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The Cat Star Chronicles: Warror, A candid interview with Leo and Gerald

Hello, there! This is Marla Elkhorn, and I'm here today to interview Leo and Gerald, two characters in the upcoming sci-fi romance novel, The Cat Star Chronicles: Warrior, by Cheryl Brooks.

Marla: Nice of you both to come such a long way on such short notice! So, Leo, you're the one the title refers to, right?
Leo: Yes, I believe so.
Gerald: No, he isn't! It's me! I'm the great warrior!
Marla: Um, Gerald, not meaning to offend you in any way, but, aren't you a squirrel?
Gerald: Too right! And let me tell you, when there are battles to be fought and won, you need a squirrel on your side!
Marla: Uh . . . huh. I see. . . Well, Leo, you're a—a what?
Leo: Zetithian.
Marla: Well, I guess that explains the cat eyes, fangs, and the pointed ears—love the long hair, by the way! You were once a slave to Tisana's former lover, Rafe, is that right?
Leo: Yes, but very briefly.
Marla: So, you were a slave, but you became a warrior? Would you tell us about that?
Leo: I was a trained fighter long before I became a slave. Those skills were put to use when Rafe's children were kidnapped and Tisana and I had to track them down.
Gerald: I helped, too! It was snowing like crazy and there were bad guys, purple vultures, dogs, and horses—
Marla: Um, yes, thank you, Gerald! Leo, I hear you're an expert with a sword. You learned this on Zetith?
Leo: Yes.
Marla: Don't say much, do you?
Gerald: Aw, he's just being stubborn. He didn't want to do an interview with me—doesn't like me much. Says I'm hateful.
Marla: Are you?
Gerald: No, I'm not! I only throw nuts at Tisana for fun!
Marla: (placatingly) And I'm sure she enjoys it, too! Leo, would you tell me a little bit about Tisana?
Leo: (his eyes beginning to glow) She is the heroine in the story—a beautiful, powerful sorceress.
Marla: And what are her powers?
Leo: She is able to start fires with a glance of her lovely green eyes and can communicate telepathically with animals. She is also a highly skilled herbalist.
Marla: That's nice, but is she a good witch, or a bad witch?
Leo: (laughing) Oh, she is good—she is very, very good!
Marla: Why do I get the impression that you're not talking about her magical abilities?
Leo: (smiles, revealing his fangs) Oh, but I am! She is very . . . bewitching.
Gerald: Cchhrrgghh!
Marla: What was that?
Gerald: Those two! Mating all the time! Didn't matter where they were or what was going on. . . . Do you know that once she even—
Leo: (firmly) Gerald, we said we would not discuss personal matters in this interview!
Gerald: Well, you started it! “I will give you joy unlike any you have ever known.” Ha! What a line!
Leo: It is not a line! It is simply the truth!
Marla: (mutters) I think I've lost control here. So, Leo, tell me about your home planet, Zetith.
Leo: It was destroyed.
Marla: And why was that? Was it an accident?
Leo: It was an act of war on my people.
Marla: Folks must really hate you guys.
Gerald: Uh, that's not the real reason. . . .
Marla: Perhaps you could explain?
Gerald: It pains me to admit it, but these guys have got something no other male has.
Marla: And that would be . . . ?
Gerald: (grudgingly) Well . . . to have an orgasm, a woman only has to taste them.
Marla: (Fanning herself) Taste them?
Gerald: Uh-huh. Taste them—though that fluid they produce seems to work in other places, too—if you know what I mean.
Marla: (faintly) W-which part do you have to taste?
Gerald: (snickering) Which part do you think?
Marla: (gasping) Leo? Is that right?
Leo: (his lips curling into a smile) Yes, it is.
Gerald: And it's quite a part, if I say so myself.
Leo: (growling) Gerald!
Gerald: Ooo, and he can purr, too! Sounds very soothing—even to a squirrel.
Marla: (looking like she's about to cry) You can purr?
Leo: (nodding) Would you like me to demonstrate?
Marla: I'm not sure I can take that right now, but I think I understand why your planet was destroyed! Are there any more of you left?
Leo: Ah, that would be telling!
Marla: Well, there you have it, folks! Better stop now before we give away too much of the story! I can hardly wait until it comes out October 1st to read more! Next time, look for another interview with Tisana and her horse, Morgana!


  1. Ooooh, purring...very sexy!
    I'm not a cat a person, but I could be persuaded to give this book a try just based on some tidbits from this interview!

  2. You don't have to be a cat person to like these guys! They have plenty of other interesting attributes!

  3. I had seen Slave when it came out, but I didn't pick it up, or even read the blurb because I saw the 'Cat Star Chronicles' on the cover and thought, 'nah, I totally hate cats'. And to be honest, I haven't really been all that interested in 'shifter' stories, but I do admit to being intrigued about these.
    Should I start out with Slave,or does it matter where I start?
    I'll put you on my pre-order and give it a try.
    After all, as an author myself, I'm always wondering why readers are reluctant to try new authors, or new themes.
    So, I'll put my money where my mouth is.

  4. Fun post, Cheryl!
    Better keep my Pug Wa-wa away from Gerald. She has a fierce war going on with the squirrels that live around here. They love to torment her.

    Can't wait for the interview with Tisana and her horse! And looking forward to Warrior hitting the shelves along with my debut. 53 more days!!!


  5. Charlotte,
    Start with Slave since they run in sequence. Cat isn't a shape-shifter, BTW; the Zetithians are an alien species that possess several feline characteristics.
    Thanks for giving it a try!

  6. Aunt Cindy,
    Is is really only 52 days? I hope your debut goes well!

  7. Oh my, Cheryl. I thought it was hot in the Midwest before, but the temperature just rose another twenty degrees. And I thought it was supposed to be cold in space!

  8. A great interview! I'll keep Bogie away since cats aren't his favorite creatures even if we have three that like to hang out in our back yard.


  9. I love when I get my cat purring! Oh, and Jazz, my dog, eats squirrels. I'll have to keep a close eye on her.

    Great post,


  10. Great interview. Can't wait to read Slave, which was in my goody bag at nationals. Then on to the next one. This is such a great way to get to know the characters.

  11. Christina,
    It's not cold if you've got a nice, big kittycat to curl up with!

  12. Michele,
    I still can't believe it WAS in the goody bag! Hope you enjoy it!

  13. Linda & Robin,
    Gerald was quite safe from the dog in the story--but that's the subject of another blog!


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