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Who Would You Want on Your Island?

By: Marie Force

I'm on my way home today from the RWA conference in New Jersey, so I'll check in when I get home late this afternoon. Based on what went on in San Francisco this summer, I'm sure my sides will be aching from spending time with Robin and Judi! I'll be sure to report on the many ways that Robin is sure to misbehave...

Anyway, I was recently interviewed by a blog site and one of the questions they asked really made me think: If you were stranded on a desert island and could choose six heroes from literature and film to be stranded with, who would they be?

Here is my answer: No. 1 would definitely be Roarke from the In Death books! Sigh… the hair, the money, the bod. Yum. If I knew that Richard Gere’s Edward Lewis in Pretty Woman would pick me up in a Lotus I might be tempted to give prostitution a whirl (just kidding). Fr. Ralph from The Thorn Birds movie used to make my heart pound as did Captain Von Trapp from The Sound of Music. Also, get me Kevin Costner from Bull Durham and Dr. McDreamy. I may be shallow, but I’ll be well tended on my island, and it’s always good to have a couple of billionaires, a priest, a naval officer, a baseball player, and a neurosurgeon in the stable since you just never know when you might need one of them.

Who would you want on your island?


  1. I love questions like this. On my island I would have:
    Peter Pan, my lifelong crush; Will Graham (from the book "Red Dragon" by Thomas Harris); Baxter (from "Affair" by Amanda Quick); Indiana Jones; Tony from the "Wire in the Blood" series by Val McDermid; and the Professor from Gilligan's Island, so he could make me a radio out of a coconut.
    Imagine the dinner conversations on that island!

  2. Ooo! Tough one! But here goes:
    Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth version), Han Solo, Simon Templar (Val Kilmer version), Crash Davis (Kevin Costner), John Crichton(Ben Browder) and The Sheriff of Nottingham(Alan Rickman version) He's not really a hero, but he would add a touch of spice!

  3. I just got home from my writing conference, so I'm chiming in late. I have to say, Marie, I couldn't improve on your list--either for swoon-appeal or practicality. :-)

  4. Great question and very tough! Sure we are limited to only 6?! Gotta absolutely have Mr. Darcy, naturally, although he HAS to be Matthew Macfadyen (sorry Cheryl!). Aragorn from Lord of the Rings as played by the gorgeous Viggo Mortensen. Must have protection, ya see! And then, just to take care of any of the cannibals that King Aragorn missed, I want Maximus from Gladiator, as played by Russell Crowe! For sheer wits give me MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) and Jason Bourne (from the books and as played by Richard Chamberlain, not the stupid Matt Damon versions *shudder*). Last, only because I am forced to limit *grumble* I want Lee Majors as The Six Million Dollar Man. Good looks and bionics? My desert island is set! OK, gotta add Belgarath from the Eddings books. Just because I want him and having a wizard would surely come in handy. Right?

  5. Good answers ladies. It sounds like you'll be well protected on the island!


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