Saturday, June 29, 2013


Hello all!

As the title of my blog says, Summer is officially here!  I am a Canuck and this weekend is our long weekend.  On July 1st, we celebrate Canada day and all things Canadian.

I thought I'd share a bunch of stuff that I love about my country.

1.  Hockey. It is our national sport and I  LOVE it...and I also love the hockey men!  They play tough and clean up real nice!  Just have a gander at Henrik Lundqvist, goalie for the Rangers!

2. Beer.  Sorry guys but our beer is stronger, has more kick to it and well, really, really, good on a hot summer day.

3. We're funny.  We've got some funny dudes... Martin Short! And we also lay claim to Jim Carrey. 

4. We're hot..... 

5. We're sexy....

6. We're musical....

We are Canadian!! WOOT!

To celebrate this awesome day in my world, I'm going to award one commentator a copy of the first book in my Bad Boys of Crystal Lake series, THE SUMMER HE CAME HOME.

All you have to do it tell me one thing about Canada that surprised you...either something you learned or never knew...or if you're Canadian, what is the one thing that makes you most proud!!!

Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!



  1. Hey, Juliana, my mother was from Canada, and they started out in Prince Edward Island (the Highland MacNeills and Campbells) and moved west like the Americans...Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta (where my mother was born) and then British Columbia. :) They moved in wagons and when they came to a place that had an inn and wanted to stay there for the night, one of the ladies was a teetotaler and wouldn't allow them to stay there because they served liquor. :)

  2. Wow...I didn't realize that so many of the actors, singers and sports figures are from Canada!

    I would love to visit Canada and see the majestic beauty for myself!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. No surprises - I agree with all you said lol. I'm usually surprised at how many actors come from your country. I got to visit once as a child and enjoyed it. Not to seem disloyal but I like your national anthem better than ours lol.

  4. oops I know I should leave my email just in case - catslady5(at)

  5. I was in Toronto a few years ago and I couldn't get over how friendly everyone was. In every store, restaurant and bar people always asked where we were from and treated us like honored guests. We even had one club announce that they had people there Kentucky. You just don't expect people to be so welcoming in a big city like Toronto.
    (Also everywhere we went took American money...I know they don't do that in Chicago or New York)

  6. Love this! =) Happy Canada day!
    I feel like I can celebrate a bit, too, since Henke is from Sweden =D
    Happy Saturday!

  7. Didn't know about Nickelback

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  8. Wow ! I'm Canadian but I didn't know you were ! Now I understand why you have this super female hockey player !

  9. You forgot Red Green and Ginger Snaps, the best werewolf movie ever! I LOVE Canada. I can't wait to visit again. :)

  10. That Henrik is sure pretty. Nice collection of guys!

    My son grad from Magill Med School many years ago and up until that time did not know of the school or how prestigious it was. We traveled with friends to Quebec a year ago and loved it. Also did not know up until recently that Michael Buble is from Canada.

  11. Did you need my email:
    patoct at yahoo dot com

  12. My relatives were French Canadian (until the English kicked them out of Nova Scotia and we landed in Louisiana, with most of the rest of the American Cajuns.)

    Canada has a pavilion at Disney World's Epcot that features beautiful gardens and a 360-degree film with one of those catchy theme songs I'll sing for days after hearing it. Go Canada!

  13. I was amazed at the gardens in Canada. They are tended daily and kept constantly beautiful.

  14. I'm a proud Canadian (just check out my name, eh! LOL ;) I love that we are a very inclusive country and very multicultural....and we have HOCKEY! Happy Canada Day, Juliana, and thanks for the chance to win!


  15. Hi, fellow Canuck Juliana, happy Canada Day to you! What do I love most about Canada? The people, of course! (hockey and poutine runs a close second!!) :-) BTW, where's Michael Buble????

  16. Never knew any of those celebs were from Canada. Did know about Buble however.

    Happy Canada Day! Would love to win this book; looks very good.
    Helen L.

  17. Happy Canada weekend!
    I love Canada. Been to every province. People are friendly, polite, (nine out of ten times) and each place has it's own beauty and charm.

  18. I didnt know Ryan Gosling was a Canadian.

  19. Pat B

    Canada is a beautiful neighbor! Forget that so many famous people are from there. Mom was from Toronto. Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. I'll have the goalie, thank you.

  21. I haven't been to Canada yet but that would be awesome to go. I love hockey players...soooo sexy.

  22. I didn't realize those hot actors were from Canada! Keep you warm on cold winter nights :-)

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  24. I visited Toronto many years ago, and I must say, Canada is beautiful! Especially the tourist sites. I was surprised to visit Casa Loma in Ontario, Canada. It was a magnificent experience. One thing I heard about Canada that I am absolutely jealous of is the health care system there. I would love to visit again!