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Surrounded by Dudes by Sara Humphreys

I live in a house full of guys. Four boys, a husband and two male dogs. I'm outnumbered in a big way. Maybe that's one of the reasons I like reading and writing romance so much? Romance gives me my girl fix.

 At any rate, I am surrounded by all things dude. An all guy household is easy to spot.

1. The laundry baskets are either empty with dirty clothes around them or have one or two lone items hanging over the edge. But never anything in the basket.
2. Their bathroom strongly resembles a gas station restroom and no matter how often it's cleaned, there's a lingering pee smell.
3. At any given moment, there's either no milk or there's hardly any left. Same goes for bread. Cookies? Good luck. They vanish within an hour of returning from the grocery store.
4. My grocery expenses consistently exceed the clothing expenses.
5. Farting is the funniest thing ever.

Here's another example.

Yesterday I took three of the boys to the movies and they voted to go see Bad Grandpa. I wanted to see Thor because...well...let's be honest it was to stare at Loki and Thor.

 I tried to get my sons to go see that by using the action movie angle but to no avail. Fart humor and other equally charming topics in Bad Grandpa won out. So instead of looking at those beautiful men above...I got to stare at this....
Need I say more?
Actually, I hate to admit it but Bad Grandpa was hysterical! It was crude, rude, irreverent and absolutely awesome. I think there's a reason that I was blessed with all a gaggle of boys.
Don't get me wrong. I'm a girly girl. I love shopping, getting my hair and nails done, and watching Melrose Place but I also adore guys. I find their bathroom humor funny and I especially appreciate the lack of drama. They fight and when it's over--it's over.
How about you?
Leave a comment and I'll pick one person to win a Romance Rocks sticker! Comment by the end of 11/18 to win.

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  1. Sara, this had me laughing. Our house is the opposite, five daughters, me, one patient son and my husband. But all your points were spot on. Sometimes my son puts his hands over his face and mutters "The hormones around here". He's 12 but already knows women better than some 50 year olds! P.S. WANT that sticker.

  2. Thor!!!! Grandpa, no!!! We had a whole houseful of girls. Even the dogs. My dad would say he was downtrodden. We said we had to have that many girls to keep him in line. He loved it. :)

  3. Hi Huntley! Thanks for coming by. Your son is a wise young man. I may be the only woman in the house but I've schooled all of the boys on PMS. lol

  4. Sara, your post reminds me a bit of Nora Roberts' description of her life as a girl growing up with several older brothers, who then went on to have two sons. She was surrounded by testosterone and decided that she could either run screaming or learn to understand and appreciate men a bit more.

  5. I haven't even heard of Bad Grandpa! My husband s outnumbered--me, my daughter, and two female cats. But he could use an infusion of estrogen some days. I love it when he has to watch Barbie.

  6. Pamela--I've heard La Nora talk about that on several occasions and can totally relate. I agree with her. It's far easier to embrace it!

  7. Shana--I'm not surprised you haven't heard of it with that sweet little girl in your house. :) I love that your husband watches Barbie with Baby Galen! The sign of an awesome dad.

  8. Hahaha! But in my household, it's my daughter who puts clothes all around but never in the laundry basket. She thinks fart jokes are fabulous. She tossed the Disney Princesses out the window the minute she saw Star Wars. And she's a total girly girl. Needless to say, she's confounded many a boy on the playground.

  9. Two daughters, one son...twelve granddaughters, three grandsons. With that much estrogen the testosterone hides behind an old Tonka truck in the backyard. And with that many granddaughters there's always someone whining and someone giggling...heavy on the whining a lot of days! Loved your post...and my grandsons could sure relate to Bad Grandpa more than Thor! LOL

  10. I'd choose Thor too! ;o). I have two boys and one girl and I so appreciated - "when its over its over"! Girl drama was exhausting!

    1. You won!! Shoot me an email with your address. Sara at novelromance dot net

  11. Susanna-Your daughter sounds like my kind of girl!

  12. Carolyn--That is a LOT of estrogen. LOL

  13. Hi Nise--The 'no drama' factor is the BEST part about having boys! And won the sticker!
    Please email me your mailing addy to sara at novelromance dot net and put BLOG WINNER in the subject line!

  14. I'm surrounded by guys too, but they would undoubtedly prefer the Thor movie to Bad Grandpa, so I can't complain.
    I'm reminded of years ago when my hubby was trying to talk me into seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark. He could've saved his breath telling me about all the great reviews and recommendations. He had me at Harrison Ford. ;)


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