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Chrystal Blue

Everyone has been bragging about their pets. Well, this is Chrystal. She's a blue tortoiseshell. She's not especially bright. She has no extraordinary talents or degree of charm. At night she comes into my bedroom to make sure I'm in bed. In the morning, she comes in for the same purpose.

She can't do two things at once. Sometimes, she can't do one thing at once. She is, however, an excellent painting cat. Someday, when my back isn't to the deadline wall, I'll tell you how I came by her.

For now, I'm hoping a painting is worth a thousand words.


  1. Ha! "Sometimes she can't do one thing at once." I know a few people like that!

    she is pretty though. And how nice that she keeps tabs on you.

  2. I think paintings, as opposed to photographs, are worth at least five thousand words because you put far more work and talent into them. Very nice!

  3. You are clearly multi-talented Mary Margaret. Love your paintings!

  4. What medium do you use for your paintings, Mary Margret? Oils, acrylics, watercolor? I ask because my DH is an artist and he took an oil painting class a few years ago for the first time. This was in the winter and he was cursing how long it took for his work to dry. Okay, so he had to paint in the garage, but those oils are also smelly!

    I imagine it is difficult to get live subjects to hold still while you paint, esp. a cat! I loved your beach paintings too.

  5. Coming out of lurk mode to thank you all for the kind words--and also for holding up my end by keeping the blog going!

    I promise I'll do the same for you.

    Cindy, the painting of Chrystal is gouache (a form of watercolor) on paper. I like it because it dries quickly, but one can use "oil-painting" technique.

    For larger works, I use oils, but gouache is nice for an animal painting. Fast and forgiving.

  6. Gorgeous! I love that you're sharing your paintings (and your kitty) with us!


  7. Thanks for sharing another beautiful painting. And what a good kitty. All cats know one magic trick (I will discuss more about this in my Thursday blog) and it sounds like Chrystal's is a very secret and special one, so effective that it cannot even be detected . . .

  8. Beautiful. And my type of pet (at least for now) would be a painting.

  9. Mary Margret, your paintings are wonderful! And it sounds like your kitty's talent is taking care of you in her own feline way:-) She's very pretty. I'd love to hear the story of how you got her, AD (After Deadline) of course. Thanks for sharing!


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