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Free Reads, Anyone???

Everybody loves free stuff, right? So what’s better than reading your favorite authors’ works for free? In the past, Casa Babes have woven a fun tale out of a whacky cast of characters, the tale growing wilder and wilder until the end. They’re lots of fun, and one of these days when we’re not so inundated with deadlines, we’ll weave another fun tale for our readers!

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share some of my before published shorts in a free read, serialized version in a newsletter. So if anyone is interested in signing up, I’ve already sent off the first two scenes from Goddess in Training for newsletter members but can forward these to you if you want to sign up.

Why are free reads great ideas? It shows diversity. Some of our Casa Babes had never written in 1st person, so it was a fun challenge for them. Some only write historical so adding a historical touch to the contemporary story line made it fun for readers and the authors alike.

If you had a chance to read some more of our tales in progress in between releases, for free, wouldn’t you like to check it out? And what do you say, Casa Babes? Want to do another story in the fall?

Just let us know, and we’ll get started for another free Casablanca story in the future!

Terry Spear


  1. Free reads are great, Terry, but I'm having trouble finding time to read the books I buy! :-)

    Enjoyed your post.


  2. I'm a total sucker for free reads--reading addict that I am. But I have to admit, I don't go on line looking for them. After staring at a computer all day, reading from a screen doesn't have much charm.

    But a first chapter of another novel in the back of a book? You'd better believe I'm going to read it and once I do, I'm going to want the book.

  3. Ah, that can be a problem, Amelia!
    Right now I'm about ready to have a stroke over trying to water my plants that are keeling over in 106 degree rain or relief in sight. argh.When I'd rather be staying in and reading!

  4. Oh, MM, one of my online writing students said she read the end of a book that was like the first of the next, but it wasn't set up like that...more like the 1st story didn't end at all and she was soooo peeved. But the kind you're talking about is totally tantalizing. :)I've got some free ebooks, and was really enjoying one, but like you, I don't care to read online after working on the computer all the time so I only got through the first chapter and have never been back. :) I love to curl up with a good book instead.

  5. I started my "career" with offering free reads of my chapters. Most Jane Austen FF is free, and it is great! I still frequently post snippets and excerpts on my website. Of course, like Amelia, I now have so little time to read that searching down free stuff isn't a good idea! But I do think it is fabulous for enticing potential fans.

    And I am totally in for another round-robin story! Hopefully I'll have the time when we next decide as it was SO fun!

  6. I think so too, Sharon! I'm happy to offer my fans some of my stories until my new releases come out. And the Round Robin story---good show! Hopefully we can come up with a time when we're not all so busy! :)

  7. Did someone say free???? Sounds good to me!

  8. LOL, Cheryl, heck, I'm still looking at the picture you posted on Wickedly Romantic. Now, ladies, Cheryl gave us a great description of everything that I didn't even see. So if you need a quick pick me up for *sigh* research...take a look. :)

  9. Terry,

    Thank you so much for stepping in when I dropped the ball. (I was supposed to post - didn't realize it)

    And free reads? I looove free stuff, so I'm in for free reads. And I'd love to take part in a round robin story, tho' I'm not sure how good I'd be at it, never having collaborated. First time for anything!

  10. No problem, Donna!!! I didn't want to step on any toes or be a blog hog. LOL But you will do great in a Round Robin! The diversity is what gives the stories so many twists and turns. :) It's like having a whole bunch of muses taking their turns to have their say! :) It'll be fun!

  11. Trying to sign up, but haven't found out how. I have to confess I'm not so good at those chapters in the backs of books, though I did read yours - you had me hooked already.

  12. Hi Sheila, I'll just add your email addy to my list of forwarded emails, if you want to send it to me privately. I have about 12 people who want to read the free reads but can't get past the spam blocker. :( So I just forward the newsletter to them. Where there's a will..... :)


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