bit of warmth during winter... A beautiful painting!

  2. I am green with envy! I want to be on that beach right now! It reminds me of my favorite summer spot--Block Island, RI. Please make greeting cards or note cards or something with your paintings on them so I can buy them (since I'm sure I can't afford the paintings themselves). You are so multi-talented!

  3. Mary Margaret, what a great reminder that Summer is only a few months away for us here in the frozen north.

    Lovely painting.

  4. I love your paintings, MM! :) I had wolfish Christmas cards made up which was fun, but I love yours!!! :)

  5. So beautiful, MM...I can just imagine being right there. That sort of setting is my favorite place to be! I love your paintings.

  6. Happy Holidays right back at you, MM!
    Lovely painting. I can almost smell the burgers!

  7. Aww, you make me want to hop into my car and jet over to the coast! It is only 2 hours away and I have family there! Think anyone would notice if I was just gone for a few days in the sun? Of course, I can't complain too much where I am at as our all time low temp is about 45, in the deep of the night no less! Thankfully a white Christmas is never an option.

    Merry Christmas Mary Margret. It has indeed been a wonderful year, and especially these past months chatting with ya'll!

  8. Stuck here in the middle of a snowstorm, your lovely picture and visual imagery were most welcome. Thank you MM!

  9. My Internet connection was down this AM, so I just saw the published post. Yikes. "Preview" is not always true view!

    Danielle warned us the Internet lets us embarrass ourselves in a public way never before possible.LOL. It's fixed now, so if you don't know what I'm talking about...

    Michelle's post (as it so often does) inspired mine. Frankly, a post about how I celebrate Christmas would be very short but NOT very interesting. However, there is a time and place where the essence of the season always is--in my heart.

  10. Marie,

    Email me your address privately. I'll send you some.

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