Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wolfish Humor

I love a man with a sense of humor. If he can't take a joke, he'll never be able to win the heroine over. :) And even with suspense, a touch of humor helps to break up the tension.

I don't write slapstick humor, but as one of my critique partners said my humor would sneak up behind her when she was least expecting it. It's not forced, it just happens. :)

In these excerpts from three of my werewolf tales, I've shown what I hope shows a hint of humor. Sometimes without seeing more of the story, it might not be that humorous. And what some find humorous, others might not.

Humor is really subjective. :)

Excerpt from To Tempt the Wolf:

“So who’s this guy really who was fixing your window?” Rourke asked.

Hunter stalked back inside, catching Rourke’s question.

“Tessa’s lover,” he said, with a smirk and the look of the devil sparkling in his eyes, his cheeks slightly red from the chill.

She could have socked him. Rourke’s jaw couldn’t have dropped any lower.

Excerpt from Destiny of the Wolf:

“Lupus,” she whispered and Darien’s eyes grew wide.

Before she uttered another sound, he leaned down and kissed her, but the kiss didn’t stop at silencing her words. His lips pressed deeper, promising more, willing her to agree, and then his warm mouth tantalizing hers faded away.

“Larissa,” he called out, drawing her forth from the darkness. Darien’s dark eyes gazed at her, pensive, pained.

Several of the men chuckled.

“The ladies will be clamoring for a kiss that would make ’em pass right out.” Silva’s voice was silky soft, dreamy, wistful.

From Legend of the White Wolf:

Lights were on in the room and the place was already toasty warm as if the welcoming mat had been set out for her. Perfect. She walked into the room and glanced at the two queen-sized beds, one with the chartreuse covers pulled back from the pillow, a chocolate wrapped in gold foil sitting on the center of it. She smiled and pulled off her parka, peeled off her boots,
and reached for the phone to call room service when she saw a leather bucket filled with ice. Wow, they sure knew how to coddle their guests.

That’s when the bathroom door opened. She whipped around and faced a naked man towel-drying his hair. Or at least until he saw her.

His mouth gaped. Her expression matched his, and he quickly wrapped the towel around his waist. “I didn’t think room service would come this soon.” He glanced down at her sock-covered feet, her boots lying beside them.


A true story: We had gone to the lake with our toy poodle and as soon as she saw the ducks, that were about her size, she tore off after them. In horror, we watched as she literally walked on water. Then sank. She quickly submerged and wide-eyed returned to shore. Where did the water come from??? She hated water. And that was the last of her interest in the ducks.

We couldn't have planned the event. It just happened. But we sure laughed.

Laughter is the best medicine! It aids the digestion. It makes life fun! When I think of sexy hunks, they have to have a sense of humor. Have to! What about you? Do you like men who enjoy a good laugh?

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."


  1. A hero without a sense of humor is never going to win my heart.

  2. A good sense of humor is absolutely essential! Without it, they're dry as toast!!!

  3. Loved the story about the Poodle. Many years ago my Mom and I had a Poodle mix. One day we went to a friend of my Mom who had an inground pool. Fluffy went nanners because he couln't get to my Mother. He ran around the pool twice then took a flying leap toward my Mom, who was at the center of the pool. One of the teens in the pool at the time, grabed him and carried him to the edge and sat him down. He shook off the water and gave my Mom the dirtest look..."Hey, that was a mean trick, I'm all wet and I hate water!" We all got a big laugh out of that one.

  4. How funny about the poodle. Poor puppy! I love a funny guy. My husband certainly has his moments, and he can get my daughter giggling like no one else.

  5. I agree with everyone-a sense of humor is a MUST.

    Loved reading your funny excerpts, Terry. I've always enjoyed the way you bring humor in your books, even things are very intense!

  6. I love it when a big, tough, alpha guy who never cracks a smile finally loosens up and shows his sense of humor.
    And there's nothing funnier than little dogs who forget their size. My 13-pound Jack Russell likes to chase herds of antelope when we go hiking. And they run away - it looks ridiculous. Wonder what she'd do if she caught one?

  7. You always make me smile, Terry!

    In my bio I say I love laughter. I'm hooked on humor!


  8. I loved all three of your excerpts, Terry, and I do think you write humor that sneaks up on ya. Fantastic!

  9. I am a big fan of subtle humor as well. An expected comedic performance is great and we love to be around those folks who we know are going to have us in stitches. But it is when someone cracks a joke who is not usually a joker or when it happens in an unusual way or situation (like the poodle) that humor goes to that other level.

    Thanks for sharing the excerpts, Terry. Gotta love a humorous hero, for sure!

  10. And laughing's good for the face and blood pressure.

    What is it with poodles and water?

    A friend's deaf elderly mini walked across our pool cover and couldn't understand why I'm freaking out. Gigi finally came to me but I think my heart stopped a few times.

  11. I love a man who has a sense of humor. It's sexy. Although my DH isn't ha ha funny, he and I laugh a lot - usually about me. But every now and then he comes out with something that has me rolling. They're so good and unexpected it makes it even funnier.

  12. I so agree with you, MM. A man without a sense of humor just doesn't get it. :)

    Cheryl, yes, and they're just no fun at all.

    Jessica, too funny! We had standard poodles later, and they would chase around the pool. Now poodles are supposed to like to swim. One did, the other didn't. The one that didn't tried to get on the mattress. Big dogs and water mattresses don't float well. :)

    Shana, you husband is great! My dad was such a tease and I got it from him. I'm grateful my coworkers have a sense of humor also!!! Or I'd be in trouble.

    Thanks, Danielle! I look at life that way. No matter how dark things are, a little humor will go a very long way. :)

    I so agree, Joanne. If the guy is always happy-go-lucky, it's not as much fun as if he has some dark times but can see the humor. Too funny about your dog! If one stopped and waited, she probably wouldn't advance and wonder what she got herself into. LOL.

    Ah, Amelia, thanks so much! Hooked on laughter, yes, that's the way to be! :)

    Thanks so much, Kathryne! I love it when I can smile or laugh out loud. Really humorous situations are fun to remember forever.

    Sharon, you reminded me of a situation a few months ago, when we have some mini bouncy balls to give away during the kids' reading program. It was a quiet rare evening right before closing, and the temp high we have who is 20, was bouncing one of the balls and it got away from him. A co-worker said something about, "Men playing with their balls," meaning, soccer, football, you know, that kind of thing. Well we all started laughing...and she and he turned red while she was sputtering about how she didn't mean that...but we all couldn't quit laughing. Nice end to a hectic day. :)

    Oooh, I didn't know laughing was good for the face, Linda! And great to know that about the blood pressure too! I'd have been like you about the mini poodle. Heart attack time!

    Yeah, Robin, the unexpected ones are what are really funny! Unplanned, just a mistake. :) I loved Jackie Chan's movie outtakes because they're so funny. Unplanned bloopers. :)

  13. A man with a nice sense of humor is a joy to be around. I'll always remember that wrong hotel room scene with a big smile.

  14. A sense of humor is a must for fictional heros - and even more important for real life ones!