Thursday, July 16, 2015

Brooklyn Ann's Top 5 Things To Do In The Summer

Now that the song is stuck in your head...

Summer is my all time favorite season. I'm one of those people who turns blue if it's under 70 degrees (F) but the heat doesn't bother me much. Also I'm a bit of a hermit. Honestly, summer is the only time of year that I go outside. But I really enjoy it then, when I'm not freezing.

Here are my top 5 things I love to do in the summer

1.) Reading, of course.

Granted, I love reading all year, but summer is the only time I read outside. And there's magic in relaxing in the fresh air and sunshine with a cold drink and a book in my hand.

My sweetie put out a swinging bench in a grove of trees in his front yard. I can't wait to get a cushion for it and lounge out there.

2.) Spending more time with my son.

During the school year he has to go to bed early, but in the summer he can stay up as late as he wants. Some nights we both get to. We watch movies and usually have a TV Series on Netflix to binge on. Right now it's ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. He loves it when I spontaneously jump up and declare that we need to go on an ice cream run.

3.) Fishing

I LOVE fishing. There's something peaceful about kicking back on a good spot on the lake and watching the water and trees.

Then there's the excitement of finally getting a bite, the suspenseful struggle of reeling in a fighting fish, and the joy of catching a good dinner.

I confess I don't love cleaning them but they taste so good it's worth it.

Unfortunately I haven't gotten a chance to do much fishing these last two years and I am DYING for some pan fried trout covered in butter.

4.) Enjoying the warm nights

I like sitting outside with a friend drinking and conversing, and sometimes even going on walks. One night my sweetie and I went out to the lake and lay on the dock and looked up at the stars. 

I forgot how beautiful they are.

We also had other adventures, like watching his drunk neighbors light off fireworks.

5.) Huckleberry picking.

I live in the northwest where we have the greatest berry in the world. The Huckleberry. Every July we go high up in the mountains and pick them. I make some money selling them and then I keep the rest to snack on or make jam and milkshakes.

There is one downside to summer, however. My vampires don't get to be out as long. 

But you can still hang out with them!


  1. I adore summer! And for some of the same reasons you do! The Northeast had one of the--no--the WORST winter in history this year. We're having a gorgeous summer and all I can say is, we deserve it!

  2. I wish it wasn't so freakin' hot here in the summer. I much prefer spring and fall.