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Writing--the Stress Reliever

I've been totally absentee lately what with getting a part-time job, teaching online writing courses, selling my house, trying to move, and much, much more. But through the stress of it all, one thing keeps me sane.


As soon as I'm back in the world I'm creating, I have to face all kinds of new adversity. But it's fiction. And it's fun. :) Are writers sadists? Forcing their characters through horrendous ordeals to see how they can muddle through and come out on top? :)

Whether I'm reading other authors' works or my own as I'm writing them, I love immersing myself in the stories, watching the characters grow and succeed. Adversity makes the story. :)

Have you ever wondered how authors can be so mean to their characters and still live with themselves at the end of the day? :)

Terry Spear

Heart of the Wolf, Don't Cry Wolf (coming Spring 09)


  1. I don't believe I'm mean to my characters. Not really. I prefer to say that I offer them challenge after challenge so they can become better people. :-)

  2. I love putting my characters in difficult situations and then having to figure a way out. Nothing more fun or juice stirring than a good quandary.

    Hope things are settling down for you, Terry. Did you sell the house?

  3. As you have just illustrated, we all have to go through hell--why should we treat our characters any differently? Sometimes their experiences are far worse than our own, but stress is stress--no matter what the source!

  4. I think my favorite part is feeling the emotions of my characters, so it's painful when they are hurting and it's a hoot when they say funny things. It does almost feel like it comes from "somewhere" outside my control most of the time, but it keeps things interesting.

  5. I have Irma, Fluff & Puff to deal with. Who's being mean? I'm on the defense all the time. :}


  6. It seems that authors are mean, in a way. But at least all of our heroes and heroines get the ending they deserve. A happily every after. They just have to work for it, so they deserve it.

  7. All right, I AM MEAN!

    But I write romantic suspense so of course the characters get shot, stabbed, kidnapped, etc. That's just the way it is in romantic suspense. Everything works out for the best... mostly... Oh all right, SOME characters deserve what they get!

    the blood-thirsty

  8. P.S. Terry, I hope your stress is lessening a bit. Each one of those things (part-time job, moving, etc.) is stressful on its own, but combined! ACK!

    Take care of yourself!


  9. The nice thing about being mean to your characters is that you are also the one who can rescue them. Adversity is interesting and it builds character, pardon the pun, and it's a lot of fun to write!
    Heh, heh, heh . . . now as for real life, I like to be on an even keel. Talk about a hypocrite!

  10. Nice to see you back, Terry! I hope things calm down soon--for you and your characters! But make sure they go through some interesting situations so your book rocks as much as Heart of the Wolf :)

  11. MM--they're lucky to have you!

    Marie--yes, I've sold and I"m supposed to move into my mother's house by Sep 4, but she's having fits. argh. So the stress level is NOT going down.

    I totally agree, Cheryl!! If I have to go through all kinds of nonsense, so do my characters. :) Gives them more character!

    Malena--I get so sad sometimes when I'm writing a situation or angry, or laugh, like you do. I hope if we can feel the emotions, our readers will too.

    Linda, fine tune a whip.

    Michele Ann--I so agree. I always say that if you haven't worked hard to get where you're at, you don't appreciate it half as much!

    Woohoo, AC!!! A lady after my own heart!!! I was so afraid I was the only one who keeps injuring my characters!!! :) And have really bad guys...whew, I'm glad I'm not alone. :) And thanks on the not lessening. I'm moving in with my mother (so is my daughter) to help her out and she's having fits about giving up closet space in the guest bedrooms, etc. The joy of...I don't know what. LOL!!!

  12. Hi Christina and Danielle! You all sneaked in comments while I was writing mine!!!

    Christina--ohmigosh, yes it's fun to write and great to read and revise. Ever notice when things are really bad, how fast you read through them while doing edits? I love it!

    Thanks so much, Danielle! I love your picture thingy next to your comment! Yeah, my poor werewolves get into so much's not even funny. Well, sometimes a little. :) But they'll all definitely have a time of it!!!

  13. Terry~

    I think we as authors set up obstacle courses, but we all know that eventually we'll give our heros and sheros the skill and knowledge they need to get through them.

    Great post, Terry. I hope things are settling down in your life.

    Robin :)


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