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Sometimes I don't have anything to say. Today is one of those days. These are some of my paintings.
Mary Margret


  1. This is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing these. I didn't know you painted. My favorite is the trees reflected in the water, but they are all dreamy, like exotic vacations. And don't worry about not having anything to "say." By my math, you have submitted 3000 words worth of pictures today.

  2. I agree with Christina, Mary Margaret! Your artwork is beautiful! Museum quality. Loved them. Makes me wish I was there!

    Hmmm, this makes me think everyone should post something about their hobbies for a theme some time. :)

  3. Mary Margaret! I'm so impressed. You are an amazing, multifaceted talent. I adore all of them but I the one of the beach chair makes me feel like I'm on vacation, and lord knows, I need one of those.

    I weave and knit but not nearly as much as I would like. I'd love to know how you find the time to paint.

    Robin :)
    Who can't draw a straight line with a ruler.

  4. MM--

    These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us.


  5. How beautiful! That's truly a gift.

  6. Thanks for all the kind words everyone! And I agree, Terry, a group blog about hobbies might be fun.

    I find I never can get into a character, particularly a hero, until I know what his hobby is.

  7. Mary Margret, soooo beautiful. Can you feel my envy of your talent from here? I can do fair to middling stick people and that's about it. The top painting, with the beach chair, is my favorite. I'm a beach girl at heart, and that just reminds me of my favorite place and way to spend a lazy day. Thanks for sharing!


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