Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas in Salado! by Terry Spear

Lovely decorated Christmas tree at one of the shops in Salado. Many of the buildings are circa 1860s and newer. Some of the buildings are new, but have the old west or Victorian appeal. Some didn't bother and are like the usual--store in a box to make money, forget the nostalgia of the old town. Which is a real shame. They're eyesores of the community.

I took a lot of pictures of the old town and will share them. Hope you enjoy! My mother and I used to go there about 3 times a year--it was our favorite place to see. I haven't been back since she died three years ago. Just couldn't do it. I did miss being with her when I went with my friend, and sharing the joy of visiting the various shops that we always enjoyed. But my friend, Debbie, was just as interested in all the old architecture, so we walked all over Salado for about 6 hours! Had a blast!

This is a picture of one of my favorite shops to visit. Notice the flowering plant in the courtyard despite it being December? Yep...with 70-80 degree temps, no wonder!

This is actually a long building full of individual shops. My mother and I had considered renting space at one time, but you had to work the shop also, and since we lived 45 minutes away, we were afraid during bad weather and whatnot, we wouldn't make it down sometimes. But it could have been fun. They had some neat looking homes for sale down there also. Haunted maybe???

Debbie was as fascinated with the old architecture as I am and kept showing me things I should photograph. She had read A Ghost of a Chance at Love, so it was fun pointing out all the places that I had included in the contemporary part of the story when Lisa travels to the past. The antique store where she bought the amethyst necklace is now something else. Lisa would have to travel back in time just to find that same antique store now!
Such is "progress."

So many of the stores we loved are gone--Sir Wigglesworth even carried my teddy bears for some years.

Have you ever been somewhere that everything has changed like that and you feel you're no longer in that same place?

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  1. I feel that way everywhere I go! Great pics!

  2. It's awful, isn't it, Cheryl? I have a back road I go once in a blue moon, and had to take it to go to the airport for Thanksgiving. Businesses everywhere that hadn't existed before! It's great that the economy is such that they're building, but still...I feel like I've been on the moon for a while!

  3. I get that feeling more often than not, Terry. I especially like the strip malls taking up the countryside. ;-)

  4. It is disconcerting for me when I go back home since so many things have changed and not necessarily for the better. Beautiful pictures as usual, thanks for sharing!

  5. It's sad, Victoria! To see the countryside gobbled up by buildings!!!

    Elf, I so agree. And thanks on the pictures! :)