Monday, October 5, 2009

Oooh, Pretty!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; I figure this one is worth at least half a million, by the time edits were done :)
A couple of ARCs for Catch of a Lifetime arrived last week for the conference I'm headed to at the end of the month and I had to get this picture of all three of my books.

Sincere, grateful thanks once more to Anne Cain for the beautiful covers. Anne introduced herself to Cheryl and I at National. She does both of our covers and, wow, does she do a good job. I can't wait to see what she comes up with for the genies!
The bottle is, obviously, for my genie series. Hubs and I found it on eBay and now I'm the proud owner of an I Dream of Jeannie purple replica. The little gal is a Wombat named Wicca, in honor of my online friends, the Writing Wombats (whom you will see mentioned in the Acknowledgments of all 3 books). I also have a small statue of Bastet (or Bast), the Egyptian cat goddess, and an amethyst-colored crystal ball not in the picture that I collected long before I sold the genie series, but which definitely inspired parts of the stories.
You may have seen the mermaid charms I have to commemorate the Mer series, and the glass mermaid earrings I bought until one of them fell into my sink full of water and broke. (Cue the jokes about a mermaid being broken in water!). I also have gold Aladdin lantern earrings, and a genie bottle cell phone charm. My own little celebration.
Is there anything special you've bought or collected as a souvenir, per se, of your stories?


  1. Ooo, shiny things! LOL! Gorgeous covers! And yes, I've got lots of things to inspire me. My wombat (just like Judi's!) is named Winston, after a character who is refusing to die and demanding his own sequel. An Alphonse Mucha print because the woman looked exactly like my tragic villain (La Fleur--she's even carrying a bouquet of lilies, which is the character's name). Then there's the pirate memorabilia as inspiration for my Anne Bonny romance (including an Anne Bonny action figure and a pirate flag mousepad! In fact, it's a bit scary how much pirate stuff I have. I'm just now remembering the flintlock and cutlass in the next room!) There's also a small Eiffel Tower, to remind me to spare a few thoughts for the apres-French revolution idea that's percolating right now.

    I think half the fun of writing is shopping for inspiration!

  2. I love the cover art on your series and on Cheryls. I love Terry's too. But then put a wolf on anything and you get my attention.

    I love the Genie bottle. So cool.

    I have a Wombat Dragon named Sir Puff. I also have a beautiful picture of the animal I have for my guardian series. I haven't bought much for my stories.

  3. Heather. I have heather from Scotland. It inspires me to write my Scottish stories and I have my imagination. For my Kansas stories, so far I've just collected a wealth of pictures that I've taken.

    Your covers are absolutely gorgeous, but I think you knew I liked them already. Can't wait for the the final book in the series to release.

  4. Judi, I couldn't be more pleased for you if it were me. Okay, I'd be a little happier if it were me.

    Such an accomplishment. Basking is in order.

  5. Your picture is really cute. Congrats!

    My bookmarks for DESERT NECTAR are my pride and joy (well, beside the book, of course). They feature hunky Native American model Rick Mora from the movie "Twilight." Rick was kind enough to consent to the use of his image to promote my books.


  6. Judi,
    Your covers are as delicious as your books. Congratulations!

    You know, I've never bought anything to inspire my writing, but what does inspire me is my wall of covers. I've matted and framed more than 20 book covers now and they are all on one wall in my office at my husband's office building. One of his assisttant's once called it the "I love me" wall. And I suppose she was right. I do love all my books and their covers, and if you are thinking she probably no longer works for my husband, you'd be right. :-)


  7. Woohoo! Wonderful picture! Wonderful words. The only treasures I collect are books, but maybe one day... a genie would be nice.

  8. Love the Jeannie bottle! Man, I loved that show and had such a crush on Larry Hagman. Too bad he dashed that all to smithereens in Dallas.

    Anywho... They do look fabulous! I wish I knew who did my book covers, but I have never heard. I think we at Sourcebooks all have amazing covers. My ARC for the third book got eaten my mail gremlins. Personally I hope they choked! *grumble grumble*

    I am inspired by various photos of P&P, primarily the movie version. I have a few special items made by fans sitting or hanging in my NEW writer's office. I need to check into movie memorabilia. I have tons from Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, but nothing for P&P. Hmmm....Christmas is coming....

  9. I have little things in the corner of my desk from my books. Things I've found or have perhaps found me in places I least expected it.

    The first one though came from Macy's in Dallas during Nationals. It's a tiny little bird bath. And it's magical. :)

    I love the new cover and can't wait to read this one!! And the next series sounds awesome!

  10. Very cute!

    I have all the witchy Barbies including Witch of the West and Witch of the East. Dragon figurines and some other great witch figurines.


  11. Thanks for stopping by, ladies! I'm going to need a bigger office - I keep finding things I want. Just this past Saturday I found a shop in Collingswood NJ that has mermaid ornaments AND a gorgeous nightlight of a merman and a merwoman in an embrace. You know that has my name all over it!

  12. Hi Judi, fun post! I've been off on a vacation, no internet access for the most part, and fighting a sinus infection, so sicker than a dog...argh. I love the genii bottle. I have one like that in the bathroom as a soap dispenser, but as a kid, I always imagined an old antique snuff box passed down several generations was a genii's box of sorts. :) Can't they come in antique brass boxes too?

  13. No souvenirs, but if I ever found a Zetithian fellow for sale, I would buy him in a heartbeat....

    And, just for the record: I LOVE MY COVERS!!!!!

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  15. I actually have a wolf howling at the moon snowglobe from my 'Awaiting' series... it was a Christmas gift to celebrate my move into single title!

    It's really beautiful and I keep it on my desk.