Friday, June 12, 2015

Storms and Trips and Puppies, Oh My!

bad storms (640x427)
We had a month of storms like this one, yes ominous!
 closer up sunflowers storms blue

Tanner and my shoe
And I got a new cell phone that takes amazing pictures!

 Tanner and the doggy bag (360x640)
Tanner, 7 mos old Havanese, being Tanner.

Max can touch his tongue to his nose (360x640)
Max and Tanner after a bath.

Blue rainbow bear and baby (624x640)
Working on more bears!
 Hamilton bear (427x640)
Hamilton Clan Bear
MacLeod Clan bear and Max
MacLeod Clan Bear and Max getting into the picture.
Fraser Clan Bear
Fraser Clan Bear

Working on this book:

Billionaire in Wolf's Clothing
Barnes and Noble signing in Waco.
book signing, Waco
Autographed books at Barbara Vey's Reader's Convention.
What a cupcake, eh?
Saw petroglyphs at Chaco, NM.

petroglyphs (4) (640x427)

Petted an Arctic wolf and gray timber wolf at our cabin at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

Zoerro, Me, and Lor "Careful or you'll end up in my novel."

 Zoerro giving Rory a Kiss

Autographed books at Lubbock, Abilene, and Albuquerque.

Barnes and Noble books, Lubbock
Visited the Milwaukee Zoo.
Pelicans and their Reflections and a Koi
Signed books at: Wauwatosa, WI and Greenfield, WI and another location.
 Barnes and Noble, Wauwatosa, WI
Visited an ice cave
.ice wall (640x427)
And a volcano.
Storms over the Crater
The crater.

 spattercone (640x427)
A spatter cone.
Chaco--Anasazi Ruins
Chaco Ruins
 sheep and dog (2) (640x427)
Wildlife roaming free on the reservation and went to the Wildlife West Zoo.
Wildlife West Zoo (640x511)

Looking at you (640x426) (2)
Mexican gray wolf

And I haven't even made it to the summer trips yet!

Hope you are having a blast!!!

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  1. Love those pictures and so glad the storms have passed!

  2. I love pictures of clouds (not the heavy air pressure so much, but the clouds themselves). Looks like you have been having a blast and the puppies are darling! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! Amazing pictures, Terry! I especially love the puppies!