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The Bachelor Auction Part XVIII

Mom beamed. I tried to ignore it. After all, the woman had been trying to get me to take a look at Calvin for years.

It’s so annoying when she’s right.

And wow, I had to admit, was she ever. Calvin didn’t even wait to hear if there were any other bids, just swept toward me wearing that sexy feline grin I was sure I could get used to seeing on a regular basis. The tattered remnants of the wildest bachelor auction in our little town’s history staggered to make way for him. The quarterback was walking with a definite limp, I noticed, and the knight, finally giving up on his malfunctioning costume, tore his helmet off and hurled it away from him with a frustrated growl.

Not bad, I decided, taking in the flowing blond locks that tumbled over his shoulders. But he’s no Calvin. Who would have thought, before today, that I’d be thinking that with a racing pulse and butterflies in my stomach?

Calvin strode to me, stopping only inches away. I barely heard the delighted squeals of the contingent of local nurses as they rushed to the aide of the fireman, who’d just been knocked out cold by a certain flying hunk of medieval metal. All I could hear was the labored sound of my own breathing, and the thunderous beat of my heart.

Well, it could have been the stampede of nurses, I suppose. But still.

Calvin leaned down to talk to me, his lips almost touching my ear. I could smell his cologne, something spicy and thoroughly male, and wondered if maybe my new Vulcan love toy had also discovered Captain Kirk’s secret for attracting bikini-clad alien babes. Because God knew he smelled good enough to eat. Lick. Hell, just take a big damn bite out of…

“Sold,” he murmured, his warm breath sending delicious shivers down my spine. “On one condition.”


  1. Oh, Kendra, what a sweet turn this has taken. Moms really do know best. Love the stampeding nurses, too. I'm sorry to see this winding to a close.


  2. Way to go, KENDRA!!!!! I'd probably be one of those stampeding nurses...naw, firemen are cool, but I probably would have bid on the Trekkie....

  3. Thanks!:-) I know lots of nurses (my mom included), so it just seemed right to give them a cameo. Hopefully the fireman will be in one piece after all of the "help"! And I love ALL the bachelors...but my heart totally belongs to Calvin the Trekkie.

  4. Of course, the fact that he's a stinkin' rich Trekkie doesn't hurt, either! Thanks to Aunt Cindy for the monetary icing on the Trekkie cake!

  5. I LOVE it!!!! And I love the one condition twist, great set up for the next installment!! I can't wait!

  6. One condition...

    OH BOY! Can't wait to hear what it is!

    And you are very welcome Cheryl as far as giving Calvin the big bucks. I thought that might give our heroine some extra competition... or not! Our sweet, lil nerdy Calvin deserves the dough! LOL!

    Becky, thanks for being our #1 reader!


  7. Yeah, Aunty Cindy totally deserves props for making Calvin a web tycoon. I'm sure he's got lots of other lucrative cyberspace ventures going, too:-)

    Becky, thank you!! I'm glad you're enjoying this so much!

    Count me among those waiting with bated breath to see what that condition's all you, Linda! Go for it!

  8. I AM loving this!
    You guys rock!!

  9. Nice twist, Kendra. Great job!! Go get em, Linda!!

  10. Ack, what a cliff hanger, Kendra...sold, on one condition?

    Sigh, I was ready to take the knight home with me, or the Highlander, but...I tend to pick 'em wrong, so Calvin it is...just what is the condition???


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