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The Best Laid Plans

Okay, ever have one of those days, which, since it's Monday, that accounts for some of it?

The painters were supposed to be here this morning and last night, my daughter and I had to move my computer out of the dining room where I create all my great masterpieces. But, we couldn't get the Internet connection in the kitchen, or anywhere.

First thing I do every morning is check my emails. But also, if I'm blogging, which I'm scheduled for the next 3 days, I do that also. But no Internet. Can we say WITHDRAWEL? So, I'm frantically calling the painters becuase I'm having this premonition that no one is coming. And I was right. I call both the head honcho's home phone number and his mobile. No answer. Finally get a hold of him and he says he sent me an email telling me that they were coming Wed instead. Which I never got. Is that all right?

Noooo that is not all right! I've got stuff all over my kitchen from the laundry room and dining room including my computer stuff and it looks like a tornado hit, and of course we had those hit all around us but not here yesterday, so I should say I'm lucky, but jeesh...Wed? No it is not all right. No Internet until when then? Thursday? Plus I can barely make meals everything is such a wreck!!! And eating out is not an option. We live too far out! Or I'd get Pizza Hut delivery every day!So, I think I sounded like an alpha female werewolf when I told the painting contracter it was not all right and he decided it would behoove him to get the painter out here for at least my dining room so I wouldn't blow a gasket. The garage and laundry room will have to wait until Wed. But that, I can deal with.

I found the cord for connecting to the Internet but still couldn't find the right port to make it daughter finally came home from taking a college final and voila! I'm in!

I try to live by the adage--be flexible. But there are some days when flexibility is not my motto. Today is one of them...

Besides, last night I had this awful thought--what if I've done all this work to get my house ready to put on the market and a tornado hits us and makes a mess of things? My mother mentioned the same thing to me this morning. Don't you love moms? :)

Okay, so the day is good. I've got a temporary Internet set up. The painter is banging away in the dining room (banging, I thought painting was very quiet work) and the contracter assured me he'd help move the furniture back tonight. So my daughter and I can put my computer back together again...I feel like we own Humpty Dumpty, and then we'll brace for the next onslaught of storms scheduled to hit Wed! And then I probably will be off the Internet because of the storms, which is understandable.

So that's my post and I'm stuck with it. Ever have one of those Mondays, any day of the week?

Terry Spear
Heart of the Wolf, Don't Cry Wolf


  1. Yikes Terry!! Of course the tornado will hit Crawford now that the royal wedding has gone off without a hitch. Sorry you're having such a crappy day. Hang in there!!

  2. Terry, it sounds like Monday is a day to forget! Still, made a fun blog. Here's hoping tomorrow goes better.

  3. Oh, man, Terry! What I recommend when a day starts lousy and gets worse is to treat yourself, somehow, sometime soon, to something you love. On the cruddiest days of my life, this promise of something good to come has made it all seem less oppressive.
    My sympathies are with you!

  4. YIKES! Terry, my fingers are xxed that those tornadoes don't come anywhere NEAR you!

    Hang in there, Monday is almost over. ;-)


  5. Oh yeah. More times than I'd like to count. I've spent my wedding anniversary in the ER during a flu epidemic, and I wasn't the patient. Spent Christmas Eve in the ER for my husband which was totally wild.

    Sounds like something my mom would say too.


  6. LOL, ladies! Thanks!!! Except for the paint fumes, and it turned cold so my daughter and I are freezing while we air out the house, at least the dining room is done...kind of...they promised to move the furniture back so I could put everything in its place, the computer being the most important of course...but nope, totally no shows...uhm, it's a Monday all right! So hopefully when it turns into a Tuesday, the guys will be back to move furniture. Hopefully. :)

  7. What a day Terry! Like Michele saids, sound like a day to forget.

    Here in Sourcebooks PR, it seems that Tuesdays are the worst day. Whenever something goes wrong (a late review, a missed interview, etc.) it almost always happens on Tuesday! Let's hope today isn't like the rest. :)

  8. Hope your Tuesday is super, Danielle!! We're having violent storms today, so I'm off the computer after I reply to this! :(

  9. Terry,
    I know what you mean about Internet withdrawal! Ours has been glitchy lately (the phone interferes with it) plus, our wireless hub goes ape whenever the power so much as blinks--which out here in the boonies, it does quite often. The power was off for about twenty minutes last night and I didn't think I'd get on today at all!
    Good luck with the rest of the week!


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