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From Somewhere On Route 66

Hey, everyone! Well, I seem to be blogging from some crummy motel on Route 66, en route an actual, honest-to-God vacation with my husband and kids. The bathroom is scary, everyone is grouchy, and the internet connection is iffy at best. So rather than muse about when the last time was that the shower here was cleaned, I'll just share with everyone a picture I posted over at Wickedly Romantic a while back. This would be the inspiration for my next hero, once my brain starts working again (yes, I just turned in my third manuscript...if you heard angelic choirs singing the Hallelujah Chorus late a couple of nights ago, that's why). And in case you wondered, my next hero is gonna be all demon!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



  1. Um, helloooo! Who would not be inspired by THAT!!!

    I was grouching because I had to get up to go to the day job this morning but getting a glimpse of him has just made my day!

    That's a hot, hot, hottie!!!

    Have fune, and cover that toilet seat! lol!

  2. Congratulations on getting the book in.

    I think that your muse will appreciate that inspiration a whole lot. I know mine did. lol

    I'm sure the rest of your vacation will be a huge improvement on the motel, though to my English ears Route 66 sounds so romantic. Enjoy your vacation.

  3. Whoa!

    The picture that launched a thousand fantasies!

    And one day the motel will be in a book. In SEALed With A Kiss, I send the hero to a motel, with his kid in tow, that I stayed in under unfortunate circumstances one time.

    The kid walks in the door and says,"What's that smell?"

  4. Okay, where did you find this picture?????

    (are there more? LOL)

  5. Oh, hey, um, what's your name again? Oh, Kendra, right. Went kind of stupid for a second there, got a little distracted by a picture. So you're on vacation with the fam, that's . . . what's going on, again? Sorry, got a little distracted by a picture. I was just having breakfast. I like pancakes. Who am I again? Sorry . . .there's this picture . . .

  6. Kendra,
    I always DID like this one! Makes me want to spank that those naughty little buns....
    And yes, Judi, there is another. I found it a while back--must be posted on Wickedly Romantic. It's a, not THAT head! The other head!

  7. Okay, Cheryl is the freshest girl in the playpen--LOL!!! Fabo picture, Kendra. Glad to hear you are getting some long-awaited family time after so many months apart. I hope Brian's back is holding up okay!! Congrats too on finishing the new book!!

    Of course I have a funny hotel story, too. When we lived in Jacksonville, FL, I booked a place in a podunk town outside Orlando so we could take our son to see Thomas the Tank Engine. I found the "hotel" on the Internet--Blue Moon Motor Inn (motor inn should have been the first clue, right?) We get there, my husband immediately renames the place the Black Swamp Inn and finds a "gently used" maxi-pad in one of the drawers in the bathroom. He is not one to freak out easily, but freak he did (picture woman standing on chair after seeing spider, waving hands around in girly fashion) and I was forced to "deal" with it. We spent two hours trying unsuccessfully to find another place to stay and returned to the Black Swamp Inn where the deck outside our room was literally COVERED with palmetto bugs. We still laugh about that night. Luckily, the kids were too young to remember/be traumatized by it.

  8. That picture should come with its own warning sign. The only one that comes to mind is "Slippery when wet." I'll just blame it on the cough meds. There is something so wrong with Bronchitis in the summer!

    Have a great vacation!

    Robin :)

  9. Wow Kendra! I never found THAT kind of inspiration on Route 66. The best I saw were the "wild" burros walking down the sidewalks in Oatman, AZ.

    I have too many scary hotel/motel stories to chose just one (I've traveled all over on the cheap, remember). Hmmm, sounds like a topic for a future blog post...

    SUPER CONGRATS on finishing and turning in the book!


  10. Kendra,
    I'm about to finish Lover and send it off to the editing mill, and the lake is beckoning to me. I know how relieved you feel and I hope you're having a good time out on Route 66, I know I'll have a good one, myself, but I'm not sure I can get Internet there. My friend, Suzie, tells me they have WiFi down at the dock, but we'll see. Might be a quiet week for me on the blogs!

    Cheryl, posting after not looking at Eric Balfour for a while so that her head is out of the gutter....

  11. Sorry it took me a day to pop in, but I'm so glad everyone loved my picture! I find it verrrrry inspiring:-) And yes, there are several more in this series, one of which has that nice tush completely exposed. Just look up Eric Balfour on Photobucket and you'll find 'em. I'm wiped out today (we got to NC, yay!), but your comments made me crack up. And I'm very glad I'm not the only one who's had a scary motel experience. Um, Marie, I think you win! We actually drove east on 40, but it parallels 66, so a lot of times when we got off the highway for whatever reason we were on Route 66. It's cool to see the old places that are still around, but kind of sad at the same time since most of those little towns are dying. Not all, but a lot. I'm pretty sure that motel qualified as deceased, and it wasn't recent, either! Cheryl, you enjoy your vacation too!

  12. Kendra--I stayed at the hotel!!!

    Actually, my mother and I stayed in one someplace in the boonies on one of my moves. No other hotels available because of an antique car show going on and my car was having trouble so had to fix it before we could go anywhere further. In the middle of the night, after propping a chair against the rickety door, my cat jumped onto my mother's stomach. Now, I was used to stuff like that, but my mother wasn't and let out a scream that rattled the metal building we were in...I don't think I got any sleep that night! :)


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