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So What's Changed?

By: Marie Force

The books are in the warehouse! With those six words from our Casablanca publicist Danielle Jackson last week, my excitement level reached an all-time high. Just when I thought I couldn't be more pumped up for the launch of "Line of Scrimmage," something else happens! Now that the printed copies are in, they will begin shipping to Amazon, Borders, B&N and other outlets. Within the next few days, I might see a copy in my local bookstore. I'm starting to believe this is really going to happen!

As a card-carrying member of the Worst-Case Scenario Club, I own the handbook and according to my kids, I'm always anticipating disaster (they're starting to wise up to my disaster planning and like to call me on it, but that's another post). If there's something to worry about, I've got it covered. The country will suddenly run out of paper, a tornado will suck up the truck carrying my books and send it to Oz, or, worse yet, no one will like it. I'm starting to feel better about that last one. Booklist said, "Ryan has taken some hard hits on the playing field, but nothing prepared him for the break-up of his marriage. Now he’s throwing Super Bowl level energy into a reconciliation, and this is one game he’s determined to win. With its humor and endearing characters, Force’s charming novel will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers, reaching far beyond sports fans." That was nice!

Most of us spend years hoping and praying that one day the books we've slaved over will be published. We imagine all the ways our lives will change (come on, don't tell me you haven't pictured live-in help!) So what has really changed in the year since I got "the call?" Well, frankly, everything. Right up until I got the word that the books were printed and in the warehouse, this seemed like a far-off dream that might come true "someday." That day has now arrived, and I can assure you it's even more exciting than anything I ever imagined.

The last year has also brought a bevy of new friends, most of them my fellow Casablanca authors, who have supported me and pumped me up during the long year since the call. Meeting these talented, supportive, funny ladies has been a special gift that I never saw coming (the photo is many of the Casa gals in San Francisco with our editor, publisher and publicist). The sale of "Line of Scrimmage" also opened the door to RWA's Published Author Network (PAN) and allowed me to wear that oh-so-exciting First Sale ribbon at National. (Since I was also sporting a First Timer ribbon, I had to tell a few people who raised an eyebrow at the combination that "I was late coming to RWA, LOS was my seventh book, and I paid my dues! I swear!" LOL)

Finally, this last year has filled me with a sense of peace about my writing and my journey. It wasn't easy. In fact, the trip was often downright painful. But I'm so glad I never gave up. I'm so glad I didn't throw my hands up in defeat when my new career didn't take off as quickly as I wanted it to. I'm glad I didn't listen to those who would've told me that sports heroes are a no-no. I'm glad I kept writing while I waited to sell because the third book I wrote is now in line to go next. I'm glad I wrote my first book, the book of my heart, because it led me here. It led me to Ryan and Susannah. It led me to "Line of Scrimmage." It started me on a winding path full of twists and turns and adventures and new friends. The dream has come true, and everything has changed.


  1. Hooray! Everything is going to be great :)

  2. Enjoy the moment, Marie. Seeing your book on the bookstore shelf the first time is an experience for which there are no words.

    Grinning at you (and with you) all the way.

  3. Thanks ladies!!! I will be traveling today, so I'll be in and out.

  4. Congrats to you Marie!
    I've got LOS on pre-order, so that means that soon it will be coming! YEAH!!!!!

    Never give up, that has to be any author's mantra. Even after publication there will be times when a publisher won't take another ms from you, or has to turn it down for whatever reason. So conditioning yourself to never give up before publication is a good mindset to get into. You'll still need that outlook once published.

    The book is going to be great! Sit back and enjoy the ride!!!!

  5. Oh, Marie, we should have a support group. I am also a disaster-planner who will mentally spin things out to their worst possible conclusions. But nothing like that is going to happen to you, and you deserve every great moment. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  6. Charlotte,
    Thank you so much for pre-ordering LOS. It's so exciting to know that people are looking forward to receiving it!

    I am ready for anything after reading the handbook. I'd highly recommend it. I am now prepared to get myself out of a car that has driven off a bridge (a good skill to have when you live on an island attached to the mainland by three bridges). The kids are definitely fed up with my worst-case scenario way of living, but hey, I figure they'll be ready for anything, too!

  7. I hear you on the disaster planning thing! I NEVER believe anything is going to go right. I hereby volunteer for the support group!

    Congrats on the book! I know how you feel. Just hope you get your author's copies before someone gets the book from Amazon. I didn't think mine were EVER going to come!

    On another note, is anyone else having trouble sending messages from Yahoo? I tried to chime in last night, but my mail wasn't going through.

  8. Thanks, Cheryl, I'll sign you up. :--)

  9. Marie~

    I'm waiting to get LOS at a book store so I can face all the copies to the front, and tell everyone that my sister wrote it! (They don't need to know we're not really related, do they?) They're going to think I come from the most talented family ever--I guess I do.



    PS Have a great vacation and sign me up for the Worst Case Scenario Club. I'm almost sure this sinus infection is just a brain tumor in disguise.

  10. I think I'm a charter member of the Disaster is on the Horizon club. LOL!

    SUPER CONGRATS Marie! I can't wait to hear those magic words myself, coz right now I'm CONVINCED that something will happen and my book will never make it to the stores. :-P

    I'll definitely be on a "face out" expedition on my next bookstore visit.


  11. I know what you mean about being in the Worst Case Scenario Club. My daughter tells me, "Quit being so negative." But I remind her I've had books picked up for publication that were never tell her I'm a realist. But, Marie, it's a done deal. Enjoy!!!

  12. Marie, what a great post, and yes things have change.

    Hugely. Humungously.

    You have reached a pinnacle to which many aspire. You are a published author. Someone who has created something thousands of people will read and enjoy. You will touch the lives of people you may never meet and bring a bit of enchantment into their busy lives.
    And this is only the start. May you create many more bits of enchantment.


  13. Hi girls,
    Thanks for coming by today! Robin, we ARE related. We have to be. It's the only explanation for why we have the same evil thoughts!

    Terry, you are right, so many ups and downs that it's hard not to go "there" to the worst case.

    Michele, you are so right. It feels humongous! We are on our annual trip to Block Island and I was thinking today that when we were here last year I was still waiting to hear if LOS was going to sell. What a difference a year makes!!

    Have a great weekend!


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