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Jazz and Nick Hang out at the Full Moon Cafe

The ageless woman was the picture of pure goth in her black velvet gown that fit her like a glove, black lace fingerless mitts covering her hands that ended in blood red nails that matched her lipstick. Her dark eyes were lined with kohl pencil and appeared mysterious with their soul-stealing gaze. She sat in the chair as if it was a throne and fingered the tiny microphone clipped to the deep v neckline of her gown. She made a small gesture toward the vampire holding a camera and immediately smiled wide enough to display gleaming white fangs.

“Good evening, my dark of the night viewers. This is Drusilla with After Midnight Broadcasting and tonight we’re at the Full Moon Café with two special guests.

“As you know, we love to hit the nightspots popular with the preternatural community and tonight we were lucky enough to connect with popular witch (a hint of sneer appeared on her perfect features since vampires aren’t too fond of witches no matter how popular they are) and curse eliminator, Jazz Tremaine and private investigator Nick Gregory. The two have been an item for the last 300 odd years. Hopefully, we’ll pick up some tasty tidbits from this couple as we talk to them about their unlives.”

Jazz, muttering – “Tasty tidbits, cute, Dru. And I have a life, thank you very much. Plus I don’t think Coby would appreciate being referred to as having an unlife.”

Dru flashed a hint of fang. “We all are grateful for Coby’s efforts to keep a neutral territory for our communities.”

Nick subtly nudged Jazz with the toe of his boot. She glared back then turned to the television celebrity with a snarky smile that outshone the vampire’s fangy beam.

Drusilla -- “Good evening, Jazz and Nick. It’s so nice to have this chance to talk to you two. Both of you have been so busy lately with adventures that rival anything you might read in a book, that I am truly amazed you’re both in one piece.” She stared at Jazz as if she’d hoped to see disfiguring scars while offering Nick a dazzling smile.

Jazz smiled back, definitely more venom showing. “Thanks for asking us, Dru.” She inwardly cheered at the vampire’s slightly pained expression since Drusilla preferred her full name used. Jazz looked warily at Nick’s coffee mug – “There’s no AB-neg in there, is there? Because I’m not even going to sit at the same table with you if you added something to it.”

Nick – looking a trifle pained – “No, just straight coffee and I’m not sharing. If you want more coffee, ask Coby for a refill.”

Jazz – looking put upon – “He’ll come over here faster for you.”

Nick – raises voice – “Coby? Could Jazz have some more coffee please?”

The Were owner of the café, along with being a powerful pack leader for the area, walks over with the pot and tops off both mugs, but topping off Nick’s first. He ignored Drusilla’s wine glass that held a ruby red liquid that was more O-Pos than a nice Bordeaux.

Jazz – “Uh, ladies first?”

Coby – “Only when I see a lady.” He walks away.

Jazz – “Everyone picks on the witches.” Raises voice. “You wouldn’t have wards around this place if it wasn’t for us.”

Coby – calling back – “Wizards set them up, sweetheart.”

Nick – chuckles – “No, they just pick on you because you’re so much fun to pick on.”

Drusilla, determines to keep control of the interview. “You two have been together for the last 300 years. Exactly sow did you two meet?”

Nick – “I worked for the Protectorate at the time and was chasing down a Comte in Venice that was a rogue vampire. Jazz was working for him as a personal maid for his wife.”

Jazz – “The woman was a major slob.”

Nick – “Jazz was also accused of stealing the Comte’s wife’s jewels and was to be tortured as punishment. He loved to inflict major pain on his servants for the least infraction. Jazz was very lucky since I saved her from his whip.”

Jazz, shaking her head and rolling her eyes – “He called it a whip. I called it a speck of thread that a woman wouldn’t look at twice. Not to mention if he’d tried burying his fangs in me he would have been in for a big surprise. A witch’s blood being poisonous to a vampire is a definite plus.”

Nick – Then perhaps I should have let him bite you. It would have saved me having to destroy him.”

Jazz – coos – “Ah, but then you couldn’t have saved the poor innocent little maid, could you?”

Nick shot her a look that indicated he didn’t view her all that innocent.

Drusilla cut in before she lost total control of the interview – “Tell me something, Nick. What do you feel is Jazz’s best quality? After all, witches and vampires don’t get along for many good reasons. Why would you have a relationship with her this long when it’s known vampires are the far superior race.”

Jazz – hackles now up – “Hey!”

Nick – ignoring the mini tantrum -- “One thing you have to say about Jazz is that she’s loyal to her friends to the extreme. She’s there to help out no matter what. But if you cross her, watch out, because she cannot only eliminate curses she can call up some doozies. And one of her closest friends specializes in revenge curse. Not to mention Fluff and Puff, her magick bunny slippers are good at getting even on her behalf.”

Jazz points her finger at him. “One time. Just the one.”

Nick – “They were my favorite boots and they turned them into leather jerky!”

Drusilla automatically checked out her black satin Christian Louboutin pumps. If her lungs worked she would have drawn a breath of relief there were no fuzzy bunny slippers near her toes.

Jazz frowns at Nick. “You could have said I’m gorgeous, sexy, even smell good.”

Nick – “That’s a given.”

Drusilla – “And Jazz, what do you see as Nick’s best quality?”

