Friday, December 13, 2013

Special SUSANNA KEARSLEY Announcement + a Giveaway!

We're ending the week on a high note, with a special announcement from Sourcebooks Casablanca and Sourcebooks Landmark publicist Beth Sochacki (yeah, she got married this year, too!), about everyone's favorite "novel with romantic elements" author, SUSANNA KEARSLEY! 

 Since the holidays are about spending time with friends & family, I wanted to share a fun idea we are trying out for a fellow Sourcebooks author.  Susanna Kearsley will be going on a book tour for the release of The Splendour Falls in January. As we were thinking about the tour, we had an interesting thought. Wonder if we invited some of her friends along? Wonder if Susanna traveled to the hometowns of a few of her friends? Then not only would Susanna be able to have events with fellow authors that she admires (and are actual friends of hers!, but readers would also get to meet three great authors at one event.

So this January, Susanna is heading out on the Susanna Kearsley & Friends Tour!

We hope if you live near any of these cites that you will come out and say hello! We would also like to giveaway three copies of The Splendour Falls today on the blog! To enter, tell us if you are an author, what fellow author would you LOVE to have an event with? If you are a reader, what authors would you like to see come to your hometown? 

 Wow--what a great line up! I know I"ll definitely be at the Naperville event. As Beth mentioned, we're giving away THREE copies of The Spendlour Falls, before it hits stores on the blog. Just answer her question above! Winners will be chosen on Monday, 12/16.
Open to US and Canada only, please leave an email address so we can easily contact you!


  1. What a lineup! If I lived close to one of those places, I'd be there for sure. As an author...oh, my many days can I tour? How many authors can go with me? I'd put all the details in your hands, Danielle, and go have a wonderful time!

  2. I'd love to have ANY authors come to my town - but since I live in the middle of nowhere I'm resigned to it never happening. :-P

  3. Omg, I would SOLOVE to attend the one with Deanna Raybourn and Joann Bourne!! I used to live close to there, and would have definitely made the 2 hour drive to see them. I wish they would come here. And I would have loved to meet Elizabeth Peters

  4. I'd love Grace Burrowes, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and Carolyn Brown to come to Houston! Susanna's tour sounds lovely!

  5. Well I'd start with wanting to see all the Casablanca authors!! Secondly, all the Romance Junkies. And then all the Jaunty Quills. All my favorites!


  6. Would like to meet any author

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  7. I'm love to read! Authors I would like to come to Greensboro are Mia Marlowe, Maggie Robinson, Lisa Kleypas, Sara McCarty, Nalini Singh & Dean Koontz.

  8. I'm love to read! Authors I would like to come to Greensboro are Mia Marlowe, Maggie Robinson, Lisa Kleypas, Sara McCarty, Nalini Singh & Dean Koontz. Brown_angel123 @ yahoo dot com

  9. I'm happy whenever authors come to my town, and I've met quite a few of my favorites. I'd like to see Courtney Milan, Shana Galen, Bec McMaster and Emma Jane Holloway.

  10. I love it when authors come to town and I must admit that I was most thrilled to meet Stephanie Laurens since I never thought I'd ever get to see her since she lives so far across the ocean!

  11. Our winners are

    Carolyn Brown


    A Neely

    I'll email all of you shortly!


    1. Have the winners beens contacted yet. I have not received an email from you.

  12. Thanks so much!! Congrats to the other winners. I am sure this is going to be a great read.

  13. I love it when authors come to my area! Not many do, since I'm in a state that is out of the way. LOL
    I don't know who I would want first to meet - maybe Rachel Harris. As for any others - I have quite a few favorite books, so any of those authors would be nice to meet. :)