Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sexy Shapeshifters

by Terry Spear

Woohoo, it's my birthday!! So have a piece of chocolate (only chocolate will do) cyber birthday cake on me!!!

Now a word about sexy shapeshifters~~

Years ago, I wrote a futuristic where the heroine shapeshifts into a panther and her brother, a dragon. So that was my first shapeshifter story. But I finally decided on werewolves. In part, because I loved reading mythology and legends when I was growing up, and partly because I loved Call of the Wild and White Fang by Jack London. The images he created for me about wolves stuck with me all those years, and I didn’t even realize it until I was asked so many times, why werewolves?

Because wolves can see better, hear better, sense smells better, run better…yet in some ways are like our steadfast companion dogs.

Okay, so Little Red Riding Hood comes to mind too. “All the better to see you with, my dear…” Or something to that effect. :)

But when I was creating my werewolf world, I wanted something that was as believable as a shapeshifter novel could get–and sexy. So lupus (Latin for wolves) garou (the French version is loup garou for werewolves) were born. And in this world, the werewolves are sexual creatures, they keep their shapeshifting abilities secret, and they have what I love to create most of all in my stories–a love for their mate that is for all time.

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male"~~ that's my motto for these sexy creatures.

While I'm working on my wolf tales, and since I do that a lot, I think in Wolf Mode, all the time.

So when I came across this news story yesterday, it got me to thinking:

SW Airlines is now charging for on-board pet travel. I was surprised they hadn't charged for it before. But what if packs moved by their wolf form. I had the characters talking about the negative side of airline travel in Legend of the White Wolf, but what if...they took the plane in their wolf form and didn't have to pay full price! They'd probably have to be accompanied by another pack member in human form to get the cheaper rate, but hey, what a deal for a whole pack traveling on an airline! :)

That's the fun of writing fictional stories! Taking a snippet of the news and transforming it into a segment in your story. Never know, but I might just have a frugal wolf taking a trip soon on SW Airlines. :)

So if you are fortunate enough to hook up with one of these sexy characters, what can you expect from a Wolf (Were variety) when you're in his good graces?

1. He let's you rub his belly.

2. He's protective.

3. He lets you run with the pack.

4. He loves to snuggle on cold winter nights.

5. Loves to play, especially tug-of-war and tag. Only beware, he loves to win and and you will most assuredly be the a totally welcome way!

6. He's a little chauvinistic, which goes along with being an alpha male wolf type, which means you have to show you're just as alpha. And he'll love it!

7. Even though he pretends to be this macho guy, you can bowl him over with praise.

8. He likes to think he's always in charge, but suggest what you'd like to do, and later, he'll suggest the same thing, and tell him what a wonderful idea it is! He'll love you for it!

9. He's a little or a lot possessive.

10. And he loves sharing water with tubs, showers, a swim in the lake. :) Fishing, too.

So if you are fortunate enough to find your very own alpha wolf character, you have lots of fun ahead of you!

But now the question is: Are any of you already hooked up with a wolfish guy that sounds an awful lot like this list??? If so, ever find patches of fur around the house that doesn't belong to the household pet???

Terry Spear


  1. Happy Birthday Terry! No men in wolf's clothing here. He's just the "regular" variety.

  2. Thanks, Marie! It's nice work gave me the day off for it. Ha-ha! Actually, we're closed on Sundays!

  3. Happy Birthday, Terry!
    Not sure about the wolfish attitude, but the guys in my house are all pretty hairy....

  4. happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to youuuuu! Hear that Terry? Listen closely...yep there's a pack in the distance howling too. How's that for a birthday song?

    My son is definately Alpha--at 14, for goodness sake, but in this house, there is only one alpha female and that's me and all my animals are well aware of it--my son? Not so much until he hits a boundary, then he realizes that the teeth that comes with the smile.

    Btw, I recognized that hot guy in the trailer, lol! Nice trailer though.

    Hope you're day is a good one and that you enjoys these last day off before getting back into the grind of full time work. :-)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY!!!! I hope your special day is amazing in every possible way.

    I am so happy you are continuing your werewolf stories. I selfishly pray you never want to stop writing of your sexy alpha males!

    My favorite wizard character, Belgarath in the fabulous David Eddings series, shapeshifts into a wolf. Of course it is through magic and not because he is a werewolf, but I always loved that Eddings chose the wolf to be Belgarath's alter ego. Wolves are simply the coolest animals.

    And the video! Wow! How amazing!! Who did that for you? I am very impressed. Are you showing it on You Tube? Awesome!

  6. Thanks and LOL, Cheryl!!

    Sia, lol, yes, I hear them!! Ohmigosh, lol about your son, and you with the teeth. :)

    Thanks on the trailer, and the birthday wishes. My daughter and I went out to lunch and shopping...our favorite things to do. :) Tomorrow is going to be a long week!! I'm teaching teens about hooking a reader in a teen writing progam on Saturday too, and hear I've got several adults signed up for the class too. :)

    Thanks, Sharon. I love writing about the wolfish guys! :)I agree about wolves being so special. I love big cats too, but I love how the wolves take care of each other. You can make the book movie trailers on Windows Movie Maker. :) They're fun to make! :)

  7. Happy birthday!

    Remember the movie Amadeus? How his wife calls him "Vulfie?" Your wolfies sound like a lot more fun.

  8. Happy Birthday Terry! I'm bringing a mississippi mud cake which is totally fudgy and you'll love it.

    As for the wolf? Sounds more like the malamute/wolf mix, Princess, I grew up with!


  9. Happy Birthday Terry! I should have known White Fang would be one of your favorites - it was always one of mine too.

  10. Thanks, Sheila! Yeah, I hadn't read it in years! :)

  11. Oh, and thanks, Linda, the Mississippi mud cake is much appreciated. hmmm-hmm!

  12. Happy birthday, Terry, my fellow Gemini!

    Ain't wolves great? Loyal, family oriented, protective... I've always said they are the perfect hero archetype.

  13. Hey, Donna, thanks! Twins rule! Hey, maybe that's why I like wolves, multiple births! :)