Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hot Santas!

Hunky Santa aims to get you hot for the holiday

I've been having fun on my blog at: http://www.terry-spear.blogspot.com/
with more hunky Santas and I thought this was a fun news story because at the Los Angeles store, they're trying to spice up Christmas. And in a mall in Addison, Texas, there was a news story about a "shirtless" Santa, but he didn't have the muscles, nor the sexiness that these other Santas had.

I do love his fur trimmings. I guess that's from making award-winning teddy bears. I love seeing quality fur that would make a nice teddy bear. :) Although I'm afraid if I wanted some of his fur, I wouldn't win in a wrestling match, even though it might be fun trying!

So why the new fad? Are we now getting health conscious? Are Santas now only for the older girls?

Well, I'm all for it! :)

I love tradition--the Celtic Christmas music. Harp music. The Snowman. And some of the newer stuff too. But hunky Santas? HE can visit my house and stay a while! :)

Oh, and the second Santa is definitely a wolf in disguise. Make no mistake about it. You can tell by the dark chin hair and mustache...just enough to make him roguish. Yep. And note the way he wears even less of a Santa suit. That's so he can strip and shift more quickly. And his eyes, almond shaped and dark and beguiling. And that devious smile. Yep. He's a wolf all right. :) And I'd say all mine, but then I'd be reminded I need to share for the holidays. :) *sheesh* Just sometimes (like now) I'd like to be the Grinch who stole...Santa. :)

So what do you all think? Should more hot Santas be in vogue???

Happy Holidays!!!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!"


  1. So, um... where's the line to sit on his lap? I've got a wish list for him... ;)

  2. LOL, Judi...I can't decide if I want to sit on his lap, or be one of Santa's helpers...never know what the perks might be! :)

    :) Cheryl!!!

  3. Very nice Santas. Santa Two is definitely a wolf.

    Maybe your don't have to share after all. Since you have such a collections of Santas (and hopefully more to come), I'd say there may be enough for everyone. But who gets to decide which Santa they get?

  4. Hmm, I like your idea, Mason! :) Maybe we could do one of those games where we move the Santa (well gift package) back and forth until someone finally gets it (him). :) Could be fun! :)

  5. Geez, I love this post, Terry! And all the comments! Thanks so much for the fun. :}

  6. Thanks for the eye candy, Terry!

    I love a pretty boy, and put him in a Santa suit? Oh, the implications! LOL.


  7. I agree with Mason, Santa Two is hot, those shorts are too cute.

    The idea of getting my hands on Santa Two, even if it just to pass him around warms me right up. It's a tad cold here in Ohio. How about Wild Thigh, ah sorry, I meant Wild Thing, for the music! ;)

  8. Definitely better than the santas at the mall. The last time I sat in Santa's lap was the year I sold my first two books and Santa had a hint of scotch on his breath. Ick!


  9. Oh YES! Definitely bring on ALL the hot Santas you can find!

    Ya know, those shorts make perfect sense for warmer climates. I remember seeing pictures of Santa on a surfboard in board shorts when I was in Australia. I'm ALL FOR IT!

    who may not have an extensive wish list but could spend LOTS of time in Santa's lap!

  10. LOL, ladies. So what do you think? Would Santa like you naughty or nice?

    I've been passing them around to all the ladies at work today. Grins all around.

    Thanks, Kathryn!!! It is fun! All of your great comments just add to the merriment!

    Hi Ash, thanks!!! Yeah, they sure are great eye candy! I wish I had one for every day before Christmas!!!

    Oooh, Jessica, Wild Thing for the music? Yeah, it's not very Christmassy but it sure would be fun! I like No 2 best also...but that's because he looks more much wolfish! :)

    Ick is right, Linda! Scotch? Really awful! But I've seen more drunken Santa stories over the years. Since you live more in the vicinity of Santa No 1, maybe a trip there might be in order! :)

  11. LOL, AC!!!! Hmm, Australia, yes, and Florida too would be super for Santas in shorts. I so agree. And it's very noble of you to lap sit Santa but not tire him out with a ton of requests!!! Although you might get a few raised brows from the rest of the ladies who want their turn too. :)

  12. Yeah, I am sure it is just because we are so health conscious. That must surely be the only reason. ;)

    Does that mean instead of working out myself I can just stare at a hunky Santa?

    Thanks! Off I go.....

  13. Oh, yeah, Sharon, I'm certain he would love to work out just for you! And you can watch all you like. Give him more incentive to work harder. :)!