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The Jaguars are Coming!

The New Year for me means a new series on the horizon.

But it also means a return to book 3, Hunter's wolf pack in To Tempt the Wolf, and Meara's search for a mate in all the wrong places in A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing. She has NO intention of even looking one of her brother's SEAL team member's way. Ever. Never. Right.

I mean, just look at him. Would you not ever look his way???

I love wolves, and I'm continuing to write about them. I've finished book 10, the sequel to Heart of the Highland Wolf, Duncan's story, working on Tom's story in Silence of the Wolf--have had a number of fans tell me they want to read HIS story after reading Jake's in Dreaming of the Wolf, both brothers from Destiny of the Wolf, book 2, and another of the Highland wolf stories, this one Cearnach's, Highland Wolf Wedding, also a brother from Heart of the Highland Wolf, book 7. And I have another wolf story in the wings.

So for the New Year, wolves are still in the picture.

But for the New Year also, the jags are shifters in the rosette-covered furry bodied sense. Savage Hunger, book 1 of the jaguar series, will be released in September, I think. :)

They're definitely not wolves, have their own rules, own sense of fair play, but what they have in common with each other is this:

That will never change. The hunky alpha male who's as hard as the heroine is soft. Although, that is not to say the heroine isn't spunky as all get up and can't show off her grit and guts just as much as any hunky guy.

So they'll definitely have met their match.

Will there be cat and dog fights? Not on the immediate horizon. Neither truly exist in the others' realm. Or do they?

I'm having fun in the New Year with continuing the old while bringing on the new! What will the future bring? Only the future will tell!

What about you? Can you wrap your mind around a jaguar shifter? A werewolf shifter? Or would you care to wrap more than that around one of those hunky guys?

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm back to edits again on Savage Hunger! No more goofing off for me!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality."


  1. I don't believe I know another author with as many plates spinning at once. Watch that one of your wolves doesn't end up with a spotted tail, or one of your jagulars come trotting out of the jungle with a pointed snout.

  2. Hey, it all sounds good, but what I can't figure out is how you keep from confusing all those titles! Best of luck with your new series. As you must know, I'm rather partial to cats, so I definitely approve of your choice!

  3. LOL, Grace, that is too cute! :) I needed a good laugh this morning!!! Right before I get back into edits again!!!!

    Cheryl, thanks! Well, I suggest titles, but they usually change. The problem I have is that for months I'm writing them with MY title on them, and then it changes and for a brief time, I have to keep remembering what the title is. I'm always in a hurry, so I'll go to blog about A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing and invariably start out with A Wolf....first. LOL :) I'm thrilled you approve of the cats!

  4. I can't wait to read your next book in your wolf series. The Jags look great!! So excited.

  5. Thanks so much, Sara!! I think you'll love Finn as a hot wolfish SEAL! :) Can't wait for it to come out. And Duncan in the next Highland wolf book is pretty hot himself. But you can't go wrong with Highland wolf either!!!

  6. I've settled into a very comfortable appreciation for your wolf packs. Now I need to wrap my mind around a whole new species? I can see it's going to get hot, if we get to wash our delicates on wash board chested jungle cats like this. I like to be able to say: That's a wrap. I like to know, your wolves are in packs, What will we call the Jags? Tribes? Or are they just loners?

  7. I think I'd like to wrap more than my mind around those fellers...put a cowboy hat on them and I might even purr.
    Have fun with the new series!

  8. I think I'd rather just wrap my arms around one of the hunky guys. I always love the pictures in your blogs, terry. Such gorgeous beasts.

  9. I think the idea of a jaguar shifter is pretty dang cool! I do like the wolves too, but the jaguar is very intriguing to me!

  10. Terry - both sound amazing. I'm looking forward to the Jags though. Good luck on your edits!

  11. Jaguars are loners, Donna, except when mating and a mother with her cubs until they are on their own. So what do you think Connor's harem should be called? :) That's what they teasingly call it since his sister is with them too. :)

    LOL, Carolyn, they might come with cowboy hats. They're from Texas! :)

    Shana, I have to share both sides of them...I think both are beautiful! :) I'm glad you're enjoying them. See, I could be a great help to Deb on picking out covers, don't you think? LOL

    Thanks, Linda! I agree. It's been fun writing about a different shifter series. They may have some commonalities, but they're very different too!

    Thanks, Robin! I took leave today to edit more. Halfway done. :( I have two more days off this week to finish them. :) Thanks again!

  12. Beautiful cover Terry. I love your wolves. :) I certainly can wrap myself around a Jaguar. Love Panthers also. Good luck with your edits and I'm looking forward to your new series.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  13. Hey, Donna, as I was doing edits, I came across what I called the jaguar as a group...a clan.

    Thanks, Carol! I hope you fall in love with the big kitty cats, too!!! :)

  14. That sounds so good. Love your new wolves cover. Very hot!

  15. Thanks, DannyfireDragon! I hope you love Finn! :) A SEAL is hot anyway, but when he's a wolf on top of that, couldn't be better! :) Yeah, I LOVE the cover!

  16. Thanks, Eli! Yes, the cover gods smiled down on me!


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