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My 5 Favorite Things About Halloween

Halloween is by far my most favorite holiday of the year. It's the only time when all that is spooky and strange is nationally celebrated.

Every October I am filled with childish glee and here are 5 reasons why.

1.) The decorations.

I have a low budget, so I don't get to do anything special, but I love checking out the houses that are able to go all out!

Author Jamie De Bree does a graveyard every year and I am so jealous!

2.) Horror Movies!

From bone chillingly creepy to the cheezily craptastic, I LOVE them all. I have a post featuring recommendations varying from family friendly to nightmare inducing here.

3.) The treats!

Roasted Pumpkin seeds, candy, and creative goodies steal my heart every time.

And I want this CAKE!

4.) Pumpkin Carving!!!

Here are some I did last year:

This year, I think I want to try doing Freddy Krueger from NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.

And of course, my FAVORITE part is:

#5 Costumes!!

I have never gotten over the joy of playing dress-up.

Last year I did a steam punk thing...

This year I'm going to be the most infamous "French Maid" in film history!

And if I'm lucky I'll get to go to a Rocky Horror screening!

What are your favorite things about Halloween?


  1. That cake is so gross. Love it! I like how excited my daughter gets about trick-or-treating.

  2. Hi Brooklyn,
    Rocky Horror Picture Show is a hoot! I've only seen it once but it's unforgettable. Thanks for sharing (next year we get to see your pictures from this year as he rockin' French Maid, right?

  3. I have to go with the pumpkin carving - we have a party every year. My daughter and her boyfriend are artists so there's always lots of fun competition lol. This year the youngest will be 2 and the oldest 92!!

  4. I am so jealous of those of you with little ones. My son turned 13 and declared himself "too old" to go trick or treating. It makes me sad.


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