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Books Make Great Gifts

By: Deb Werksman,
Casablanca Acquiring Editor

Books make great gifts!

As we go into this holiday season with all the uncertainty in our industry and in the world, what we're saying at Sourcebooks is: BOOKS MAKE GREAT GIFTS!

They have a low price point, a high perceived value, and they're a personal, thoughtful gift. They convey the message, "I think you're intelligent!" and people LOVE books!

So, everyone, enjoy the holidays, and think about how your books, published and future, are a GIFT!!!

Ok, now about getting published...Now more than ever, editors are being careful to acquire what we feel confident will sell, so that "hook" gets more and more important.

What I'm looking for:
Single title romance fiction in all subgenres with:
*a heroine the reader can relate to
*a hero she can fall in love with
*a world gets created
*I can sell it in 2-3 sentences (in other words, it has a great hook!)

Questions? Bring 'em on!


  1. Has the slowing economy and dismal projections of recession made a substantive change (positive or negative) in the number of books Casablanca will acquire and market?

  2. I have always thought books were a wonderful present to give and to receive. They are treasures that can be enjoyed again and again, shared with others, and carried easily from place to place. They convey thoughtfulness and fun. They can even serve as beautiful decor. Is there anything a book can't do? I think not.

  3. I'm putting copies of Slave and Warrior in our family gift exchange this year, along with a bottle of wine, some bubble bath, and a box of chocolates. It'll be interesting to see who winds up with it!

  4. Thanks for coming today, Deb. The Casa gals are cross-promoting all our books as ideal gifts to the people on our mailing lists. Nothing like a personal recommendation to sell some books!

  5. I love giving books for gifts, finding something that I know a friend will enjoy.


  6. I love giving and receiving books for presents I always love picking books out for people and hinting to people what books I would really like.

    Have Fun

  7. Hi Leigh: No change in the number of books, but I'm being a lot more careful about what I buy and how much I spend.

  8. Christina, I'm thinking the only thing a book can't do is cooking and laundry...:-)

  9. It's BRILLIANT that you are all cross-promoting your books.

  10. Interestingly, a lot of my family doesn't read (don't get me started). So I bought gifts for myself. Let's see...Marie Force, Cheryl Brooks, Robin Kaye, Loucinda McGary, Linda Wisdom, Kendra Leigh Castle...the list goes on...


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