Jazz – sipping her coffee and nibbling on a piece of chocolate cream pie Coby left for her – “It’ll sound schmaltzy, but he really is an all around good guy. I know for a fact he was an excellent enforced for the Protectorate, but as far as I’m concerned, he’s an even better private investigator for preternaturals. Creatures know they can count on him to get the job done.”

Nick chuckles – “She’s such a romantic.”

Jazz chimes in -- “Don’t ask me what he doesn’t like about me.”

Drusilla – very interested in that statement -- “Why not?”

Jazz – “I probably wouldn’t like what he’d have to say.”

Nick ignores her – without hesitation – “Stubborn, tends to act without thinking, she inserts fashionably shod foot in mouth on a regular basis, has pissed off at least one member in every community, … “

Coby speaks up -- “You got that right.”

Jazz – “Hey! Our interview, not yours. You want to be interviewed flash those pearly fangs at Drusilla and maybe she’ll slot in you at the next full moon.”

Nick – nods – “’Nuff said about her attitude. But her good qualities do overtake the bad.”

Jazz, outraged – “I don’t have any bad qualities!”

Nick – burying his nose in his coffee – “And the witch’s nose grows yet again.”

Jazz automatically touches her nose and finds it the same pert size it was before.

Jazz – “Fine, I love you because you do what’s right, you refuse to allow anyone, even me, to push you around, you are sexy as Hades, you look out for the little guy whether he’s vamp or even a troll, which, by the way, I wouldn’t assist for all the gold in the world. Nasty little guys.” She forks up a bite of pie and stuffs her mouth. “But there are times I wish you’d talk more.”

Nick – “About what?”

Jazz – “Everything.” She gives him THE LOOK as in you know very well what I mean. “Everything’s going so well for us now.”

Drusilla, still struggling to control the interview and seeing it swept out of her hands. “Lately, the two of you have been in the supernatural news for destroying a serial killer of vampires and later on for killing a powerful wizard along with working to protect Fluff and Puff.” She glances around with a wary look as if saying their names would conjure them up. “They’re not here with you, are they?”

Jazz – “No, they’re home. Or at least, they should be.”

Drusilla continues to look around, just in case. Her shoes were new and she meant to keep them that way for as long as possible. “Do you really believe it’s safe for you to go against such powerful beings? You’re just one witch and while Nick is very strong, is it all right to expect his assistance so much?”

Jazz – “We’re here and they’re not. That’s good enough for me.” She stared at her now empty plate, obviously considering a second piece.

Nick – “We do make a good team.” He made eye contact with Coby and the Were brought over another helping of pie. Jazz flashed him a dazzling smile, but Coby didn’t smile back.

Jazz – digging into her pie – “Still, you’d think after 300 years we’d be, well, more together.”

Drusilla, looking at them both – “Together how?”

Nick – “Hard to do when you threaten to stake me.”

Jazz – ready to defend herself – “I only do that when you state you’d rather I was on the other side of the universe.”

Nick – “If you wouldn’t get into trouble so much I wouldn’t have to bail you out.”

Jazz – “Excuse me? You never bail me out! You’re always having me thrown in jail instead on some trumped up charge!”

Nick – “It’s the only way I can keep your cute little ass safe!”

Jazz opens her mouth then closes it again – “So you do think it’s cute and little.”

Nick – sighs – “Yes, even when you’re a pain in mine. Maybe there’s a story there. I’m meant to keep you out of trouble.”

Jazz – “I never get into trouble! Well, okay a few times. All right, more than a few, but I can get myself out of it without any help.”

Nick – shakes head as he gets up – “You keep that up and pretty soon your nose will be dragging on the ground.”

Jazz makes sure there’s no pie left on the plate as she hops to her feet. “What is this with my nose! Sure, I’ve had my bad days, but I’ve never been a wooden puppet!” She waits while Nick pays the bill then they head to the door as if they’d forgotten that a stunned Drusilla still sat in her chair.

Nick -- could be heard to say -- “Maybe you should have been a puppet. Then when need be you could be locked in a box.”

Jazz – hot on his heels – “You keep thinking that way and you’ll be sleeping alone for a couple centuries!”

Nick – flashes her a hot look that even includes a hint of fang – “I love it when you threaten me.” He hooks his arm around her neck and pulled her toward him for a kiss that heated up the whole area.

Drusilla stands up, adjusting her gown and saunters over to Coby. – “Jazz and Nick are very definitely an odd couple. What about you, Coby? Is it really true that the Full Moon Café is neutral territory?”

Coby shrugs as he idly wipes off the counter – “Most of the time.”

What about you? What would you ask Jazz and Nick? Could you keep control of the interview better than Drusilla did or would you just let them go on in hopes of hearing way more than they might want to let on?

And since the Hex books have been optioned for pitching to TV and feature films, would you ask how they feel about that?



  1. Hi Jazz and Nick,
    Just popping in from a conference to say hello and to wish you luck with your future TV career!

  2. Nick, Jazz- how fascinating to hear about the many adventures you've had in your lengthy lives. I have always loved (and envied) the idea of being able to exist in many different eras and guises. Now you're in the era of TV--and the best of luck with that!

  3. Jazz and Nick! You are priceless! And timeless...

  4. Hopefully, someone soon will see just how fantastic and fun we are. Well, I'm fantastic and sometimes Nick is fun.



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