Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Las Vegas Baby!

“You get the book?” Puff asked, practically bouncing up and down with excitement.

“Yeah, but it wasn’t easy.” Fluff wiggled his nose and a yellow and black large paperbound book dropped in front of him.

“Las Vegas for Bunnies,” they read the title in unison, awe in their voices.

“You really think she’s going to let us go?” Fluff tipped an ear toward the book so the pages would move.

“Sure, she will. Jazz wouldn’t take us, but Linda will.” Puff practically buried his nose in one page. “Wow, look at all these games they play. Even craps.” His dark eyes sparkled with mischief.

Fluff read along with him. “Uh, Puff, that’s not the kind of crap you’re thinking of.”

“What’re you doing?” Horace ambled over to look over their fuzzy shoulders.

“Linda’s going to Las Vegas and we’re going to ask her to take us with her. We want to be prepared for anything,” Fluff replied.

The gargoyle plopped down next to them and began reading. “Craps!”

“Not that kind of craps,” the bunny slippers told him.

His expression fell with disappointment. “Damn. Probably not as much fun.” He examined a claw then started picking his sharp teeth. “So, you think Linda would take me too? A lot of shows there with some pretty sexy ladies who might like gargoyles.” If he’d had eyebrows they would have been bopping up and down.

Puff leafed through the book, mimed a gagging noise at one colorful page and would have moved on but Horace swiftly moved to stop him.

“Yuck!’ Puff protested.

Horace’s eyes remained fixed on the photograph showing a Las Vegas show complete with showgirls clad in skimpy costumes. “Oooh baby.” He straightened up. “We are so going.”

Fluff and Puff agreed. “And if Linda says now we can always stow away in her suitcase. It has a zippered pocket she rarely uses.” Puff said.

Fluff headed for the door. “I’ll get the snacks for the trip.”

“Nothing healthy!” Horace called after him.

“Yeah, like we eat healthy.” Puff rolled his eyes. “This is going to be fun!”

Or will it?

Linda’s speaking at the RWA Cactus Rose Writers Group on Saturday April 18. Information can be found at their site http://writers.meetup.com/1024/

Whether she’ll allow Fluff, Puff and Horace to go with her or if they’ll stow away is another story.


  1. Delightful!!!

    You had me at "Las Vegas For Bunnies." And "Not that kind of craps" is too too funny.

    Good luck with the Cactus Rose bunch.

  2. My money is on Fluff and Puff!!! Have a good conference. I'm speaking at the New England Chapter this weekend. Gulp!

  3. Thanks for the laugh, Linda. I love the crew. Vegas will never be the same!

  4. Somehow I think they'll go whether they're invited or not!
    Have fun!

  5. Just make sure they leave room in that suitcase for me! I'm coming with you!

  6. Linda, I think Fluff and Puff have found the perfect partner in crime with Horace :) Have fun at your conference!!!

  7. Excellent! Loved it!! I am certain Linda will be too wise to allow Huff and Puff to attend - imagine the chaos! But we all know they shall find a way. I'll mark those dates and keep CNN on for the live play-by-play!

    Have fun Linda!! Break a leg. :)

  8. Thanks MM.

    Yeah, the bunnies and Horace can come up with some "interesting" things.


  9. Same here on the guys, Marie.

    Good luck with your talk!


  10. It's a good thing what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, Robin.

    They're also going to be blogging about their trip.


  11. LOL Judi!

    You might not want to travel with them. Trust me, you'd want your own suitcase.


  12. Thanks Danielle!

    True, the three of them are trouble personified.


  13. LOL Sharon!

    As if there's any way I can control these guys.


  14. What a fun read! I'm ready to pack my bags and go with you--though I don't know a thing about crap--I mean craps!

  15. Amelia,

    Just beware of the guys. Their idea of fun might not be the same as yours.

    I think the roller coaster on the Strastophere will never be the same!