Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Geek Girls are a-changin'... CONTEST!

It's a call that authors both dread and long for... Hey author, that series you write? We want to rebrand it.

As you can see, book three in the "Geek Girls" series was titled THE GEEK GIRL AND THE RELUCTANT RAKE, and given a super-cute cover. Nice, huh? BUT, I've got some news. 

Sourcebooks has decided that the Geek Girls series needs a fresh look and a new push. This is great! Sadly, this cute cover won't see the shelves, but with a new look and a different title, more people will get to experience Ella and Patrick's love story, so I couldn't be more thrilled. 

Do YOU have a great idea for a new title for the third Geek Girl book? Here's your chance to be a part of the series! For every title idea you send me, you'll get one entry. On February 14th (deadline has been extended for those of you who entered via my newsletter!), I'll select a winner using That winner will get a Gina Lamm & Regina Cole prize pack with books, swag, and more! Email your title ideas to gina (at), and don't forget, the more titles you send, the more entries you get. 
And guys? This is a re-brand. We want the book's title to look and feel completely different than the books that came before. So don't use the word "geek" in the title. I know! I can hear your gasps from here! But we really want to give a different feel to the series from here on out. It's a good thing! I promise!

As soon as I've got updated news on the release date and new title, you'll hear it on my newsletter (which you can sign up for by clicking HERE) or on my blog at Follow both to make sure you don't miss a thing!

Oh, and here's what book 3 is about. Just to help you with your title brainstorming! ;) 

Comic Artist Ella Briley has finally landed a contract drawing for her favorite costumed hero book. But when she’s invited to the launch party for the new series, her lack of a date becomes an embarrassing problem. Her friends’ offer of a setup proves to be much more than Ella expected. Instead of a blind date, she finds herself shoved face-first through a mirror and into the past.

Patrick St. John, Viscount Meadowfair, is too noble for his own damned good. In order to save his friend Miss Brownstone from a loveless marriage, he’s agreed to play the rake and whisk her off to Gretna Green, where she’ll be wed to the poor clergyman that she loves. But when he abducts her at the appointed time, in the appointed fashion, he discovers a dreadful mistake has been made. The woman in his care is not Miss Brownstone. It’s someone claiming to be Ella Briley, and she’s quite put out at the situation.

Patrick can’t return to London, because Miss Brownstone’s father will call him out. Ella can’t get back to London—and the magic bureau—on her own, because Patrick refuses to take her and she has no money and no horse of her own. They’ll have to find the missing Miss Brownstone and make sure she’s safely wed before they can each go about their separate lives. But when love gets in the way, they’ll both have to decide what’s most important.

Thanks for your support, guys! I can't wait to share this story with you. Feel free to visit me on the web anytime! Links are below for your clicking pleasure. ;) 

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  1. I'm really disappointed that they're re-branding it! I quite like the cover for The Geek Girl and the Reluctant Rake. I actually think it's my favorite of the 3 covers. And even more sadness that we're losing the "Geek" in the title. That's what drew me to this series in the first place. :( I'm too sad about the news to think of any new titles!

    1. Hi Ada!
      Don't worry, the heroine will still BE a geek girl. But in order to reach a wider audience, the publisher has decided to change things up. You'll still get to experience the series the way it is, it's just the package that's changing. Don't be sad!! Cause that'll make me sad too!! *sniffles*

      More readers for the series could mean more books in it. ;)

  2. Great idea to ask for readers' opinions. get them involved as much as possible!! Can't wait to see your new look.

  3. How fun! I know you'll get lots of great title ideas by going to the source. I can't wait to read it, whatever we end up calling it :)

  4. Sad, but I do get it and it might be a good decision then :D More should read these books. But a new title...oh I suck at those

  5. Hi Gina,
    I'm spreading the news. I LOVE the geek-girl-time-travel idea. And maybe I'm a little different, but I kind of like the valet story! There's something about exploring the downstairs... ;-D

  6. Not sure why the rebrand is needed. It's a cute idea!