Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mini-Indulgences by C.H. Admirand

When I started thinking of ways to pamper myself or indulge myself, I kept coming up against the same road block--I have too many responsibilities to think about just me. I can't even remember a time when I wasn't the responsible one. I really can't complain, because I love my life and all of the craziness. While I wish my Mom's health wasn't quite so fragile, she's still a part of my life--although I have to work hard to remember that fact when she's driving me crazy, remembering items she forgot to add to the grocery list on Tuesday mornings, when I take her shopping on Mondays!

We have three wonderful children that we are so proud of, but as any parent knows the job is 24/7, and does not end when your children turn 18--or even 21! Their problems are far more intense now that they are all in their mid to late twenties. Our family is very close, and our three darlings do turn to us for advice (not that they listen LOL!) and for help, if they need it.;)

Now let's add in my super glamorous day job - I'm a secretary (not a PC term anymore, but there you have it) add in writing and meeting book deadlines, and my plate's full! But being the responsible one, how do I decide who gets the attention and who doesn't? It's easy, I'm juggling as fast as I can so that they all get my attention!

While trying to think of what I'd do to pamper myself, I've realized that I have mini-indulgences that I do without thinking. It must be how I keep from going over the are a few of my favorites with a couple of my favorite pics of our yard: 

  • Enjoying a hot cup of tea on the patio while the sun comes up, the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming.
  • Hanging the wash on the line - there is nothing like the scent of sheets and towels that have had a chance to soak up the bright Spring sun and the fabulous fresh air.
  • Saving our perennials and flowering shrubs from the weeds that try to choke them every year, and basically playing in our gardens. 
  • Curling up in bed to read, while I wait for my darling hubby to finish watching the news or whatever has sparked his interest on the TV. I unwind by reading, he unwinds by watching TV-- on a truly fabulous evening, neither one of us is tired at the end of the day! I really love those moments. ;)
So while I don't go all out to indulge myself, I do have mini-moments that are such a treasure and keep me moving forward so that I can continue to be the responsible one.

Do you have mini-moments of indulgence or do you go for months before needing to immerse yourself in a day at the spa or a weekend away?

C.H. Admirand


  1. Colleen: LOVE the pictures. They are absolutely gorgeous! And,yes ma'am, I like mini-moments! If I get all my writing done and it's not dark, I treat myself to an hour outside, planting flowers, pulling weeds or just sitting and listening to the birds sing. Some of my best scenes have come to me in those times.

  2. I definitely try to sneak in a lot of mini-moments because it's so hard to find time for a big indulgence. Plus, everyone needs a little something to keep you going from week to week.

  3. I considered it an indulgence just to look at your fabulous flowers! Oh, my! I do love beautiful flowers. And I certainly understand your issues with your mom. My mom's health is failing, too. Very sad. So indulge yourself as often as you can.

  4. I do have little mini indulgences that I allow myself to have...a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate while I read a book or going to bed early and catching up on tv shows that I've recorded (like right now I'm recording Mildred Pearce on HBO and watching it) or just taking a short nap:)

  5. Love your garden, Colleen! And the concept of mini-moments. I'm going to make sure to have a couple of those today!

  6. Oh, I'm really longing for spring now! My tulips and daffodils have some leaves above the ground but now flowers. I think mini-indulgences are a necessity. That hershey's kiss over there is calling my name, for example. :-)

  7. now flowers? I meant NO flowers. Yet. But soon.

  8. The pictures of your flowering garden are gorgeous! Looks like a wonderful indulgence.

  9. OMGOODNESS!!! I am so sorry! I've been out in LA since last Wednesday. We did the tourist thing for two days during the day and worked after that. Since Sunday am we've been working non-stop behind the scenes to help set up for RT.

    Besides still being on EST, my feet are killing me!

  10. Thanks, Carolyn - I'm glad you understand the need to dig in the dirt and get outside.;)

  11. You're so right, Shana! It's easier to justify a few minutes to myself than bigger blocks of time. ;)

  12. Oh, Amelia - I'm sorry to hear about your mom. It's so hard, especially when they are so fragile-looking, too. I never used to feel like an Amazon standing next to my mom before - and I'm 5'4"!

    Thanks we love our gardens, when we moved into our home 29+ years ago, the front and back yards were just grass. My MIL gave us 1 gallon pots of azaleas and rhodedenrons and the rest we just sort of filled in over the years.

    Our motto, if we plant you and water you for a couple of weeks...then you're on your own. Perennials do really well in our yard.

  13. Maria - so I'm not the only one who likes to steal just a few minutes at a time to relax. Tea or hot cocoa in bed sound fabulous!

    I saw the ads for Mildred Pierce on the TV the other night and it looks like Kate Winslet did a wonderful job with the part. I do really like her.

  14. Hi Joanne! It wasn't until I had to think of what to say for the blog that I realized what I've been doing. Our daughter just gives me a look and will walk over to the stove and turn on the hot water - knowing by just looking at me that I desperately need a cup of tea. ;)

    Enjoy the rest of your Virtual Tour with Cowboy Fever!

  15. Olivia - where do you live? I live in northern NJ and when we left last Wed. for LA it was 35 degrees and Spring was giving us fits, trying to decide whether to show up or not.

    BUT, I had a text from our daughter last night that it was finally warmer and the peepers were singing! A sure sign of Spring - aside from the Robins, Red-Winged Blackbirds, and Turkey Buzzards coming back to town. ;)

    For those that think I'm just this side of crazy...peepers are teeny tiny frogs that live in the ponds up by us. I've never seen one up close because they are so shy, but the sing so beautifully at night when the weather gets warmer...I think it's because they're twitterpated (borrowing the term from Walt Disney's Bambi! LOL

  16. Kathryne - thanks...I'd be lost without our gardens. We've planted our own little garden of Eden and revel in each flowering season - it's like a wave of color with different flowering shrubs and plants blooming from Spring to Fall.;)