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And Now a Word from Susannah

By: Marie Force

I'm pleased to welcome my guest today, Susannah Sanderson, wife of NFL superstar Ryan Sanderson—

Susannah: Ex-wife. Don't forget the ex. My fiancé might be reading this. He hates when the media refers to me as Ryan's wife.

Marie: My apologies. Ex-wife. Although, you're not technically his ex yet, are you?

Susannah: No, ten more days and then I'm FREE!

Marie: And that's what you really want?

Susannah: It sure is. I've put up with a lot for more than ten years. I finally have the peaceful, calm life that I craved while living in the fishbowl with him.

Marie: Isn't your new life kind of boring after all that excitement?

Susannah: (thinks for a moment) I guess some days it is, but I prefer predictable to the roller coaster.

Marie: Hmmm, I'd think it would be pretty hard to find a guy as magnetic—and let's face it, downright sexy—as Ryan.

Susannah: Oh my God! You're a fan of his! I should've known.

Marie: Not a fan, per se. Let's just say we're friends.

Susannah: (rolling her eyes) Oh, so you're a groupie.

Marie: Not exactly. I'm the one who wrote your story.

Susannah: What do you mean? What story? I never heard anything about that.

Marie: Uh oh... You haven't heard about the book?

Susannah: What book?

Marie: Um, well, Ryan wanted the world to know how very much he loves you and how desperately he wants to put your marriage back together, so he hired me to write your love story.

Susannah: I'm going to kill him. I'm going to shoot him and then bring him back to life so I can do it again.

Marie: I'm really sorry. I just assumed he would've consulted with you about such a personal story.

Susannah: (swallows hard) How personal?

Marie: Ah.... Are you currently armed?

Susannah: Just tell me!

Marie: Very, verypersonal.

Susannah: (blushing to the roots of her blonde hair) He's a dead man.

Marie: Aren't you the slightest bit curious?

Susannah: If I know Ryan, I can only imagine where the focus lies.

Marie: It's not ALL in the bedroom, don't worry.

Susannah: I repeat: I'm going to kill him.

Marie: I'm curious as to what you see in Henry. He's Ryan's polar opposite.

Susannah: Exactly! That's what I love about him. He's safe and settled and not on the cover of every sports magazine in the country. He doesn't have women coming up to him in restaurants and pushing me out of the way to get to him. I don't miss that.

Marie: Is there anything you do miss about Ryan?

Susannah: (a wistful expression on her face) Do you promise this won't end up in the book?

Marie: (sheepish) It's probably already in there, whatever it is...

Susannah: (sighs) Sometimes I miss the fun Ryan and I had together when it was just the two of us. He used to make me laugh like no one else ever could. He can be really sweet and thoughtful—when he wants to be. I just wish he'd been like that more often when we were still married. Maybe then none of this would've happened.

Marie: I think you still love him, and so does he.

Susannah: I don't! I love Henry. I'm going to marry him.

Marie: Ryan might have something to say about that. In fact, I know he does. You've got that dinner party with Henry and his parents tonight, right?

Susannah: (wary) That's right. How do you know that?

Marie: (shrugs) Let's just say a little bird told me. You might want to leave the front light on after your company arrives.

Susannah: What's he planning? Just tell me, will you?

Marie: I can't do that. You know I can't. Read the book and find out for yourself.

Susannah: Where can I get it?

Marie: September 1st in your local bookstore. It's called "Line of Scrimmage."

Susannah: (rolling her eyes) Figures he gave it a football name.

Marie: Actually that was my idea because you, my friend, are about to go nose to nose with your ex-husband. Get ready for some fireworks.

Susannah: I suppose there's nothing I can do to stop this book?

Marie: It's at the printer.

Susannah: Did I mention that I'm going to kill him?

Marie: (laughing) That's not all you're going to do. Thanks for hanging out on the blog with me today. It's been great having you.

Susannah: Yeah, it's been a real blast. Any idea where I can find a gun?


  1. Another fun post, Marie! This is such a fun way to get to know you're characters :)

  2. Cute, Marie! Great idea for a post! :) Enjoyed it!!

  3. Marie,
    Very clever. It took me a minute to figure out this was your book. Not enough coffee in me yet. :-)

  4. Thanks, ladies. Glad you liked the post. Susannah was fun to write and it cracked me up to imagine that Ryan and I had worked on the book without her knowledge. Knowing what's in the book, I'd shoot him, too!

  5. ROFLOL, Marie!

    Susannah, I sympathize and can totally understand wanting to kill the man you love... er, um, I mean used to love. :-)

    P.S. Be sure to check in tomorrow everyone, for our special guest blogger Beth Andrews. Beth will be giving away a copy of her book!

  6. Susannah, so nice of you to stop by our blog. As you know, Marie is a lot of fun to talk to. She has been having the best guests lately. That football player she had on a couple weeks ago was just a charmer, seriously. A woman maybe oughtta think twice about ridding herself of that. . . oh, but I digress. Anyway you should indeed pick up a copy of Line of Scrimmage. I know the cover has been tempting me for months.

  7. Cindy,
    Yes, we all understand that impulse I think. Even the ones we love need a whack every now and then--of course I don't mean that in the Soprano's version of WHACK. LOL

    You always crack me up! Susannah is a lot of fun and a formidable woman when it comes to dealing with that football player of hers.

    I can't believe we're down to 50 days until LOS's launch date. A year has never gone by so fast and so slow at the same time!

  8. Forgot to say thank to Mary Margaret for coming by and commenting, too!

  9. I'm so late commenting, Marie...uuuggghhhhh deadlines. Anyway, THANK YOU for bringing Susannah in for a visit! She's as funny as I figured. You'd kind of have to have a sense of humor to live with a famous jock for so long (and to keep him pining for you after you've had it and gone!). I can see that Ryan has met his match:-) If only he'd figured it out sooner...but hey, then we wouldn't have your awesome book!


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